I once heard a friend say, “You will be many things in one lifetime. Keep moving.” My development career started when I was 12 learning to program on the Commodore 64. (Reader pauses to do maths and adds up numbers I cringe at.) My first program looked something like this:

10 INPUT "What is your name: ", NAME$

20 PRINT "Hello "; NAME$

30 INPUT  “Who is your best friend? “, FRIEND$

40 PRINT  “Say hello to “; FRIEND$

50 INPUT = “Do you think Steve is cute? Y or N”, CUTE$

60 IF CUTE$ = "Y" OR CUTE$ = "y" THEN GOTO 90

70 PRINT = ”You’re dumb and don’t know anything."

80  END

90 PRINT = “You win! HE IS CUTE!

100 PRINT "Goodbye “; NAME$

101 END

Thankfully, I’ve been many things since that first embarrassing basic program. As is necessary during this time of accelerated learning and change, my career has followed the trends as they infiltrate the web. From focusing on PHP, Apache and MySQL to CSS, HTML and Javascript, and then frameworks, both UI (Bootstrap, Foundation, Bourbon/Neat) and JS (Angular, Backbone.js). I love a great gulp build and my clean closet OCD side prefers the npm and bower packaging for dependency organization. 

I'm passionate about: 

  • Travel
  • Quotes
  • Photos of traveling and putting quotes with them
  • Women in Technology
  • Accessibility and Inclusion for Users
  • Well Written DRY Code
  • Working with Great Humans
  • Turning my children in to Great Humans


I've been around for a long time. Not just in the way that I can purchase alcohol without being carded, but on the Interwebz, in this little space, for longer than Kids These Days have been alive. Literally. As in my babysitter is younger than my blog. 

Here are a few favorite posts from over the decades:

Here is the day Amy (Amalah) linked to me and my mind exploded with glee and girl crush stuff. Yes, this wayback worthy.

Here are some of those old blog awards. Remember those? These links are worth the visit because the wayback machine lets No Blog Design Die Ever. Oh, Internet, we used to do table-based layouts and inline styles. And so, so, so many clipart graphics. 

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I've been a lot of different people in my career but there's always a single thread.


Director Catapult Web Development, LLC

January 2005 – Present

Positions includes:

 Contractor with Vector Media Group

 Program Manager of Media for INRIX 

 Lead FE Developer Lincoln Mobile App

 Lead HTML Developer Elektrobit

Front-end Architect, Deloitte Digital

October 2013 - December 2016

Director of Development, Blue Flavor

October 2009 – May 2010


Adjunct Instructor: Cascadia College

March 2016 - Present 

CS Professor, ECPI College

Jan 2006 – May 2007

Adjunct Professor, WOU

June 2004 – June 2006

Updated: Apr 2017