Convergence Zones: The New Hell 28/Feb/2007

In case you’re wondering, it does freeze in Hell. I thought I’d settle that up front with you. It does. And it does often.


I realize some of you enjoy the snow. I realize you love to cozy up with hot cocoa and sit and watch movies. I realize you enjoy going out in it to play and romp and you revel in the sound of “Whhoooossshhh” as it glides out of the sky to... Read more

Look who grew up and got a porn site* updated 27/Feb/2007

Well, at least someone with our name is having great sex.

*Mr. Flinger would like me to clarify that it’s not our site. My reply? “No shit. You think people think we’re that hot?”


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And lo, I realized, I am pregnant (again) 27/Feb/2007

Now that I’ve over-reacted in public, (lord knows I wasn’t going to actually move on and be able to write something if I didn’t) I have a startling realization.

We’re finishing up week 25 and starting week 26. Holy. Crap. Y’all.

Aside from varying times of distress “Hello Little Mister, ya there?” I’ve almost forgotten I’m pregnant. Aside from the butt issues and the acid reflux and the fact that my old lungs forgot how... Read more

When God Speaks 26/Feb/2007

Or rather,  when the Blog Gods slay you. I’ve talked before about why I’m glad God is not a blogger. I’m going to assume God is out there doing more useful things instead of ignoring her/his children and putting in Elmo for the tenth time that day. I’d like to pretend God does not tune me out when his/her website goes wonky or when there is a deadline for work. I’d like to think God never drops me off at day care or leaves me to nap on cots... Read more

At times like this, I wish life was a 30 minute sitcom 26/Feb/2007

So far this morning, LB has been in three time-outs, hasn’t stopped crying because I will not make pancakes (apparently the French piss her off because French Toast does not bode well) and the baby hasn’t moved once in three hours. I thought by boss was tough. I thought trying to please 36 students and 12 administration was bad. I thought design deadlines were stressful.

Nobody tops a pissed off toddler. Nobody.

If this were the Brady Bunch my maid (who does all my cleaning, laundry, and talking to my kids after-school-special-style) would have something witty... Read more

There was a post here and now it’s gone. Here’s why. 25/Feb/2007

Forget the politics and the Oscars. I realized about an hour after posting my snarky comments regarding Al Gore and his Oscar-Winning :: cough :: movie that it really didn’t matter. Because shortly after the Oscars, we tuned in to this episode of South Park and, as all true South Park episodes are wont to do, it became utterly clear that it’s all between a big Douche and a Turd Sandwhich.

That reminds me. I need to register to vote in this state. Thanks.

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Oprah and Bon-Bons (or, why I suck at being a WAHM) 24/Feb/2007

Anyone else feel like you’re treading under water? Grey’s Anatomy aside here, we’re all drowning in snot and a megga slow server. I swear I’ve tried to update only to get a “page loading” message for, oh, more than the .2 nanoseconds that I have patience to wait so I close my browser and decide my site hates me. No, it’s not you, it’s me. It’s the snot. It’s the fever. It’s the holy-hell-sinus-pressure-that-I-can-only-take-farking-saline-spray-for (!?) and the other things the Internet was telling me you don’t need to... Read more

Mistakes Parents Make 21/Feb/2007

With the impending arrival of #2, Mr. Flinger and I often find ourselves discussing how a family of three now incorporates a fourth. The transition from two people to three was a difficult one but with a mature outlook and (at times) patient attitudes, we found a rhythm to the family that works for us. LB meshed in to our lifestyle fairly easily and we meshed in to hers. Our personalities go well together, for the most part, with only tiny rebuttals at almost predictable times.

This pregnancy is so different to me. Last time around I was unaware of what I was growing, of the person... Read more

Free Elmo! (And you know how much I love me some Elmo) 20/Feb/2007

Right now on iTunes, you can download four Elmo Videos for Free. (That’s right, Free!)

You know what that means, don’t you? Read more

The time I come here to say nothing important. Like I always do. 19/Feb/2007

I mentioned earlier about my Akismet plugin that I implemented? It’s wonderful. In fact, I love it so much that by not logging in as often to the blog here, I was able to watch the Spam Catchers work their little magic. You would think it’s flattering to get Read more