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UPDATE TO Mrs. Flinger October 16, 2015

Because the Universe has a wicked sense of humor, after this delcaration, my blog threw up all over my last upgrade.

So I'm starting over using Craft. Turning 40 and kid entering Jr High next year, sometimes it's just time for a change. These archives will still exist in the way the last child goes off to college and their room is the same for 20 years, but it's just time to move forward.

A not-so-perfect ten Aug 15, 2005

#Weght Loss and Body Image

Y’all. Two days ago I wore my old shorts. My SIZE TEN SHORTS. The “I can’t pull them up over my post-prego huge ass” shorts.  I got them on, buttoned and documented the whole event. It took NINE and a HALF months to even put them back on. Never mind the 9 pounds I’m still holding on to and never mind that the button could barely hold in my new, waterbed belly and never mind that I had to unbutton them half way through the day so I could breathe again.

For science:

Exhibit A. Here you will notice the button straining. You’ll also noticed I cropped out the “muffin top” belly fluffing nicely over the edge. Sexy.

Exhibit B. Here you can see that I do, indeed, have them on and that I do, indeed, have more to lose and that I will not, indeed, will not put my head in a picture like this.

Exhibit C. And, finally, you’ll see my shorts riding ever so much into my ass because, let’s face it, I’m just not ready for a size ten yet.

Look for the train tracks, take a left, and here we are Aug 13, 2005

#Rants and Raves

Things I’m learning as we look for a new house:

1. I really want a nice, new, *CLEAN* house on a nice, new *CLEAN* street where LB can play in the front yard without me having epileptic fits about her being stolen.
2. Those neighborhoods are all on hills.
3. Rich people live on hills.
4. We. Are. Not. Rich.


I suck as a blog stalker Aug 13, 2005


You know I love you people, right? Lately, with my insanely active child, there is no such thing as “time.”  I went to a few blogs today and everything is all changed and the kids are all growing so fast and I realize.. CRAP! If *MY* kid is growing up then *THEIR* kid is, too!

And then I got a little thankful for monthly archives.

Here’s your Topic: Discuss Aug 12, 2005

So, I installed the forum. There’s a few places y’all can discuss things or let me know if you can’t login and whatnot.. but really, the main reason is for Harry Potter right now. So.. head on over.  No, the login here doesn’t work there. Sorry. You’ll have to register AGAIN, but I promise not to make you go through me, ok? It’s open, register and you’re off!

Kisses and whatnot from a very tired Mrs. Flinger…

I was so just kidding.. Jeeesh! Aug 12, 2005

#Rants and Raves

Never ever use the words “thank the golen calves.” I slept like total cow dung and tossed and turned so badly, I knocked over my Harry Potter book off my night stand in my sleep sending my vaseline (for the chapped lips) flying and crashing to the floor THUS waking up the baby screaming and irritating the shit of me. Also, apparently, I’m sleeping terribly because my tummy is a rumbling idiot. So sick and horrible…

And now? I am awake. So I will blogstalk. Seems like a bit of trouble for some blogstalking time, does it not?

Holy Moley Aug 11, 2005

So, look.. this God stuff is a hit and miss with me. Not to get too philisophical here, because let’s face it.. I’m not. But there are times in my life when I think, “HEY! The God/Universe/Karma/Holy Cows kicks ASSSsssss.” Today is one of those days.

Advice from the best bloggers EVER Aug 10, 2005


Soooooooooooo, as it turns out.. I will have this house.  Or, rather, I want to try to have it because y’all love it as much (or more, if that’s possible) than I do and let’s just be honest that we know a good thing when we see it.

The only trouble is that Mr. Flinger comes from a LONG LINE of “moving sucks” and “I don’t care if this house blows, I’m stayin’ put” and the women have to kick their asses into shape and make them move.  (I come from a long line of women doing all the initiating of moving, so it works out well. Mostly.)

So, I’m willing to buy this house because I love it. Like the true engineer that he is, we don’t have the adequate spreadsheets/etc. to base our decision on. If there’s not a graph, it’s not a good idea. I, on the other hand, go with instinct and spontaneous feelings and .. let’s face it.. I’m usually right.

So, y’all.. we (I) need help. What do I do? We want to sell without a Realtor. And buy. How do I do this?! I’m scare and don’t know where to start but I’m doing some research and if I can do it, then Mr. Flinger will tag along and, to quote, “move his share of boxes.”

This is the point in the blog where I say WOMEN KICK ASS and WE DO IT ALL.. and I’m GLAD I’M A WOMEN all in caps because y’all.. it’s true.

I’m stil five Aug 09, 2005

When I was a little girl, I used to take the Toys ‘R’ Us catelog and stare at the toys I wanted. I used to stare at the pages for hours pretending to play with them in my head. I still do that. Only now, it’s not a toy catelog, it’s house flyers. I found one that I want. I’m practically orgasmic over this house. We found out our house would sell roughly thirty thousand more than we thought (if all stays well in the market) and given that our area is going downhill fast (Sorry, Bree, but we live on the crap side of the neighborhood!) we want out before the old people (pictured here, mind you) start dying off and we’re stuck with poor young families that don’t mow their lawn.

So, I’ve printed out the flyer and am taking it to bed with me to drool and stare at. Maybe I’ll slip it under my pillow and dream dreams of me sitting by the fireplace or of LB and her lil’ brother running through the kitchen. Ok.. I won’t do that, but still, y’all. I can’t talk the man into another kid, there’s NO WAY I’m talking him into this house. Or can I? (dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnnn)

Baby Fever * updated Aug 08, 2005


Congrats to Jen and Rachael, *and Snarfle on their new fetuses.

Even though I’m on my period, and finally FINALLY fitting into something that resembles normal clothing, I can not stop talking/wanting/obsessing about number two. I know it’s early. I know. I ask Mr. Flinger DAILY if he’d like to impregnate me today. He laughs it off (and we do NOTHING, which, sadly, is the best birth control since “no, I don’t *think* I can get pregnant” doesn’t seem to work well.)  As it turns out, I may have (seriously thank the LORD for this) a great chance for LB to go to a babysitter this fall while I work, and in turn, I’ll watch her boy two weeks younger than LB. I told Mr. Flinger, “Well, I’m swearing up and down I’m ready for number two. Let’s test that out.”

As for the pregnancy thing… I don’t know *when* I’ll be ready. But after reading a few entries of Jen’s pregnancy journal, I remember my own 16 weeks of puking and not leaving the couch for hours and hours. And let’s throw in a toddler (great and wonderful and well behaved 90% of the time, but a toddler non-the-less) and see what that does for me. Erin keeps saying I should be thankful since LB doesn’t walk yet and who knows what a heck-of-a-lot of trouble I’ll have after that starts. But still, when everyone you know if pregnant (ok. not EVERYONE.. still) it’s hard not to catch the bug.

So, after that whole long ramble, in the end I’m still bleeding like a stuck pig. Fantastic. And to top it off, there will be NO SEX in the Flinger house for 5-7 days. Minimum.  And really, I think I want to be pregnant now because look at the cool ticker Jen has! (see, Erin, I guess you’re not so weird for wanting to be pregnant for a new blog. I want a new baby for a stinkin’ ticker? ::snicker:: J/K people. I want one because everyone ELSE is having one. Jeeesh. I’m not THAT immature. Hmph.)

Alright! Enough with the pressure! Aug 05, 2005

I can’t take the heat, y’all! This weekend I’m going offline, camping (or at least hiking and coming home and then hiking the next day. Heh.) and I’ll be READING. THE WHOLE TIME.

I’m on chapter ten as of now. I tried to read to LB yesterday but she couldn’t hack it. Real pages? REAL? Yea, she ripped page 200 and ate 205. Fab.

I’m installing a bulletin board for a mucho better chattin’ system. Now.. if you excuse me.. I have some catchin’ up to do.

(P.S. The list of people who are DONE is overwhelming! How do you people do it?! Man, alive… You people rock…)