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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

Slow day for blogging, good day for gettin’ shit done (sticky post.. scroll down for new stuff) Aug 30, 2005

#The Flinger Family

I’m frantically cleaning and purging our house. I cleaned the wood floors, the carpets, the kitchen and dusted all the shelves. I put a ton of crap out for “garage sale” or “get rid of” pile. I started packing for moving and I got the oil changed. This is how I deal with the unknown. I clean like a freakish maid. LB and I are going to Seattle tomorrow. I know my sister isn’t getting married, but I’m in theadventurous psychotic mood to give it a shot. With Paige staying with us, I figure what the hell, ya know? Sure, I may live to not go for that trip with her alone again any time soon, or I might decide that she kicks sweet ass (she does) and that we can be adventurous together. I’m thinkin’ the latter. Wish me luck! (You’ll be... Read more

What are the odds Aug 28, 2005

What are the odds, when you have sex two times a month and your inlaws live 120 miles away that they’d drop by during the act? Apparently, pretty damn good. Read more

Brad and Jen Aug 25, 2005

I admit I SUCK at keeping up with pop culture. I do. I keep wanting to know WHAT is the gossip with Bran and Jen and Angilina. I pick stuff up in the grocery store but never have time to read it (in line) and I can’t seem to get online and spend time looking for the latest crap about some famous people. So, does anyone know? I’m DYING here…. *thanks to Raybelle for the link Dana’s Dirt. Read more

One of my new favorite songs Aug 25, 2005

Stuck on You by Josh Ritter. Enjoy. Read more

Time to start pureeing Aug 24, 2005

OMG… .75 for 2oz! Read more

Day #3 Aug 24, 2005

Seuss asked me how day #3 is with both kids. I forgot to tell y’all that we aborted day #3. Let’s just say that I came home yesterday (after two days with two toddlers) with a pack of condoms and a promise not to talk about #2 until next year. ‘Nuff Said. Read more

Sometimes being right all the time gets old. Sordda. Aug 21, 2005

So, just now, as in ten minutes ago, I’m standing outside with Mr. Flinger looking at the new shrubs we got for the backyard to keep the dogs from digging right by the house. We’re putting up a cute little fence and filling in holes. I hear something. “waa Waaa waa waa waaaaah.” (Think Charlie Brown’s Teacher)  I say, “what’s that?” Mr. Flinger turns down the radio so we can listen. We hear it again, “Put your hands up and come out of the house unarmed.” OH. MY GAWD. There is a sting in the house behind us. IN. THE. HOUSE. BEHIND. US. Read more

Book Club Aug 21, 2005

OH MAH GAH I’m almost done and Oh. My. GAWD. Go here to post your topic ideas and things you want to rant/rave/ask about. Go Read more

I’d be freaking out right now Aug 18, 2005

I’m sitting in Borders where I get to work every Tuesday and Thursday night (per Mr. Flinger’s and my agreement) and a security officer is sitting at a table talking to two kids, around 7 and 9. Apparently they’re lost.  Or, wait.. maybe they were playing in the street out front. I’m seriously just trying to listen to what’s going on. Wait a minute… (do you like your play-by-play, by the way?) Ok.. the skinny 16 year old security guard , who couldn’t stop a potato chip from stealing a DVD, just came back in and said he called the mom who FORGOT the kids were here. Um. Hi. I don’t want to make fun or anything, but “Mom Of The Year” award is up and I’m pretty sure you just clinched it. I’d be freaking. FREAKING.... Read more

Back when I could Fly * Aug 16, 2005

You know, I have a fear of flying. I hate taking air planes. Ironically, the year I moved back to TX, I came up to the Northwest five times. Y’all.. five times. Now, I had motivation since Mr. Flinger was up here and my three best friends all lived in Washington still. But somewhere along the way, I got scared. Now, the most adventerous thing I do is leave the house, alone, with baby before nine AM. I feel badass if I do that. Like today, for example. Jelly Belly and I went swimming with the girls at 9AM. That means I actually left the house BEFORE nine. Be impressed. I have such a sense of accomplishment taking LB swimming. I feel so good that we got out of the house, came home, and are bored and ready to leave again by 2:00. I don’t know about your rebel years. Most people... Read more