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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

Not just a famous line in a movie Mar 13, 2007

You know how it’s common knowledge that it rains nine months out of the year in Seattle? And you know how everyone jokes about having webbed feet here? And you know how you get scoffed at if you carry an umbrella? Wait, no? You didn’t know that? It’s true. I remember learning this the hard way after moving up from Houston. We, being from the state of deluges, would carry an umbrella when it rained because you can expect to, you know, get WET when it rains. It can rain three inches in an hour in Houston. It takes two months to get three inches in Seattle, except that it rains every day for those two months.  Well, it’s more like mist, really. Or a sneeze. Yes, it’s like one big nasty God-sized sneeze that lasts for weeks. I’m totally grossing... Read more

Next I will turn in to a giant blueberry and get rolled off the screen Mar 11, 2007


I mentioned the hormonal portion of pregnancy but did I tell you that my maternity shirts are already failing to cover the entire belly? Did I mention how I despise those full belly panel pants and so wear the flat panel pants offering little coverage which becomes a complete white-belly nightmare when combines with shorter shirts? Have I taken a picture of this for you? Why no, I haven’t. Bless your hearts, you don’t ACTUALLY want to see that do you? The family went downtown to the big Old Navy this weekend. We went, mainly, in search of the maternity department because even though I’ve found all of last go-round’s clothing, I’m already past the point where any of it is cute. In fact, this Little Man is carrying higher and rounder than LB did. And, if I was... Read more

San Andreas Hormones Mar 09, 2007


I recently saw a picture on Mari’s site of her sitting on the San Andreas Fualt. It’s amazing what a minute can do to the earth. It’s akin to what a week can do to a pregnant ladie’s hormones, actually. I keep telling Mr. Flinger, “There must be a hormonal shift this week.” I’m searching the Internet for “Hormonal changes week 26” and come up with “You psycho pregnant lady, you are crazy because you are incubating a person, dumbass, not because of what week it is.” Google can be so heartless and cruel, yes? But it’s true. I swear there is a hormonal shift that occurred this week.  One that made happy second trimester glowing prego in to a large, aching, emotional pile of breast tissue. Oh, the changes! Oh, the... Read more

Napping: Cage Match Style Mar 07, 2007

#Rants and Raves#The Flinger Family

I mentioned a while back that we bought LB a Big Girl Bed.  It was a great idea. She was so excited to nap, she’d almost go to bed by herself! She’d ask for her bed! I’m using exclamation points to make a point here! Do you see?! Then (!) she realized she could, indeed, crawl out of bed. This magic revelation occurred one day during the failed nap. It happened to be a day that mommy needed a nap so badly that I came down a little hard on her and told her she’s not ready for a big girl bed if she won’t stay in it and put her back in her crib. The crib became a bad place. So very, very bad. Cribs are for babies. Cribs are not for girls who can use the potty (she does but only on occasion and still loves to crap her britches so don’t get all... Read more

The promised wrap-up complete with mush and photo Mar 06, 2007

This weekend we travelled back to the familiar. I reflected on our drive down that I was never allowed to grieve over moving. The weekend we left Oregon, we celebrated LB’s second birthday, stayed up until 1AM cleaning the old house, got up at 7AM on Sunday and drove the remaining things to our new, tiny townhouse. On the way out of town, we pulled in to the doctors to get the second blood draw confirming the pregnancy and check the HCG doubling (being only 6 weeks out of a miscarriage, we watched the levels early on). With so much to be excited about and so many things changing at one time, I never had a chance to say good-bye. It felt like another of our weekend trips. Only one day, we didn’t drive back. I never considered how much this effected me. As much as I snark on... Read more

Conversations that bring tears to my eyes Mar 04, 2007

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(Tears of joy and not-so-much joy) Heard today as we pull in to Seattle again, “Mommy? Wanna see Jelly Belly. See JB again? Mommy? LB miss her. Mommy? See JB again? Please?” No, sweetie, we just saw them. We won’t get to see them for a while again. We can look at some pictures when we get home, though. “No, I want JB. Ok? Let’s do that.” ** Heard tonight sitting on our bed as Mr. Flinger rubs CB in my belly, “Hey there Little Mister. It’s your daddy. I know you’re just getting used to hearing things now so this is your daddy’s voice. I’m half of you.  Well, unless you come out Hispanic or Black. I might end up raising you anyway. We’ll have to talk about this when you’re mother isn’t here. I think... Read more

Kids say the darndest things Mar 02, 2007

Today I took LB to an indoor play area we recently found out about. I needed her to burn off some energy so I have some hope of a quiet afternoon (read: working).  The play area has all kinds of fun things like indoor bouncy rides, scooters, balls, a teeter-totter. We really enjoy it. About half an hour in to playing, LB comes across one of those bouncy balls with the two handles. Remember those? The ones where you’re supposed to sit and bounce on? She’s entirely too little to use it correctly. Instead, she holds the handle, looks up at me and says, “it goes pee-pee.” Um, What? I lean in closer so I can see if I heard her correctly. “It goes pee-pee.” Sure enough, when I bent down to see the handles, they did kinda look like a Penis. Go figure. Read more

It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a variable declared knife Mar 01, 2007

I started blogging in graduate school, back in August 2003. (My lands! It’s been a while!) I remember blogging in the midst of a major programming-related meltdown (I had many of these). I had to sift through some .csv backups of my old, old, old blog to find this entry but here it is, in between various boring posts about school and technical resources I was using at the time. And so, as she walked among the fields of heather and velvet blue violets, she came upon the goddess “Tuliah”, which means “to know the earth” or “the road less traveled” if translated through the ancient Latin. At any rate, she fell to her knees in her weakened state unable to hold her head up and speak intelligently. “Child,” the goddess spoke, “you are... Read more

Fashionably (?) late as always Mar 01, 2007

I realize the party is tomorrow. I realize I have nothing to wear, my belly hangs out below most of my shirts (both pregnancy and pre-pregnancy) and I will not be doing the worm, what with this large growth I’m carrying around. And, yes, I realize I will not be intoxicated what-so-ever and may even remember the names of most people I might bump in to but I still plan on attending. What am I talking about? Thanks for asking! I’ve been seeing a growing list of people who are attending “The Ultimate (( echo Ultimate )) Blog (( echo Blog )) Party! (( echo Party Party Party )). Being the person who is less than detail oriented, I honestly have no idea what all is going to happen. I figure there will be people there, new faces and a few familiar ones, and maybe even virtual... Read more