Don’t judge the size of the poo by the stank 19/Dec/2005

You know the ol’ sayings: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover; It’s not what’s outside that matters in a person; Don’t judge the size of the poo by the stink. Oh, haven’t heard that last one? Well you will, especially if you’re ever within, say, ten thousand feet of my daughter.

Her poop is the smelliest shit (literally) I have ever laid olfactory nerves on. (Yes, I said “olfactory nerves”. I took Anatomy in college. Aren’t you impressed? Be impressed! I *r-e-t-a-i-n-e-d something from college! Sure, it’s about how... Read more

I’m OK, you’re OK and other warm fuzzies this time of year *updated 18/Dec/2005

We’ve had a great weekend. Thank you so much for all your support and love. I luff all of it. Truly, every stinkin’ one of your emails/comments/cards/phone calls (!) mean so much so thank you thank you. I’ve gone back to my regular dosage and, amazingly, things started perking up. In addition, we headed out of town Friday night, saw my best friends in Seattle, and then *I* was blessed with a girl’s night out while Mr “WWE”, to quote Claire, took LB and gave me and my gals free rein of Bellevue. Sometimes,... Read more

If mental disorders are hip, I’m finally “in” 15/Dec/2005

I had a rough day. Really, it started a week ago when my shrink (yes, I have a shrink and yes, I realize how friggin’ hip and soooo ‘two thousands’ that makes me) told me it’s ok, and time, to start reducing my Post Partum Depression medication. “Swell!” I said. I cut my meds by 10mg about a week ago. Then all brain hell cut loose.

Without rehashing my whole day, let’s just say that the following highlights can push a Post Partum Brain Effed woman over the edge:

  • Starbucks gets my drink all wrong. I go back. They hand me another... Read more

And the winner is…. *updated* 15/Dec/2005

I did the drawing today. Look! I even documented it for y’all.

First I wrote 45 numbers on the paper. Then I cut each number into strips. I had no idea who each number went to, but I knew there were 45 comments and thus, 45 numbers get put in the hat.

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mommy brain officially costs us over a thousand dollars. Effit. 12/Dec/2005

Remember how I asked y’all about that online bill paying? Well, apparently, I signed us up for some automated deduction of our most expensive bill. Hey! Look at how convenient it is! It’ll pay our mortgage for us. Every month! Oh, I almost peed myself. Thrilling. Joyous. Oh, technology at it’s best!

Well, as we know, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I mean, I Read more

Real Life 12/Dec/2005

Whatever I was going to post today seems a bit too unnecessary. please go to Starshine’s blog and pray for the mommy on her September message board.

I think we can all too easily put ourselves in her shoes and I know I cried real tears.

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The Affair 10/Dec/2005

I’m am one unfaithful wench.

I just cheated on Sconeday.

But damn, if your’e gonna cheat, make it worth it.

Now excuse me, but I can’t hear anything over the sound of my ass... Read more

As if 10/Dec/2005

You won’t believe this chick I met at the park yesterday. First, she looked unshowered and a little frazzled. Her one year old was pretty cute but wasn’t nearly as decked out as my two year old daughter, Emily. I mean, she wasn’t even wearing a cute baby gap knitted hat! Anyway, she obviously needed to lose a few pounds, unlike me- just six weeks after I having our new daughter, I’m back to my size two. She let her kid run around fairly freely and then started talkign to me! She asked nice things at first. We chatted. Then I pointed out my six week old and her... Read more

Bloggy Gossip and other links to keep you from having to fold laundry 09/Dec/2005

I must tell you that My Etiquette Question was answered via the Great Etquette Queen. If you haven’t read the IM post, you must. It’s a social requirement.

Update on the Blog Design Lovin’: Thank you ALL for participating. And see? Now that you’ve dropped trow here, it’s easier to comment,... Read more

Thursday Thirteen! 08/Dec/2005

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Flinger
1. It’s hard to come up with something y’all don’t know since I’m fairly honest here on my blog. But let’s start with my boobies, shall we? Always a good opener. They hurt. A lot. ‘k. 2. Sometimes I think our babysitter does a better job with LB... Read more