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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

Bloggy Gossip and other links to keep you from having to fold laundry Dec 09, 2005

I must tell you that My Etiquette Question was answered via the Great Etquette Queen. If you haven’t read the IM post, you must. It’s a social requirement. Update on the Blog Design Lovin’: Thank you ALL for participating. And see? Now that you’ve dropped trow here, it’s easier to comment, isn’t it? People are really very nice to fellow commentors. Aren’t we? I’m very glad I’ve left it up to the cards because I want, roughly,34 45 (written before there were those extra eleven votes. YEY for eleven more votes!) of you to win. So, uh. Thank god for the random drawing of numbers. I’ll do that sometime early this coming week so you still have time to put in your ONE vote if you’re still stalking. ::I see you.. yes you there,... Read more

Thursday Thirteen! Dec 08, 2005

#Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Flinger 1. It’s hard to come up with something y’all don’t know since I’m fairly honest here on my blog. But let’s start with my boobies, shall we? Always a good opener. They hurt. A lot. ‘k. 2. Sometimes I think our babysitter does a better job with LB than anyone else. I don’t think that’s normal. Or is it? 3. Today is the last day of finals for my University job. As much as I am happy, It’s always amazing how fast these quarters go by. I’ll almost miss coming to work here for the next month. Truly, it’s a nice break from the molars. 4. I put on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday. They zipped. I wore them out of the house. They were a size ten. I almost passed out. 5. I’m not losing... Read more

More talk about how my nipples can cut glass and I’m about to hurl at the sight of food Dec 07, 2005

#got pee sticks?

I swear to you, I can convince a nun she’s pregnant. No, Really. I could. I think I have a problem. There should be a name for this. “reallybadguessingatpregnancysymptoms-drom” or “howthehellcouldIpossiblybebutIthinkitanyway-drom” or “mynippleshurtlet’sassumeit’sababy-drom” ‘cause y’all. Every. Effing. Month. One of these days the girl-who-cried-pregnant will actually GET pregnant and there will be no people to give a rat’s ass. “Yea. Right” they’ll say. “Uhhu.. SUUUURRREEEE.” And “Are you SUUREEE you didn’t just pee on a used stick?” Thus is born, a new category, “times I think I’m pregnant but I’m not.” And so it shall be… *note* holy... Read more

Now, if only I had her body… Dec 05, 2005

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When Plumbers Crack is Sexy Dec 04, 2005

#Good News

When it’s your husband scrubbing the kitchen floor with soft scrub and a brush. Hot, people. H O T. Read more

Are those fake? Dec 03, 2005

#Rants and Raves#The Flinger Family

We went Christmas Tree Hunting today. I’ve been growing older and more grumpy each Christmas, although I fully admit having a child makes me a little giddy with the possibilities and hope of the season. Yet, still, I hold a realization that I am the grown up and all those cookies we bake will stay on my hips and all the crap we put out will have to be dusted and get put away and *I* will most likely be the one to do it. So where’s the line? Where is the “low stress, low maintenance” Christmas meets Scrooge? ‘Cause there are days when I swear to you, if I see one more damn pine needle in thy child’s mouth, I will toss the tree and buy a fake one. And you will like it, sayith the Mommy. Read more