The Other Side 31/Jan/2007

When I was 13 years old, I remember my mother standing with her hands on her hips looking at me with a combination of fear and anger. We’d been having another argument over something (I honestly can’t remember what) and as she got more and more angry, I watched her face turn red, then magenta, and finally flames started to boil out of her ears. “I’ll see you on the other side!” she yelled and walked off.

I was baffled.

I made it to the other side some time in college. I grew out of the teenage angst and in to the “much more mature”... Read more

Six weird things 28/Jan/2007

Do you suck at memes? I know you don’t because I see you doing them. I SUCK at memes. So instead, let me tell you about this time I went to a party and told a roomful of people I just met six weird things about me.

Friday night I went to a mom’s night out gig with a group of women from the Yahoo group I joined.  It was fun and I got to meet a group of women without a child attached to the hip. I think it’s amazing that a group of women can get together with nothing else in common but the fact... Read more

You mean you don’t have family here? 27/Jan/2007

This is usually the sentence we get immediately after answering the question, “So what brought you to Seattle?” People gasp and make frowny faces as they eye us up and down at how-in-the-world-stupid-do-you-have-to -be-to-live-three-and-a-half-hours-from-your-closest-relative.  We smile, sometimes explaining further and sometimes not, and wait for the conversation to turn toward the incredibly high housing market and cost of living followed by the extreme liberal politics with people assuming things wrongly. We’re used to it now. It’s happened a... Read more

Joy: The sequel 26/Jan/2007

I appreciate everyone’s responses to my previous post. I found myself thinking about this for several weeks and just Monday, when we were able to see the little man who is making his June debut, it became a solidified fear. The day we found out we were having a boy, I was not only thrilled beyond belief but terrified to a catatonic state. He became real. He became mine. He... Read more

Joy 25/Jan/2007

Recently, a really good friend of mine asked about the “joy” of motherhood. She asked when, exactly, it hits because nursing every two hours and not sleeping for four months is not exactly “joyful.” And it’s not. I think people who tell you those first few months were a joyful time in their lives are either lying, don’t remember, or they’re God.

I sure as hell am not God.

Her question stuck with me for a long while. It found its way in to the pit of my stomach and sat, festered, and grew in to fear. I was honest when I answered her.... Read more

If there’s ever a question 24/Jan/2007

Our kids are images of our inner selves. I noted that in the past, when I saw so much of my own personality in her. But now that she’s older, I see how much of our mannerisms, our quirky characteristics and our obsessive/compulsive behaviors rub off on these impressionable little people.

For example.

Here I have documented the color coding our two year old has recently... Read more

Sugar and spice? Or Snips and Snails? 22/Jan/2007

The thing about the Internet, is that sometimes it can be a sour place with hate and darkness. At other times, like today, when all of you are clamoring to hear the news of our next baby, to share in the gender war, to be here with us when we hear great news, I think I fall in love with The Internet like it’s the first day we met and you are wearing the same suit you wore that one night we walked down by the pier and talked all night.

Good times. Good times.

I know you want to hear that CB is healthy. CB’s spinal chord looks great and baby’s heartbeat was... Read more

It’s over, isn’t it? 22/Jan/2007

I knew when I became a mom my life would never be the same. It was an intangible thought, though, one I would not fully grasp until well after LB’s first birthday. Perhaps even then, I struggle at times with how complex and deep these changes go.

Life changes beyond the obvious sleep deprivation, spit-up, baby crap that now resides in your living room/car/den/kitchen/coat pockets. It’s something that lives and breathes in your mind as you worry about fires, car accidents, illnesses. You cringe when they hurt and you cry when they cry. And you wake up running when they... Read more

People are strange, the Internet is stranger 21/Jan/2007

I recently let my blog back on google after a three year lock down from all things search-able.

Holy effing hell, y’all.

It’s been two days and already I see why the Internet is a scary scary place. I see why I won’t let my daughter cross the street without looking both ways and why I will NEVER EVER give her permission to do a google search for something as innocent as “how to insert my tampon” should she ever feel the need. Do what any self-respecting seventh grader would do in the days before google, go to a friends house and ask HER. ... Read more

Being honest to the Internet isn’t as noble as you’d think 19/Jan/2007

Internet, you’re always here for me to tell you secrets like the time I tied my bra around hotel curtains, our sex life and vaginal sonograms.  We sit, much like a Folgers commercial, in our PJ’s at... Read more