Increasing your reader’s traffic part 1: through comments 09/Jan/2008

*What’s this? See below*

I was going to list out another slick way to raise your user’s traffic and technorati rank but then I was told it’s the great International Week to Delurk. This means two things: 1) I decided to provide methods of increasing your reader’s traffic through their comments 2) Why not comment and increase your own traffic here and 3) I really don’t comment enough and 4) I... Read more

The day she seemed thirteen 07/Jan/2008

Today I heard something I thought I longed to hear. “Go away, Mommy. I wanna play alone.”

It wasn’t as great as I’d hoped.

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Excuses or reasons. I say both. 07/Jan/2008

Well, I guess it’s time to let you in on a few things going on around here.

First, I’ve been hired over at swank web style. I’ve been working with Karen, doing coding, and will begin taking full design jobs again soon. It’s been fantastic thinking about something aside from teething, bottles, and entertaining my three year old (read: I type one handed while entertaining a three year old, feeding an infant and calling the pediatrician because why is my child... Read more

Welcome 2008 02/Jan/2008

I hope your Holiday was wonderful. There are so many stories I have for you and announcements about the New Year. Changes. Plans. News.

But today I’ll just tell you how we brought in 2008: The year destined to be ours.

We’ve planned some wonderful goals for the year, goals that everyone else makes like getting fit and finding ourselves again. But this resolution was made on the eve of 2006, one year ago, when we sat on our couch in our new condo in our new city. We talked, a year ago, about how 2008 would be the first year we won’t be moving, pregnant,... Read more