Mrs. Flinger: Based on a True Story

I guess pissed off is better than pissed on 17/Sep/2005

#Rants and Raves#The Flinger Family

My dad used to always say that “being pissed off is better than being pissed on.” Dads. What’s up with them? Now that I’m married to one, I see why my Mom turned into nagging, worry freak lady. I swore I wouldn’t. But here I am.

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Irony 15/Sep/2005

#Rants and Raves

Why, at no time when you actually need or want them, can you find the condoms, but your 10 month old can find them, get one, and carry it out to you in the living room.

When the real estate lady is here.

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It was hot 15/Sep/2005

In the comments in my last post, Paige said something cute about our house (now) and what it looked like when we bought it (then).  It was painted. VERY painted. Ugly paint. So, OK, you can see the flames in the spare room but I won’t show you the rest of the pictures until I can take NEW pictures of the NOW stage. My word.. Y’all will crap yer britches.

Here’s a sneak preview of the “flames”... We dubbed this room “starry scary night”


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It’s going up 15/Sep/2005

The sign is going up this weekend. I have to clean the inside so people can start traipsing through our house and judging us by our walls. I wonder how long it would take to clean forty years of crap off the stove? Or two years of dog off the carpet? Or ten months of baby poop sitting in the “odorless” pail?

I’ll let you know.

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Today’s post is over there 14/Sep/2005

Not here, over There. ‘k. “Nuff Flingin’ today…

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I think I wet myself 13/Sep/2005

#Good News

Ok, so here’s the skinny on the house situation (ha! Get it? SKINNY?! GAWD, people, I’m funny…)

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Thy shall not covet skinnybitche’s house 12/Sep/2005

#Rants and Raves

There’s a super long story behind skinnybitch. By long I mean it goes way back and keeps on going. So, that’s why this is so ironic.

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Mornin’.. Zzzzzzzz 11/Sep/2005

So, we had a freakin’ blast last night. Those Catholics sure know how to partay! Seriously, Paige’s family has become family to me. Her dad even bought me my first drink last night. The guy rocks.

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Bloggidy Bloggidy Blog Blog Blog *updated 10/Sep/2005


Takin’ care of business here…

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Also, I’ve been tagged a few times in the last few days so i’ll get you WAY more info than you want on me really soon (thank Texasbelle and Jenny for that.)

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Rain Rain and other odes 09/Sep/2005


It’s raining today. Dark, heavy, wet rain. I turned on Jazz, lit the candles and am cleaning like a bitchmofo before the realesate lady shows up at 2. I just don’t think forty years of crap can be cleaned up in two hours. But that’s just me.

I mentioned in my last post that we’ve been watching Lost. I have to tell you, that it was one, small comment by Texasbelle that got me on this show. One, tiny tiny comment in a post months ago got me hooked. And so, to Anne, here is an ode to you…

Texasbelle, oh texasbelle you cook so fine
If I lived anywhere closer I’d come drink your wine

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