Merry Christmas, Everyone 24/Dec/2007

I’ll be back after the first of the year. Much love to you all!


I hope Santa is good to you, but I hope your family is better.

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Wordless Wednesday 20/Dec/2007

Because one day I might find time to write words, today, you get this.


And also because I, apparently, don’t know what day it is…... Read more

Married .... With Children 17/Dec/2007

I remember my dad laughing out loud, heartily, at the show “Married With Children.” I remember thinking it wasn’t that funny. It was OK funny. It was “eh”. But laughing out loud? Not so much.

I think I get it more now. The two kids. The money. The sleep deprivation. The lack of a sex life. The “you better praise your lucky stars I shaved my legs today.”  The job. The mortgage.

Did I already mention the kids?

The kids. ... Again ...

We had a long talk last night about our life. It’s hard. It’s... Read more

boobie mail 12/Dec/2007

Internet? I just sent my first boobie mail. I’m giggling like a naughty school girl. I’m peering around the corner like I’m going to get caught. I’m glancing over my shoulder to see if anyone noticed. Then? I log on and tell the Internet about it.

Because that’s what I do.

See, I’m giddy because both kids? Right now? Are asleep in one room. THEIR room. The KID ROOM. Do you know what this means to me? Do you know how many months I’ve been waiting for this? Except for the one exception: It’s a little like my preemie going off to... Read more

Jesus Claus 10/Dec/2007

I once asked Mr. Flinger what the difference between Jesus and Santa was. He answered, almost immediately, “Weight.”

That’s it.

Later we got to talking about the similarities. Real person? Check! Alive only in people’s hearts? Check! Hotly debated? Check! Giver of gifts? Check!

I mean, sure, the fantasy surrounding Santa Claus goes a wee bit further than the stories around Jesus. I mean, it’s crazy, right? Bearded man living in the North Pole who has reindeer fly him around to... Read more

A new series on Mrs. Flinger: Boosting your Reader’s Traffic 09/Dec/2007

You know how I’ve been all I dunno if I want to keep blogging and all The Internet seems like a horrifically selfish place now and I just don’t have TIME, people? You know how it’s kind of like your friend in Jr. High who always says she’s fat and you always say, “No, no you’re not” and you know how annoying that is? Like shutthefuckupalreadyaboutthenotblogging. Because? I’m blogging about not blogging?

I even annoy myself sometimes. Trust me.

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Because I can trust you with a secret, Internet 08/Dec/2007

I am wearing a girdle for the first time since child #2. It is not pretty. The mass that used to constitute my ab muscles is now squished to the top of a size-that-fit-prior-to-growing-the-largest-belly-known-to-pregnancy “slimming” girdle.

This means one of two things is bound to occur at the office party we are attending tonight for Mr. Flinger’s work: a) someone will ask when I’m due and b) I will get very crampy gas about the time his boss makes his way over to our table and let a teeny tiny SBD slip out. And blame his boss for it.

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Holidays 07/Dec/2007

Because I have a three year old. Because I have an infant. Because I have a large ass. Because I have a High School English Teacher that said to never EVER start a sentence with Because, I present to you:

Mom-Friendly Fitness

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A weekend to remember 05/Dec/2007

Have I mentioned it only a few thousand

times? The 24 hours of bliss? The new podcast site we created? The wine tasting party? Are you sick of it yet? Luckily it’s my blawg and the joy of The Blawg is that One can Blawg whatever they want. Even if the readers are all, “Stop with the freaking new site already! We GET IT. You like to hear yourself talk on top of reading yourself. Gawd.”

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Look! A placeholder! 02/Dec/2007

Wowzers, 24 hours goes pretty damn fast. The reality of night feedings is weighing back on me shortly, so my half-written OMG-I-hang-with-the-best-effing-people-in-Seattle will have to wait.

But look! Michelle posted pictures!

And so did I!

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