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The Wind and The Rain 16/Jun/2008


It’s amazing how a few days of sunshine will wash away literally weeks of shit-storm. How a few sunny mornings where the alarm goes off, the children remain in their bed, your husband is next to you softly breathing and the birds chirp pleasantries to each other can remove months of chill and dread and oppression. It reminds me of my husband’s response to the famous Sleepless In Seattle quote, “But it rains nine months of the year in Seattle,” which is, “Yup but you get three months off.”

Que late June.

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Slurp Slurp Slurp 13/Jun/2008

If this blog gets a little steamy, please do not disturb. The InLaws are coming to take the kids for the night (two?) and the Mister and I will be romping around like the 17 year old selves we once were.

That’s right! We’ll be falling asleep on the couch watching movies at 9! :: snort ::

Happy Father’s Day.


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The Cabbage Soup Diet, the gateway drug 12/Jun/2008

#Fitness#Weght Loss and Body Image

God, is she going to post more about how cold and crappy it is there? UGH. You know? Like she’s the ONLY person to deal with shitty weather? I mean, comeon, people are drowning in their beds in the mid-west and blahblahblah it rains in Seattle. Get over it already. GOD. Or is this another “Why I’m too busy for you” post that makes me so warm and fuzzy? Like yesterday’s old fruit? Because nothing says “love” like “you’re third on my list, blog, and, well, it’s a short list.”

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Variations on a Theme 10/Jun/2008

#Life#Rants and Raves

They reached out their hands
  icy fingers grasp
  my hang in theirs cold
In June

Parks open for summer
  empty swings sway
  in the wind and rain
In June

Coats once hung
  brought out again
  huddling with blankets
In June

A month ago today
  Arizona sunny skies
  My sister and a sunburn
In May

Now faded tan
  skin pasty white
  icy cold feet
In June


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Brutally Honest Monday: The one where we go both ways 09/Jun/2008

Sometimes Brutally Honest Monday is about me asking for your advice, asking for your brutally honest opinion, asking for the truth. Sometimes it’s about me being Brutally Honest with you, opening up a bit, digging a little deeper.

This week, we’ll do both.

First, the easy part. You like the new digs? Now, be honest here. I’ve learned to take criticism in the blog design work a lot better. I’ve pushed myself to higher limits and better quality because of criticism. It’s not fun or easy to be critiqued, but I’m learning it’s ok. I’m learning that you still like me as a person, even if the work is.. well, off a pixel or ten.

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Wordless Wednesday: A big Middle Finger to Mother Nature 04/Jun/2008

#Life#Wordless Wednesday

Dear Mother Nature.

It’s JUNE. :: flips off Mother Nature ::


The End.

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If this post sounds bitter and irritated, it is 03/Jun/2008

#Life#Rants and Raves#Working Mom

I want to write to you about the joys of motherhood. But I can’t. Last night I spent three hours talking

bitching to my best friends about how fucking HARD it is. My best friends that I’ve known since I was 19 (wow) and who look at me with compassion and shake their heads knowing they don’t have to go home to these… kids.

Yesterday I wanted to call Michelle, Laura and Shea because they get it on a very deep and personal level having watched my children, almost daily, lose their shit and laugh with me because it really is funny, at least on some level.*

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Brutally Honst Monday: Yes? Or No? 02/Jun/2008

#Life#Brutally Honest Mondays

This is an easy one, y’all. Is it rude to bring in your own lunch to an eating establishment?

Even if they don’t serve anything on your new diet?

Brutally Honest Monday

**My Nanny’s Vote: Oh, hellya, it’s fine


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