two thousand sex? two thousand sucks? two thousand six… 03/Jan/2006

Well, can I just say? Shit. I’m behind and the year is an entire three days old. How the hell does this happen, people? Where went my intentions? Where went my goals? Apparently, as I sit in the pile and stacks of boxes, work, to do lists and mud from the garage, I’ve let things.. how shall I say.. distract me.

I finally uploaded some images on flickr.  I have completely neglected our family site only to hear about it on Rbelle’s... Read more

Elmo has sucked all the creativity out of me 03/Jan/2006

LB hasn’t napped in two days. Two Days, people. It’s been one giant cleaning orgy here at the Flinger’s house and LB has been up for the entire thing. Back in the day (read: before Oma came to provide 24/7 entertainment) she could play by herself and let me work/clean/blog.  Now, even with Elmo on the new 20 in TV, she has no interest in being alone. It’s all “play-with-me” all the time. So it’s been Elmo, kid music, lots of redirection and Mr. Flinger cussing as he cleans out the attic so I can purge crap and make our house something that... Read more

Welcome to 2006: The year I get my ass back and lose it again 01/Jan/2006

If you have resolutions, good for you. I’m not a “resolution” kind of a girl because I’ll pretty much forget what I wanted to accomplish by.. oh, say 10:30 on January First. (read: Resolution #232: Go to bed at 9pm and get up early to work out. Shit. It’s 10:31pm on day #1. Effit.)

I do, however, have goals. I have plans. I have lists. I have bins! And tubs! And more fabric storage boxes!

And, since I really should be in bed right now preparing to lose those last fifteen... Read more