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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

The Rock Dec 31, 2008

#The Early Years

I was holding my daughter’s hand as we walked down the stairs. I asked her to come with me downstairs to see if we could help clean up a bit. She looked up at me, “Are you afraid to go by yourself?” “I like your company,” I replied, staying honest. So she accompanied me down the stairs, her tiny hand in mine, her Cinderella dress flowing below her fairy wings. I remembered one night when I was her age, maybe even 5? When I lay in my bed talking to my Mom. “Mom, what happens if you die first,” I asked her. She held my hand, not unlike I was holding my own daughters, “I’d go to heaven and wait for you.” “How will I know where to find you in Heaven?” I was worried because Heaven always seemed so.. big. “I’ll... Read more

Before we begin Dec 29, 2008


It was snowing out as was becoming the norm for our early Seattle December. My parents’ flight was delayed giving us two additional days to prepare for the upcoming Christmas festivities. The mister and I retreated to various activities we never seem to have time for any more with work, the two young children, and our increasing need for sleep. I swear, as we age, we sleep more. Like bears. Also, we gain weight more in the winter like bears so there may be something to this theory. So we took the additional 48 hours to clean, bake, wrap presents and play games on the phone, or in my case, search for long lost pictures of my childhood. I was searching for one in particular, the picture of me at one, or was it two?, drinking a beer. I’m sure we all have this picture, don’t... Read more

Fear! Panic! Mayhem! Falalala - lala- lala Dec 21, 2008

#Life#Social Clutz Loveable Spaz#The Flinger Family

Everyone ready for The Big Storm? Arctic Blast 2008! Sheer Hell-frozen-over! RUNNNNNNnnnnNNNN. According to the news, this is going to be The Biggest Storm Ever In Our ..  Lives… Muhahaha. Until next year, at least. So everyone in the Pacific Northwest is at Safeway and Fred Meyer getting the essentials. The guy behind us in line had three bags of Cheetos and beer. We had four cases of pop, some red wine, cheese and beer. The lady in front of us? You got it: Beer. (In her defense, she was the only person in line buying batteries, too, so there’s that. We’ll all hunt her down and offer her beer in exchange for voltage later.) It’s been icy, frozen and brilliantly fun for days. Work has been nearly impossible as children are underfoot with cabin fever and The... Read more

Small Moments Dec 17, 2008

I stood there, very early this morning holding my sleeping son. His head heavy on my shoulder. His breath on my neck. His lips brushing my hair. I realized we are not born Mothers. Our children make us in to them. Something that seemed so obvious at 3AM today, took me over four years to fully understand. Sometimes it’s the tiny moments that change us the most. Read more

Caption my Holiday Card. Dec 15, 2008


What does one do when one can’t figure out what to do? Ask the Interwebz, of course! I’m stuck finding a holiday photo for our Christmas card. What’s that? Yes, I’m aware I have less than a week. Thank you. So this morning my Best Friend comments on this photo that it should be our holiday card. PERFECT! But, um, what do I say? I mean, what does one follow this classic photo up with? Today, Internetz, I put you in charge of my holiday card. For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE tell me what to say. Otherwise I’ll say something completely stupid like, “Hope your holiday is better than this face!” Gag. You can do better. One. Two. Three. Caption! Read more

When did your child question Santa? Dec 08, 2008

#Life#Brutally Honest Mondays#The Flinger Family

I remember that moment in detail: the door to my room cracked when it wasn’t just hours before as I fell asleep; the laughter of my parents following me out to the living room; my dad saying something about “Santa” placing those presents under the tree as he set up the bunk bed for the dolls I asked Santa for; and the sudden cold realization that Keith from Mrs. Getchie’s third grade class was right: There was no Santa. I know times have changed. I realize children mature earlier and deal with stresses much much earlier than we did. I realize each generation is shocked with reality as it creeps in to children entirely too early. But it seems to me, a four year old, shouldn’t question Santa Clause. At four, my daughter is just now understanding the magic.... Read more

The fourth ‘R’ for this holiday season: Re-gift! Dec 04, 2008

#Life#Getting to know me

We’re all feeling the pinch. I, personally, REALLY need to hear good news from the economy before I hear more bad news from Mr Flinger’s office. Oh, Dow, you slutty ho. So, this season, I officially declared Re-Gifting the new black. The New Financially Responsible thing to do. The “Latest Trend In Gift Giving.” It is so because I said it is. We’re giving the children a large piano her Uncle and Aunt purchased for her when she was 15 months old. It was a Christmas gift from 2005. We’ve moved it twice. It’s in the garage, still unopened, waiting for her to be old enough to appreciate it. This is the year. We’re also giving Baby O a basketball hoop for toddlers handed down from Michelle. It was handed down from another friend and a... Read more