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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

I remember Mar 31, 2009


I remember when we blogged because we loved it, before branding, before ads. I remember the first time someone linked to me and I was shocked. I remember when we wrote things because we wanted to, not because it would get a stumble or dig. I remember when I’d be so shocked to get a comment, not shocked when I didn’t. I remember when Dooce was just a girl who couldn’t spell Dude. I remember when the community was still small enough you could actually read all your favorite blogs every day. I remember when I had to password protect my website because I was afraid to talk about Postpartum Depression openly. Before it was OK to be vocal about it. Before there were books and Brook Shields. I remember blogging in 2003 when each of us had to have some savy in MySQL, CSS,... Read more

What the world needs now… Mar 25, 2009

#Family Life

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The Trouble With Branding Mar 23, 2009

#Family Life

I’m not ready to write some more memoirs exactly yet. I have them, tucked away nicely in my photo box of memories with words spilling off the pages waiting to be published. I just can’t. Not now. It seems we’re in some state of crisis in our house. Maybe “crisis” is too extreme a word. “Recession?” “Depression?” Chaos? Uncertainty? Stress? All the above? I’m frustrated the “state of the economy” is throwing my daily life in to some sort of tailspin. I never imagined I’d give a shit what the DOW was or watch with baited breath the AP wire. I’ve talked to good friends about this. And the answer is always the same: Persevere. Be strong. Be an influential woman. Break down here, with us, safely in... Read more

Mid-Life Crisis Mar 18, 2009

#The Liberal Years

As a little girl, I wanted to be a famous ballerina. All little girls want to be famous ballerinas. We dance and twirl and pretend we’re beautiful and light as a swan. Then we grow up. We graduate college with a single task in mind: Make a living. Maybe we add on there to “Have a house! Get married! Make babies!” and then we happen to meet someone who has the same dreams and you work together to make them come true. We work hard, we save our shackles, we scrimp and eat in and make our own coffee. We purchase a Townhouse because we live in one of the most expensive places in the US. (Aside from California which we all know is completely outrageous and OHMYGOD how do you people do it?) We’re ok with this until… The economy tanks leaving us upside... Read more

Friendships Mar 16, 2009

#The Early Years#Family Life

Growing up in south Houston, we had manicured lawns and sidewalks connecting each house. Most evenings the kids would ride our bikes (or hot wheels) up and down the sidewalk and in and out of the driveways while the parents stood and laughed, talked, and drank tea. I remember coming home from a friend’s house one night and seeing the parents out talking without my mom. “Mom!” I yelled breathless as I came in the house, “Mom! You gotta go outside and talk. Lindsey’s mom and Paul’s Mom and Beth’s Mom are all out there!” Then I’d grab my bike and start cruising Castlewood Dr. I always thought it was just a coincidence that my mom liked my friends’ moms. I just sort of figured parents liked each other. I mean, hey, they were... Read more

Harmony Mar 15, 2009

#Family Life

This is going to sound a little .. new-agy? Like we’re strung out on acid wearing tie-die with seven inch sunglasses on? Or like we’ve totally gone over the deep end.( Which is very possible.) Today’s Sunday Reflection is on Harmony and why we’re struggling to keep it. The mister and I talk about the piece of string that holds us all together, this tether, in our family. Each of us pulled and tugged and influenced by the emotions of each other. When one person is off, we’re all a little off. There is no self in the continuum that is our family. It’s just the nature of family. Growing up, I can think of times when our harmony was on, and times when it was off. You can do the same, I’m sure. The times you each notice and adjust for the moods of... Read more

Blast from the past: Crouching Baby Hidden Diaper Mar 13, 2009

#Family Life

This post originally aired on November 11, 2006 and is being featured as a guest post on The Bump today in light of a friend’s recent plight with the toddler-diaper-removal game. I just went back up to my daughter’s room where I expected her to be sleeping. Scratch that, where I wanted her to be sleeping but had my doubts by the “thump thump thump” I suspected was coming from her room. I opened the door, ever so slightly, and saw my toddler’s little hiney shining in the crack of light streaming through her room. “LB!” I open the door further to see her butt naked crouching in the corner of her stripped crib. Apparently she pulled the sheet off, unzipped her footy PJs and pulled off her diaper. When I walked in she was huddled in the corner like... Read more

First Fridays Mar 07, 2009


I promised to write about some past religious experience each Sunday to reflect on a part of my life that a) was a huge influence in why I didn’t get pregnant before I was 28 and b) helped mold me in to the kind and gentle hearted non-sarcastic woman that I am now. Well, A, anyway. So I grew up, as previously mentioned, in the Catholic Church.  I attended mass and CCE (Continuing Catholic Education) for most (all) of my school years, which pretty much means I have a hellofalot of blog fodder from my childhood in this topic. One such story goes something like this: “Mom! Mom! My Teacher said if we go to seven first friday masses in a row we’re automatically going to heaven!” “She did, did she?” “Yea! And I don’t want to go to hell.... Read more

Denial. Mar 03, 2009

#Family Life

I’ve been athletic my entire life. I started with ballet at 4, moved in to gymnastics, dance, track, and cross country. I did crew, mountain biking, hiking and kayaking in college. I never really stopped to consider being fat. I wasn’t ever the thin girl, but I was athletic. Muscular. At worst: “thick”.  Now? Well, I’ve had two c-sections and two gigantic babies. And a lot of wine. Having such an athletic history, I tend to get strong quickly. All I have to do is, you know, work out. Or I thought. I’ve been doing my usual workout for about a year and a half now. The weights, walk/run/jog, eliptical alternatives. I’ve hit a solid 156 and stayed there. This isn’t great. But it’s not bad, either. It’s my pre-Buddy... Read more

Reflections for Sunday: Communion Mar 01, 2009


I was raised Catholic. This pretty much means I went to church every Sunday (or Saturday night, which was shorter and thus preferable) and left shortly after Communion because THAT was the part God wanted us to attend. Communion. A little girl’s first Holy Communion is a little sacred. Not because you’re entering a more “mature” faith in the Catholic eyes, but because you get to wear a white bride dress. I never did know WHY I got to wear the bride-dress but I did count down the days until I dawned my white veil and pretty dress and looked holy as Mary and all virgin fresh innocent. Lord knows I wouldn’t wear a white dress to my wedding nor be all virgin-fresh so this was my one chance to walk down an isle floating as a Christ-bride. We waited excited for... Read more