The day of the new templates 30/Jan/2006

I’ve got three

two new templates up. (the third is in the works).

Welcome to the new Mrs. Flinger, “I’m going apeshit if it doesn’t stop raining soon.” I’m not sure how I feel about it. There may be changes coming because I’m a bit uninspired with all the crappy RAIN. Did I mention we’re going on day #42? Did I? Rain. For 42 days. HELL, people, even MOSES got a rainbow after 40 days! WTF!

Speaking of rainy templates, I was happy to do a rain-inspired template for Paige, too. See? Catching the wet drift,... Read more

Because I’m a little geeky, you have to be, too 27/Jan/2006

Y’all, I’ve been sitting at my desk geeking out for three hours. Oh, lordy. It’s ugly. I’ve been working on MySQL Queries** so I can pull various information from the database my blog runs on.

All together now, “N-E-R-D.”

So,  here’s the dillio: I have a new Login Page that will show a limited amount of posts specified by mui. I have my Current Pimp... Read more

Thursday Thirteen: Reasons I’m ok with one baby for now 26/Jan/2006

Since I watch our babysitter’s boy on every other Wednesday, I took note of the following 13 things:

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Tales of the lost mommy files 26/Jan/2006

Are you ever suddenly struck with the fear you left your tampon in three days ago and fogot to take it out? Do you honestly think that maybe the string got shoved up in your body and you’re going to give birth to some cotton mass in a month or two? Do you ever sit there, pondering this, letting yourself invision toxic shock and other such ailments as you look for signs that you did, in fact, leave a tampon behind.

Only to realize, no, you probably took it out after all. And did I pay the Read more

mommy-guilt kicks mommy-brain’s ass 23/Jan/2006

I actually posted this on our family blog but I wanted y’all to have the option of commenting here. I want my Mom’s input and some gals that don’t read this site to have the chance to speak up, too, so I made it public over there, but it’s also ok if you’d rather give input here.

Just in case you didn’t catch that, I said I wanted your input. Yep. I did. Peeps, I need your help. Bring it... Read more

Where the wild things are[n’t] 21/Jan/2006

Very unlike Maurice Sadek’s book, “Where the wild things are”, I am, in fact on this Saturday night, not-so-much a wild thing.

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Not so little women 20/Jan/2006

I?m struggling with change, transition and growth. There are times in my life I am happy and would not be anywhere else. Then, there are times I?m saddened by the inevitable distance that time brings to friendship, naive promises and childish expectations.

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I ain’t no domestic diva 19/Jan/2006

Sure, I aint domestic diva. but y’all….. I GONE DONE AND COOKED!


Chocolate Chip Scones and Homemade Beef Stew last night:

Turkey Meatloaf on Monday:

*I* peeled potatoes. *I* chopped things. *I* made... Read more

Only a Mom could say this 18/Jan/2006

I am a blubbering idiot.

I’m so in love.

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Speaking of 17/Jan/2006

things your mate finds funny/interesting/worth paying for that you can’t stand…

I have this friend. Her husband watches wrestling. And Ultimate Fighting Championships. Ok, fine, fine, it’s me. MY husband watches these things. I hate ‘em. Watching men in tights or tight speedos does nothing for me. No, instead, I’d much rather listen to “lesbian music” according to Mr. Flinger. I have this other friend, (no... Read more