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UPDATE TO Mrs. Flinger October 16, 2015

Because the Universe has a wicked sense of humor, after this delcaration, my blog threw up all over my last upgrade.

So I'm starting over using Craft. Turning 40 and kid entering Jr High next year, sometimes it's just time for a change. These archives will still exist in the way the last child goes off to college and their room is the same for 20 years, but it's just time to move forward.

We Interupt this fun PPD discussion to talk about my vajayjay Oct 19, 2007

#Rants and Raves

After an impromptu doctor’s appointment wherein I got “the speculum action” (the most action I’ve seen, by the way, in some time) I was on my way home when I called my husband and found out some interesting bits of information. And by interesting, I mean annoying as all hellfire. It prompted the following promotion for mamaspod and the first podcast wherein I discuss my hayhay.

Something tells me it won’t be the last.

Not that I’m bitter. Or in need of an IUD. Or IB profin. Or vodka.

No, why do you ask?

Part 2: Combating/Preventing PPD* updated now with more strusell (muffin—- get it?) Oct 18, 2007

The second, and to me the most helpful, tip my shrink (yes, yes, I have one, get over it already) is to exercise.

Uh. WHAT? Exer-hu?

I know. You’re not sleeping. You’re tired. You’re fat. (You feel fat, lemme rephrase this, you ARE NOT FAT. You just had a baby and your body is yelling at you to be nice, damnit!) And now you’re expected to go workout. Right?


The thing is, working out is more than just a thing to get in the way of washing bottles/nursing/laundry/being asleep. It’s an energizer. It actually changes your brain chemistry. It helps you get your body back and it develops your muscles to handle the schlepping around of that baby of yours. It strengthens your back to carry your new, heavier, bobs. And it can can give you a high you’d need a drug to get otherwise.

So why not join our weighloss wars fitness challenge? You can start Monday, October 22nd, in a pool of women willing to pay ten bucks for am onth of motivation, a chance at losing some weight, and the knowledge that even if you don’t win, you can get a little high in the meantime and make some friends.

Sounds good, right?

So join. And maybe I’ll share with you my before picture. Tomorrow. Yea. Tomorrow. Instead, let me show you my before, before pic. You know, the “three months before I got knocked up again” picture? Which will, hopefully, look like my after shot. Minus the muffin-top.

One year after having LB I was back to here.. good but not anywhere near where I was before. I had ten more pounds to lose at date of this picture.

Five months after having Baby O. .... Yikes .....

*This is part 2 in the Series of Post Partum Mood Disorder posts. There are five-ish in this series. You can find part one here.

Part 1: Combating/Preventing PPD Oct 14, 2007

#post partum depression

For some time now I wanted to do a series about preventing/combating Postpartum Depression. I have a shrink, (gasp, what? You DON’T?! Don’t you know everyone has a shrink? How uncool of you..) that I saw before I even had Baby O. After my last experience, I thought I better have someone in my pocket in case I decided to lock myself in the bathroom and cry for a few hours a day. If you know me, that’s not anything near my normal self and not someplace I needed to visit again.

My (tres hip) shrink had some good things to say. In fact, she gave me five things to work on to help me through the first year of postpartum shifts, otherwise known as hell. These five things have helped immensly and even helped me not need to speak to her. I think she may re-think giving out such good advice since I no longer require her services.

In the course of the next five(ish) posts, I’d like to share with you the five key areas to focus on when adjusting to life after having a baby.* Ready? Here we go.

#1: Social Inter-Action with Adults.

That’s really the end. I mean, you know what to do with that. Social Interact. GO FORTH and meet other parents. Go out with your friends for coffee. Go to lunch/dinner/desert with your husband. Whatever. Just go. Talk. Be around people during the day. Join a mom group. Go to playdates.**

Or, in my case, go forth and make an ass of yourself in front of The Seattle Mom Blog. (And this is where I share with you my experience of Friday night and prove to you why I am, in fact, going forth in front of other people and not just my own family, or my tile in the bathroom. But oh, if I happen to need to lay on my bathroom floor, at least now it will smell like grapefruit.)

Michelle and I went to a Seattle Mom Blog event on Friday night. It was not, in any way, a pushy sells gig, so they said, but was sponsered by Method. These people are brilliant. They provided drinks (in abudnance), free, pretty products and a promise to an environmentally friendly and yummy smelling clean home. They don’t need to push a damn thing. They had me at “Sangria?”


I met Jenny, who I emailed about .3 seconds after

I got home

Michelle dropped my drunk ass off gushing over my love for her. I mean, really, if anyone can live up to her fun reputation, it’s her. Really. And then there’s HolaIsabel who I’ve read and pretty much adored for evah (who I will have to go have a drink with soon. I know, I know you are jealous. You should be.) and Working Mom, who is adorable and fun and grabbed those last two drinks with me. And all the people I couldn’t even tell you how much I love that I live in the same city with. Here. In Seattle.

But that’s not all!

No, yours truly not only stared directly at An Ordinary Mom’s boobs (I hear this is a blogher thing to do? I must go next year!) but also had someone shout “alcoholic!” in reference to my drink (so they say).You think this would embarrass lil’ ol me? Oh, hellzno. I proceeded to pick up a man (yes, you heard me.. this is caps worthy, I PICKED UP A MAN) for my friend Nicole and directly BROKE A GLASS (Yes, I’m shouting over your laughter now) whilst talking. That’s right, people. It’s all true. I am THAT good.

To distract you from the farting laugh you are now engaged in, I post pictures. Look! Over here! PICTURES!

Modeling the new and very pretty Method products. Environmentally friendly, safe around children, and wondering if they work?

(No, I was not paid to do this. Unless you call getting sloppy on organic mixers payment, which I almost do.)

And, here I am, very pleased with the lovely stove-top the Grapefruit All Purpose Cleaner left me. YES. They WORK! And I officially am finished with Soft Scrub.


I am not, however, pleased with the “EXTRA LARGE” tee-shirt that fits just right. This resulted in the weightloss war I set up that starts next Monday. Join us, won’t you?


So, thank you, Method, Seattle Mom Blogs, Jenny, Kathryn, and Eve for the fabulous party. And for Michelle for driving me home and podcasting the entire thing with me.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

*This information is given to me by a professional. I do not claim to be a Postpartum Mood Disorder specialist, just a woman who got wacky after her first kid and decided to fight back on the second.

**There are a lot of groups out there like Mops, Meetup, and Peps. If you have some you’d like listed here, please comment and let me know.

Haiku “I have a blog”? Oct 12, 2007


Where the hell are you
Ask all ten people who read
I am here barely

Two kids and a job
An announcement to come soon
After a long day

(Haiku friday via Jennifer. AKA: COOLEST bitch in the west, er, Alabama)

Goals Are Good Oct 05, 2007

#Parenting Siblings#Working Mom

Today’s goal: Make ToDo list.
Tomorrow’s goal: Check Off ToDo list.

Not on the list: Whatever-the-hell-I’m-doing-now

(This extremely short post brought to you by my daughter, who does not nap and my son, who is teething.)

There’s a good chance I’ll be washing my mouth out with soap later Oct 04, 2007

Heard on the playground:

LB, speaking to another little girl about her age whom she just met, “Oh, man! That’s what I’m allowed to say. Oh, Man. Like Swiper. Not fuckit like Daddy. Only boys can say Fuckit. Mommy says Oh, Crap. But we say Oh, Man because we’re girls.”

Cussing is now restricted to blog entries only. It’s the only way. My only outlet. You lucky bitches, you.

Pass the Ivory.

Born Again and I don’t mean just my hootch Oct 02, 2007

Hi! Did you miss me? I missed you. God, did I miss you. I felt it was time to re-birth the blog. My love life and being a born-again-virgin aside, I have a story. I wrote about it. Wanna hear it? Too bad. I’m telling you anyway.

I started blogging in the fall of 2003. Two Thousand Three. Wow. Some senior is graduating high school this year and telling me he/she was in Jr. High when I started blogging. I almost believe it. One masters degree, two children, three houses and four years later, here I am. 

I’ve recently come to know even more wonderful writers. I found the Seattle Mom’s blog community. I met (in person!) Andrea. I’ve met several other women in real life, plan on meeting even more, and I love it here. The only trouble is, maybe I love it here a little too much.

While I was kicking myself for not making it to the lists of the sites that I adore and wish I was half as eloquent as, my son gained ten pounds, my daughter got potty trained and my husband got promoted. A friend had a baby. Another friend kicked cancer in the ass. And still others bought houses and saw their children turn another year older. Life was going on all around me while I was wishing I had more computer time.

It seems wrong, doesn’t it?

It’s easy to get sucked in to the run of life. It’s easy to make the coffee, start off the day caffeinated and run like a banshee until you, your family, or your coffee pot tells you it’s time to stop.  (Do banshees run? What the hell is a banshee anyway? And why do I use this term so damn often?)  I thought it was time to take a collective wine break and sit with my feet up for a bit. Which is exactly what I didn’t do.

There will be a few sites launched this month. I’m thrilled, excited, and just short of piss-myself-giddy. Thank god I stopped at the pissing myself part. I’m currently down ten pounds from when I asked you to watch me cuss and moan as I ran. I’m developing a love for red wine. DRY wed rine, people. In fact, I’m having some now, why do you ask?

Baby O is 15 pounds and starting to roll over. He’s a freakin’ joy to be around. The grins, my god, the smiles and laughter. My daughter is hilarious. My husband has a nice ass. I forgot all of this about until I took some time to appreciate them. My goal now is to not forget. Especially about that ass.

So, feel free to poke around a bit. You’ll see a new addition: The activities for kids area. I thought, maybe, I could share some of the things we do around here when it’s raining out. Don’t be completely shocked when I upload a video of us sitting in our PJ’s at 4pm watching sesame street and eating chocolate. Hopefully it’ll be a tad bit more inspirational than that. I bought a book to help. See? Arts. And CRAFTS. People, I’m Mary Fucking Popins.

Thank you for always being here. Or for being here when google reader says you should be. Or when the kids are passed out from the alcohol poisoning after eating the Purell they chewed on to buy you a few more spare minutes. I know how precious time is these days. I’m glad you share them with me.

Much gooey and fluffy love and shit,
Mrs. Flinger (who is glad to be back)

P.S. You should see something like the image below. If not, please refresh your browser and then let me know what the heck-fire you’re doing to screw things up. Or, maybe just let me know there’s a problem. That’s what I really meant. Right. That’s what I mean.


Oohhh! Looksy! I’m just in time! I saw these tweets going ‘round with some of my favorite tweeters and just realized I’m JUST IN TIME (excuse the caps, I blame the wine) for this! (also, the exclamation points)

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

So, delurk, damnit. I’ll give you a pony.