As if you didn’t think I was a nerd as it is *updated 04/Aug/2005

Sooo, I’m over at Rbelle’s site trying to get some blog stalking on and I see that you can CHANGE your avatar and the CODE on your site will update. (I JUST randomly CAPPED some words. Yea, I do that. I DO that.)

Anyway, because I’m just that nerdy… I made a place on my sidebar with all my cool bitch friend’s avatars. By the way, I try not to be too.. uh.. bloggish but DAMN, y’all. I could not help it with this. This post does suck, yes, but look at these fun avatars! See? It’s not a waste of time. No.. really,... Read more

Sometimes being a good wife means more than just putting out 04/Aug/2005

It was my idea to go camping. After yet another one of those talks about “us”, the new life, our frustrations, it kept surfacing that Mr. Flinger is unhappy that we don’t *do* anything anymore. And we don’t. We don’t for good reason. It’s a pain in the ass now to have the lifestyle we had before. Hell, I can’t even BLOGSTALK like before.

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Because I can be a bitch, too 03/Aug/2005

Like I said, I took LB, swimming, right? Well, it was really fun, but also a challenge. I mean, she’s crawling, squirming, fighting for her independence (I’m screwed later) and in general, a very great and inquisitive lil’ girl. AKA: She’s a NORMAL TODDLER. Well, high class pubic hair lady comes out of the showers all old and wrinkly and butt naked. She didn’t need to be wearing clothing for me to tell that she’s a rich snob. She wasn’t even wearing jewelery. But honestly,... Read more

On a lighter note 02/Aug/2005

Let’s discuss faith and politics.


No, really, I was sitting at my desk the other night playing with Yahoo Avatars when it hit me.

My avatar is cooler than I am.

And that’s just sad.


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I need to work for Coorporate America, and apparently, so should you 01/Aug/2005

My field is dominated by men. This is fact. The computer science field is 80% male. I think this is an issue. I do. In fact, my dissertation proposal “Women in Computer Science: Teaching Methodology verses Graduation Ratios,” got me accepted into a PhD program because this issue is hot. Call me a geek. I’m a women’s lib geek. It’s true.

So, when I decided to work part time and be home for my baby, you can imagine the impression it left. The thing is? These “men” keep asking me to go to work. And do you know why? It’s not because... Read more