Breast Cancer Awareness: My Webisode 15/Jun/2009

After losing a friend recently to Breast Cancer, there is a flame under my ass to get healthy like it has never burned before. Those of us left behind are staring in to her pictures shaking our heads unsure how this could happen. We look at our lives and our children and it’s not too far to put yourself there, in her place, just hours after a diagnosis of breast cancer, kissing her family good-bye.

I still get a little choked up (read: bawl) when I think about that image. I don’t want anyone else to have that story. I don’t want another child to lose their mother... Read more

You’re just going to have to take my word for this. I wouldn’t make this shit up. 11/Jun/2009

We have a.. how do we say this? ... “tight” community. Or “compact” if you’re a car salesman. Or “bumfucking close” if you’re us.

Whatever, people are everywhere always up in other people’s grills here.

Last night our neighbors had a tiny party.  (Nice people, really, smoking Christians with a cute little white fully dog that always wave high and say “how are you” before jumping in their car and doing what people without kids do: LEAVE HOME.) It so happens that this particular two weeks has been warm... Read more

Confessing 08/Jun/2009

I’ve been sitting here ignoring most everything a grown up should focus on: Kids, Bills, Work, Laundry, Dishes, Life. I’ve been sitting here scouring the Internet looking for something.

Or someone.

I’ve been retracing the last thirty-three years of my life and watching images of memories. I’ve been seeking people I know and love online and the community I’ve grown so fond of. I’ve been re-reading comments and emails from my college friends looking for any signs of endings.

I can’t find them.

I can’t seem to... Read more

Stage 1: Realization 08/Jun/2009

Please find part one here.

In 1999, I was living in Bellingham, having finished college at Western Washington University earning a degree in pretty much nothing helpful, working at coffee shops and day care centers. I was living with my best friend and ex-boyfriend from High School. It was an odd situation from an outsider’s perspective, as I’d call him honey when I walked in the door and he’d kiss my forehead and tuck me in to bed, in my own room where I would sleep alone.... Read more

And then we praised Jesus for a fart 04/Jun/2009

Our goal is to be diaper free by thirty-five. Well, that’s Diaper Free in our house. By June 18th, 2009 we want to be diaper free so Mr. Flinger can celebrate his thirty-fifth birthday in undies.

Or, rather, we’ll all be in undies.

It’s been a long road to this point. Four and a half years of changing diapers almost without stop. There have been pull-ups, accidents, turds on the floor, stains. There are places we no longer talk about in the old house because of “that one time” when LB took off her diaper. Thank god it was a rental.

So... Read more

Eternal Optimist 02/Jun/2009

I guess one of the great things about being a touch of depressed is that you get to take anti-depressants.

And taking anti-depressants makes you a touch of Pollyanna.

Especially when you still get a touch overwhelmed and drink Vodka at night.

And that can be pretty great because you’re funny.

Even if your kid keeps getting Croup.

But hey! Croup means going to the Pediatrician!

Who is hot.

So you have to shave your legs which is kind of nice because you feel a little more sexy.

Or you might go swimming.

Which... Read more

Movie Love: Up 31/May/2009

We took the kids to see “Up” today. We all cried. And by we, I mean me. I’ve said a thousand billion times that I have movie love. And I do. I have that marriage where when one of us goes, passes away, forever, the other will slowly just sort of, go insane. Like TOTALLY COMPLETELY INSANE.

Or become an alcoholic.

Or both.

Which has nothing to do with the movie, necessarily, I’m just sayin’.

So my 2 yr old and my 4 yr old both sat through the entire film with my True Love sitting next to me and we would glance at each other... Read more

Still A Little Girl At Heart 28/May/2009

When I was five, or six, or maybe as late as eight (but I won’t admit to that), I used to lay on my stomach in my room and look through the bEST Catalog. Remember that store? The store with the roof that looked like it weathered four hurricanes, and probably did, and had THE VERY BEST TOY SECTION EVERRRRR. I mean EVERRRR.

Maybe it was a Houston thing, but I loved that store.

Think of the Sears’ Toy Catalog at Christmas: It was like that but year round.

So I would lay and look at the doll house section because there was nothing more that I wanted than the... Read more

The Acorn and Me 23/May/2009

Upon much recommendation, I recently read “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. (It was a #1 best seller and what’s that? I’m slow on the uptake? Yes, I know.) Today as I was struggling with my strep throat.. again… and feeling just pretty much the lead in my pity party, I finished the last chapter on the porch of our tiny condo in Seattle.

She explains something the Zen Buddhists believe, that an oak tree is brought in to creation by two forces: One being the actual acorn and the other being the will of the future oak tree. That during the growth, the... Read more

Do me a solid, comment please? Troubleshooting. Also? Shooting flames out my eyes. 22/May/2009

Ok. So it appears that the following is true:

That pact about not blogging pissed? AM BREAKING.

(Via Twitter)

(Aside: The douchebags that follow me because I said stripper? Pervs. The ones that follow because I said Chlamydia? Y’all really need to get that checked out. And the ones that follow because I said... Read more