Play by Play with Two LBs *updated throughout the day* 09/Nov/2005

Wow.. this is a very very very boring post. But hey! It gave me something to do besides clean two poopie butts, put two babies to nap, feed two babies, blah blah blah… (sorry for the total LAMEASS post but it had to be done…)

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Zen Mommy: A review 09/Nov/2005

Ok, so let’s recap, shall we?

Monday 7:00AM: Zen Mommy is born.
Monday 11:00 AM: First coffee wears off and Mommy gets cranky. Just about the time LB gets her first year shots. Fun.
Monday 8:00 PM: Zen Mommy crashes hard. Must. Sleep. Now.

Tuesday 6:35AM: Screw Yoga. It’s icy out and Mommy has to drive to work.
Also: Must stop and buy 20 oz tripple latte.
Tuesday 2 PM: Drives to next (and shitty) job. Hates teaching this class. Needs another latte.
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Breaking Notsomuch News 07/Nov/2005

This just in… I got this tea today in a quest to further my Zen, lower calories and keep the holiday spirit alive for cheap (and keep Zen Mommy awake).

I’ll let you know if it’s any good.

*Update: YUM. Also.. I’m very nauseated again/still. But I SWEAR I won’t think I’m pregnant this month, ‘k? ‘K. But yea, the tea rocks… three Mrs. Flinger’s thumbs up.

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Zen Mommy 07/Nov/2005

Why didn’t you bitches tell me? Did you know that if you get up at six am, you have time to work out, shower, make the bed, DRY YOUR HAIR, drink a coffee and blog? People, I am BLOGGING and the baby is still asleep.

I think I found my Zen.

This “keeping my commitments to myself” thing just might work out after all.

oh, crap… there she is. But see? A whole paragraph written! WEEEEEEEE!

(please excuse the zealous Mrs. Flinger behind the computer. She’s had her morning coffee by 8AM…)

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Posts I write rocking the baby 06/Nov/2005

I wrote to y’all. Didn’t you get the memo? No? Probably because I had a lovely long post written (including links!) about twenty minutes ago. In the rocker. In LB’s room. While I fed her. Damn if I can’t remember a word. You SURE you didn’t get it? Damn.

Ah, well, here’s the dillio… we found out what was behind the night from hell.  Knowledge is power, people. Remember that. She will never ever take Robitusin again.

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It’s like ten thousand spoons 04/Nov/2005

LB is doing much better. Her fever broke at 2 pm today, not ironically the exact time her doctor apt was. You know how it goes, “The baby, she had a rough night… blah blah blah.. oh look! 98.7 degrees! Oh! Look at her giggle! What a fun kid she is!” Yea, I know.. she’s a ball full of fun. You shouldda come to the party last night.

Meanwhile, I’m currently treating my upset tummy as if I was pregnant (which, read: I AM NOT).  I forgot that being nauseated might not mean you need to eat every scone in sight. I forgot that you don’t process... Read more

Night Cap 04/Nov/2005

Let’s review the Night From Hell, shall we?

4:30-7:30pm Screaming. Refues to eat/take medicine/snuggle/sleep
7:30-10pm Drive baby around. Doesn’t fall asleep.
10:15 pm Falls asleep as we enter driveway.
10:16 pm Wakes up.

10:30-11:00 pm Falls into a light sleep in her crib. Mr. Flinger and I rush to go to bed hoping for a little shut eye.
11:00 pm We’re wrong. She’s up. Screaming.
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Worst fucking night in a long long time 03/Nov/2005

Molars. 103 fever. Fuck.

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A new Flinger Fun Game 03/Nov/2005

A lot of you use Captchas on your comments. Those annoying graphics that you have to type in the same letters or else you can’t comment? I totally get why you do it. But, it’s making me a bit batty. See… I’ve started making up WORDS to them, people. Like they have meaning. Or abbreviations. Yea.

For example. I just signed one that was WWXKMP.  So, naturally, I came up with World Wide Xanga Kong My Pump.


So, bring it, Flingers. What are some funny captchas? Got anything good you made up? You’ll never look at a captcha the... Read more

Political halloween 01/Nov/2005

A joke:

Is it too republican to open the door for trick or treaters and say, “I don’t believe in hand outs. I believe we have a system set up to take care of our underprivileged. You damn beggars!”

Heh. Just kidding. But still, it’s funny. Damn.

< end political not-so-funny commentary>

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