Sometimes I’m heroic, mostly I’m just “ick”. 11/Feb/2007

It’s really not what you think. I’m really not off contemplating The World At Large and finding solutions to global hunger and poverty. No. I’m actually knee deep in grading and laundry and baby-nesting and am not here right now blogging. You don’t see me. See? Not here. But maybe in a week or so I will be able to breathe and have that feeling of accomplishment when I actually got something finished and remembered that I’m blessed and happy and whole. Right now I don’t feel very whole... Read more

And then I was hit on the head by a most unlikey source: Vougue 08/Feb/2007

On Tuesday Mr Flinger and I had something we do not get the luxury of very often; Time.  With LB in school now two full days a week, we decided to have lunch together, just the two of us, like we did when I was pregnant with LB and he worked 15 minutes from home. It’s been over two and a half years since we’ve had this set up. We decided to take advantage of it.

We sat at Borders reading magazines quietly, each of us able to peek up from our article, smile, discuss a point or two and continue reading. We decided to reach for magazines with much fluff and little... Read more

Because SPAM does more than clog up your arteries 07/Feb/2007

image I just installed Akismet for EE. I’m waiting to see if it’ll stop the parade of crap I received in my inbox. Because, while I’m all for higher education, University of Phoenix seems to REALLY enjoy talk of one’s hayhay, or at least leaving comments about their school in posts containing the words “Discharge” and... Read more

Oh My God, I am the “Days of our Lives” of blogland 05/Feb/2007

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you used to read this website and then stuff happened and you didn’t get to read much. Then you came back and Lo! I was STILL posting about my sex-life (and lack-there-of) and how my child still isn’t sleeping. I’m like a really bad soap opera minus the hot men and women that can’t act but have so much Botox their eyes pop when they smile.


I tuned in, briefly, during Jr. High to Days of Our Lives when I would visit my friend Mercy at her house in the summer. She was a complete DOUL addict and would watch it... Read more

Conversations on the Couch: Friday Night Edition 03/Feb/2007

Me: “You know, I actually know people that try to have s.e.x multiple times a week.”

Him: In complete disgust “Why? Are they trying to have kids?”

Me: Laughing “Because they love each other?”

Him:  “Oh, well, good for them.”

Me:  “I know I know, it’s kind of like High School right now.”

Him: “No, we got a lot further in High School.”

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If I can’t take drugs, at least one of us better 01/Feb/2007

Small note to poison control: Obviously if I’m calling you because I’m afraid my child had a double dose of cough medicine, I am not one to dope her up regularly. And yes, of course the medicine is up in a cabinet that she can not reach. Who am I? Britney Spears? No, obviously I was standing right there with her when she pulled a fast one and grabbed the bottle and started chugging it like the fans at an Aerosmith concert.  And is it really necessary to ask me if she’s actually sick? Because no, of course she’s not, I just need a few hours and thought a double... Read more