And now a word from our sponsers 30/May/2007

Bring it on, peeps. I need to hear about your toddlers when you brought home your new baby. Just how whacked out did they get? Did they lash out? Regress? Start, oh, I dunno, kicking the wall at nap time yelling Twinkle Twinkle and refuse to go to bed until about 10pm when, up until that time, needed 12 hours of sleep per night?

I’m just guessing here.

So, bring it on. All the stories. Good and bad. ‘Cause some days she’s the perfect big sister and other days we’ve half written up the E-bay post by breakfast.

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Do’s and Don’ts of a birth story 28/May/2007

There are things I’ve been mulling over for some time now about how we ended up having a baby three weeks early. About how I would cuss and moan about being pregnant right up until the moment they said I couldn’t be pregnant anymore. About the decision to call the doctor and confess I was having contractions for the past 24 hours, they weren’t going away, and they were getting stronger. I’ve been replaying the entire scenario at dinner where I joked with the waitress that I’d try not to have a baby there then reassured her we still had weeks to go even as I... Read more

If I was telling myself this two years ago, I would’ve gagged 27/May/2007

I’m crying a lot now. The difference is, I’ll cry once a day or so because I’m so happy. Because, Internet? I’m happy. I’m so touched to see my daughter gush over Baby O. I’m thrilled with how my husband is taking care of the three of us. I love how we mesh well and he is already a part of our lives that I couldn’t imagine him not being here. Even if he was three weeks early.

Two and a half years ago, I wasn’t a Mom. I wasn’t aware of what “MOM” meant. Maybe I had some misconceived notions about the word, maybe I... Read more

The Latest Tax Write-off 26/May/2007

Today, we became four. Officially. At home.

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My Newest Suckling Infant 25/May/2007

Meet my new suckling infant;  Baby “M”


One day I’ll tell you about the birth of our son. One day I’ll give you all the boring details only a mother needs to share. One day. Today is not that day.

There was only so much I could do for Baby O. I couldn’t teach him how to breath. I couldn’t clear his lungs. Hell, I couldn’t even hold him. But I could try to produce milk and antibodies. And I tried. I AM... Read more

If a picture is worth a thousand words 22/May/2007

Then I have nothing more to say…

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The Short Short Version 20/May/2007

We went to soccer on Friday.

She got a haircut on Saturday.

I had contractions the entire time.

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Hormonal Reflections 17/May/2007

I’ve been thinking a lot during these last few weeks. My thoughts swing from “GET THE DAMN BABY OUT! NOW! OUT OUT OUT!” to “This is the last time my daughter will be an only child.. the last time she’ll get every ounce of my attention; aside from the blog and the laundry and that shiny thing over there, that is.” Lately I’ve been romanticizing every aspect of her tiny little person because look! We made a tiny little person! Who turned out to be pretty damn incredible! Don’t we rock?

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If mad nesting prevents PPD, I’ll be Mary Freaking Popins 16/May/2007

In case you are ever curious why I am not here:

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on social awkwardness 15/May/2007

Yesterday when we met Mr. Flinger at lunch (read: Starbucks coffee), the three of us were sitting drinking our allocated beverages when a group of three men about our age walked in. Mr. Flinger stares at one of the men, leans over to me, and whispers, “He went to our High School. I’m sure of it. He graduated in my class.”  I was sure he was lying because just three weeks ago he saw Ross Perot at Safeway and two weeks before that, Wade... Read more