Mrs. Flinger: Based on a True Story

Bob Marley, Three Year Old Style 07/Nov/2007

#Life#The Flinger Family

One day in the bath, while Mr. Flinger bathed LB and I bathed Baby O (the “usual” night time routine), he told LB to get up, stand up. I started singing, “Get up, Stand up! Stand up for your rights!” We all sang this song, or rather, this one verse, until bedtime and again the next night feeling so smug with ourselves.

About a week later LB starts singing it on her own. “Get up stand up! Stand up for your lefts.”

At least she knows her opposites.

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The Dog Ate My Homework, 2007 ed. 06/Nov/2007

#Life#Posts that suck#{W}rite-of-passage

I came to the coffee shop to get some work done here and here and here. I got comfy with my decaf, sugar free, fat free milk creamer Americano (per this.) and replied to a couple of emails. I opened a new browser tab (thank god for this) and typed in “T-W-I-T…” thinking my browser would bring me to twitter from the history list.

It didn’t. I ended up here. And, well, I love him and I subscribe to her and their podcast... Read more

Poo and Frogs and Unnatural Water: What the world is coming to. 05/Nov/2007

#Life#Rants and Raves#{W}rite-of-passage

Well, whaddy’a know? I missed Day four. Day. Fucking Four, people. And by F’ing four I mean Frogs. (Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself, hang on.)

So, it turns out I chose naked time over posting. I chose a date and a clean house and grocery shopping over posting here yesterday. I picked out the Mexican Restaurant, The Movie, and The Place To Do It, but I did not pick out a topic to write about here. So I won’t be winning any stunning prizes this month. But that’s ok. I got to Do It.

Not that I’m one to kiss and tell.

.... moving on ....

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Site Business.. an incredibly boring day 3 (Sorry ahead of time but it has to be done) 03/Nov/2007

#Life#Posts that suck#{W}rite-of-passage

I have this hobby. It’s a little more than a hobby, in fact, I teach it. I make a living doing it.

I just wish I did it better.

I’m re-vamping a few bugs in this design here. (And by Bugs, I mean my fear and loathing of Internet Explorer.) I’m also working on a few other teeny tiny projects that I’ll be able to share with you again. In the mean time, here’s where this here website stands.

In shit.

Ok, sorry, that was the short short version. Now? For the long(ish) version.

I’ve been keeping my fitness posts here. But that page is all effed up right now. And I still want a place for everyone taking part in the Weightloss... Read more

In Which We Promise to Make Fools Of Ourselves (Nablopomo #2) 02/Nov/2007

#Life#{W}rite-of-passage#Weght Loss and Body Image

This weekend, Michelle and I will take part in the Pineapple Classic on behalf of Mamaspod. We’ll be podcasting live from the start and finish of the race. This race is to help blood cancers like Leukemia and Lymphoma. If you’d like to make a donation, please click the DONATE button below.


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Nah blow me 01/Nov/2007

#Life#Posts that suck#{W}rite-of-passage

Last year I watched as everyone played
I wasn’t sure I could hack it
This year I thought, what the... Read more

One of these things is not like the other 01/Nov/2007

#The Flinger Family

We did the whole “head out and get candy from strangers, but kids, never do this again unless I tell you it’s ok and I will always eat your candy to be sure it’s ok” holiday. LB wasn’t too sure about things at first until she found out she got suckers.


Baby O was a pea in the pod (all together now? Ahhhhh.)

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