Easing your mommy guilt one post at a time 31/Jan/2008

Text From Mr. Flinger: Am Going To Be Late. C U after Kidz R In Bed

Thoughts by Mrs. Flinger: Oh No He Didn’

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Caption Me 30/Jan/2008

A little ala FussyPants style:

We took Baby O for his first swing experience the other day. I realized LB I had a picture of LB around the same time swinging her first. So here they are, experiencing the joy of flying, freely through the air with nothing but strong metal and plastic keeping them safe.

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Time is just a stream I go a-fishing in 28/Jan/2008

A few days ago I was sitting in my home, with the children running and crawling all about us, talking to some good friends. We were comparing our twenties and now our thirties. We agreed we’re more comfortable in our skin, more confident, more sure of ourselves. We spoke of regrets, things we’d change, and those we’d do again. But overall, we were pleased with the possibilities of this decade and thought it held the most promise so far.

It’s not a new theme: the men getting wiser and more handsome, the women more horny. If you combine those two, you end up... Read more

Starbucks says, “We aren’t trying to over-charge you” 24/Jan/2008

This is what I heard from the customer service representative for Starbucks today. He was just the kind of sweet talkin’ man that I believed him. Really. (Of course, I also believed Jesus came from a Virgin and my Dad didn’t know how to change the toilet paper so I may not be the best judge of character.)

Here’s how things played out:

A few days ago, I ordered my usual non-fat/sugar free blahblahblah. I was informed this is now a “skinny” latte. “Oh, skinny?” I giggle. Because really? Skinny Latte? Isn’t that a bit... Read more

Labeled: Things They Should Put On Condom Boxes 21/Jan/2008

Warning: You may only get half your leg shaved if this, or any other birth control, fails. “Mommy, I pooooppeeddd and I need you to wipe me. NNNooOWWWW”

Condoms are only 97% effective. Consider double-ing up. (Or Quadrupling)

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Things You Can’t Believe Come Out Of Your Mouth Part I 19/Jan/2008

Heard, very recently, at The Flinger’s:

[SHRIEK!] [MELTDOWN] “He’s going to eat my strollerrrrrrrr! NooOOOOOOoooooooooo”

“He’s not going to eat your stroller, he’s just going to roll it around and lick it a little.”


Things heard at your house?

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Appropriate and not-so-much: Names we call our children 16/Jan/2008

I taught preschool for a few years. Did you know this? No? I did. It was the year I switched from Elementary Ed and went for Computer Science. That’s how profound the experience was for me. P.R.O.F.O.U.N.D.

Anyway, so I had this kid in my class, this really cute little guy named Evan. Evan was 4 years old when we met. He had a tremendous crush on me. “Miss Leslliieee” he’d say, “I made you a necklace!” He once told his parents he was going to marry me. “No, son,” his dad said, “She doesn’t make enough money.” I loved... Read more

Just like technology… if your baby pooped on your ipod 14/Jan/2008

One of the funniest memories Mr. Flinger and I have about being first time parents, is the time we went to Borders Books with our 5 week old. We had the large diaper bag, the bjorn, the carrier, two blankets, binki, bottles, a lovey and I think, maybe, a baby with us.

People laughed at the amount of stuff we were carrying. We did not.

Over the years, I’ve been known to (let’s say) carry too much?

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Let me ‘splain something to you 13/Jan/2008

Do you ever wake up, look around, hear your kids in the next room and go, “when the hell did THAT happen? I have.. kids? TWO KIDS?”

I always heard marriage was hard work. To me, as a young married person, I never got it. Marriage? Marriage was never work. Marriage was the one thing that made sense to me. It was the single decision that I didn’t mind making. That was the easy part.

Married with children, on the other hand, not so much.

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“This hurts me more than it hurts you” 11/Jan/2008

I don’t know if it’s in the Mom code, but my mother used to say this line to me in the midst of punishing me, usually via spanking, as I cried. “This hurts me more than it hurts you.” I remember thinking, “Oh yea, lady? Bend over and let’s find out.”

Today I took away LB’s first “privilege”.  After walking over the umpteenth book and seeing the pages ripped laying strewn all over the floor, I sat down and quietly said, “LB, why do you hate your books so much? You are always ripping them.” She looks... Read more