Keeping up with the Jonses (or at least the JCPenny Catalog) 29/Apr/2008

I like to think I’m a modern feminist. I’m all for equality. I believe in having choices, in being a Mother, a Wife, a Sister and a Daughter. I believe in having girl friends and in enjoying the people in your life. I believe in equal pay for equal jobs and I believe I can program a website even though “women don’t do computers.”

I guess I believe I can have it all.

I’ve come to realize something very upsetting. I can’t have it all. This should be obvious with the balls that get dropped or the dishes that don’t get clean or... Read more

Brutally Honest Monday:  The One Where I Spill Family Secrets 27/Apr/2008

They say a family who eats at the table has children who don’t fall off the deep end, do drugs, become cereal killers and read three times faster. Or something. But I’d like to give you a teeny tiny glimpse in to the lives of The Flingers. This brutally honest Monday I ask for a peek in to your REAL life. And then I do the same.

I was raised flipping off various family members at dinner. The Dinner Table was a place to fart, belch, flip off and cuss. We actually laughed.... Read more

Goonies, Baby, Goonies 25/Apr/2008

This week’s Friday Flashback comes to me in an email reading: What was the first movie you ever saw? What was your first notable movie memory? And what effect did it have on you?

I wasn’t sure at first. I didn’t know if I’d get to play this week because how many people want to hear about how I sang “It’s a Hard Knock Life” to my record of the Read more

The Real Stories 23/Apr/2008

I’m postponing today’s scheduled post. You’ll understand after you read these:

Catherine replies on behalf of all mommy bloggers to those who hate.

Erin talks about journalism and mommy blogger perception an the power of Web 2.0 after being blocked by a... Read more

The Flinger Family Goes Carbon Friendly 22/Apr/2008

Here are some fun ways The Flinger family has decided to embark upon “Going Green.” I think you’ll see that being green really isn’t as hard as Kermitt led you to believe.

1. Stop bathing your children. We are now only bathing once a week to save water, soap and the ecosystem. SMELLY FOR AMERICA! It’s written in grime across our children’s foreheads to spread the wonderful word of global consciousness.

2. Wear the same clothes more than once. I now do a quick sniff test. :: sniff sniff :: Yup! The clothing stinks less than the child! And... Read more

Brutally Honest Monday #3 Bring your opinions and snark 21/Apr/2008

It’s that time of the week again! Time for you to get judgey and tell me your opinion. (Yes, this is different than any other day of the week. See? I’m ASKING for it.)

This one is easy: Keep? Or Toss?

Exhibit 1:
Old Navy sweater Circa 2000. Lime green with thick banding on waist and wrist. Comes to just below navel. Looks fab with high waisted pants.

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Because that last post went over like pork at a vegan wedding… 18/Apr/2008

Look! Snow!

5:10 p.m. Update: A strong Puget Sound Convergence Zone has reformed in Snohomish County, bringing steady snow as well as thunder and lightning to the area. A SNOW ADVISORY is now in effect for Snohomish County until 5 a.m. Saturday for as much as 1-3” of snow—especially above 400 feet

SEATTLE—Summer is only 63 days away.

That’s about the only solace we have to sun fans who are looking at potentially the latest... Read more

Friday Flashback Stories 18/Apr/2008

There’s a lot of angst in being thirteen. There are pimples. There are boys. There are boobs, the lack thereof, periods, the lack thereof, and bangs that absolutely must stand six inches tall and curl just-like-so.

I think of my daughter turning thirteen and I die a little inside. I die a little for me and how our relationship will change. I die a little for her and how much she’ll analyze her social status, hair, nose. I die for my husband who might not be the only man in his little girl’s life anymore and I die for her brother who will not understand PMS or... Read more

Real Names vs Internet Names: A running commentary 15/Apr/2008

There’s this phenomenon on the Internet. It’s called Google. Most people/employers/possible clients know how to use Google. Google is good. Google is bad. Google may be Big Brother.

Or, maybe, if we go all deep and philosophical, Google is really God. All knowing. All seeing. Telling your seventh grade boyfriend things you said about him and making your marriage an open book. Google is the bane of the medical world and the best friend of new moms with collicy babies.

In short, we all turn to Google at night to answer our requests. Am I wrong?

But with... Read more

Brutally Honest Monday #2: The 80’s Prom Outfit 13/Apr/2008

Hiya! Did you have a lovely weekend? Yes, yes, I did, thank you. I worked, cussed out an old man at Starbucks, went to a SpaJama party and enjoyed a date night with my husband. What more can a person ask for? (Cough SEX Cough)

Well then, let’s jump right in. First, a gigantic ol’ OHMYGODILOVEYOU for those who chimed in last week. This... Read more