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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

Why You Should’ve Taken More Math (or at least not slept through class) Apr 30, 2009

#Side Notes

I turned on the “news” this morning. That is never a good idea but right now it’s nearly laughable. Here’s the actual, real, honest transcript from what I saw on Good Morning America. (which is to NEWS as US WEEKLY is to FACT) Diane Sawyer: So, it looks like the numbers are going up. We’re now at 100 in the USA? Swine Flu Expert: Yes, that’s right. So far those cases have been treated and are under control Diane Sawyer: We did a poll and it appears 78% of Americans don’t think they’re going to get the disease? Swine Flu Expert: Well, statistically speaking, we can’t say how many people will get the disease but we feel confident it’s not going to be 22% of the country Diane Sawyer: But, Mister, what are we going to have to do to... Read more

When Pigs Fly Apr 29, 2009

#Early Marriage

The last vacation the mister and I went on was August 2003. People? Do the math. That’s over five years ago. FIVE FUCKING YEARS AGO.  In that time we’ve a) purchased a house b) got a masters degree c) had a baby d) sold the house e) moved to portland f) moved to Seattle g) had another baby h) started a business. My god, people, who out of anyone that you know, needs a vacation more than we do? Don’t answer that. This is about me, after all. So now we’re finally going to Las Vegas for a conference and we’ll be staying an extra two days to play. TWO WHOLE DAYS. We’ll be gone a total of five days without children. :: brain explodes :: I’m not sure I know what to do with that information. FIVE DAYS. NO KIDS. :: kaplow :: So am I at all... Read more

Blogger’s Block Apr 26, 2009

#Family Life

I have what appears to be a sever case of blogger’s block. It’s nothing severe, of course, in reality but it does appear that my stats are plummeting like a patient at Seattle Grace. (Dude, seriously, does EVERYONE have to die on that show? W.T.F.) Listen to it… beep. beep. beep. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I’ve revived it again and again. Kicked it hard in the ass. Licked, stroked, loved it. And still, words fail me this week, like most recent weeks, because in the end, who the fuck cares? Luckily for you, we got a new video camera. So :: maniacal crazy lady laff :: I’ll torture, er, post for you some home videos to let our lives speak for themselves. So often now, the children say what it is I can’t find the words for. I figure why not let... Read more

A letter (now with comments!) Apr 20, 2009

#The Liberal Years

It is 1:15AM on Monday morning. My husband is at work. He went in to “finish something up” and ended up staying a bit. I can’t sleep when he’s not here. So I finished a project, a personal project, that acted as a thought process. I always code when I’m feeing troubled, or anxious, or uncertain. Code makes sense. It’s logic. It is ones and zeros. It’s my zen. So I redid my website. And as I sit here, wondering if I should try to sleep or wait for my husband, I open one of my old journals looking for a memoir to write. There are so many journals, so many memories, so many really bad poems. Tonight, though, I open to a printed page taped in my journal. It’s an email I printed out from Tuesday, February 29, 2000: “Dearest... Read more

Today we hum. Apr 14, 2009


Today we celebrate the life of Maddie Spohr. The life that was too short, but that touched so very many people as the internet rocks in her wake humming a joined lullabye to our sleeping angel. We come together to lift and support our friend Heather, as she stands bravely for her daughter. I’m sad I am not there at the memorial today as so many of my blog friends are. But I’m thankful for this place we come, to remember, to hug virtually, and to turn to our own families and hug them tightly. In remembrance of Maddie. Read more

Today And everyday Apr 13, 2009

#Family Life

From us here at Casa D’Flinger: Happy Easter. Hug your loved ones a little tighter today, tomorrow, and every day. With love, The Flingers *I have so very many words but not enough energy. Tomorrow I hope to write. ** We have a March of Dimes walk set up for Maddie in Seattle. More info to be posted on SMB tomorrow. *** There is not enough fairness in the world and too much chocolate at my house. I don’t know how to handle this information except to eat the chocolate. **** We’re opening a shop of hand-made donations on Room704. Proceeds go to Heather and Mike to help with funeral costs. Thank you for all your support. Read more

How to change your blog background purple for Maddie Apr 09, 2009


We’re going purple for Maddie. If you’d like to know how to change your blog background to purple, this is the place! If you don’t know me, my name is Leslie and I’m a geek. I mean, really really geeky. And I want to share my geek with you. If you’re using Blogger: 1. Log in to your account. 2. Click on Layout. 3. Click on Fonts and Colors.——Some templates let you change using the pallet. If you see the the following, you can use this method here. If not, skip to #6 4. In the “hex#” box, place 6969a0 5. Click Save. —- 6. Click on HTML. *It’s always a good idea to do a “download template” as a backup here!! 7. Find the code that stars with body { whole: bunch; of: stuff; goes: here; ... Read more

For Maddie Apr 08, 2009

Mrs. Flinger will be back online tomorrow, today, we have a moment for Maddie Heather and Mike Spohr’s daughter Madeline Alice died yesterday, April 7, 2009. If the sheer power of twitter and internet could heal broken hearts and bring Maddie back, she would be here as strong as Wonder Woman. From Serenity Now Sunday - March 29, 2009 The words communion, commune, community all come from the same root. We are members of a community. (Whether we like it or not, sometimes.) If we RE-peat, RE-run or RE-do, we do something again. When we RE-member someone, we are, in a way, being with them again. Even the Big JC talked about it “Do this for the remembrance of me” (BCP, p. 362) Re-Member. This morning, take a moment with me to remember . . . no matter how much time we had with the... Read more

Blog Of Shame Apr 07, 2009

#The College Angsty Years

We’re going to the Salon of Shame again tonight. Tickets sell out, literally, in one minute of release. Apparently past diary entries is all the rage. Seriously, it is. It’s absolutely the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard in my life. And since this is my memoir, how can I NOT post some old journal entries? (And since you have them, how can *you* not post them? Ponder that for a while.) So here’s a journal entry dated January 26th, 1997. I’m in college and I like this guy, Matt Bell, whos name I never actually write for fear that HE MIGHT READ IT. (WTF?) So he’s always “he” in my diary. Or “The Guy”. It’s a miracle I remember his name at all. —————1/26/97... Read more

1 Part Gypsy, 1 Part Hippie, 2 Parts Nuts, Splash of Vodka: Shake and Pour Apr 06, 2009

#The Tween Years

I’m clearly losing my mind. The sun is out today. This, in and of itself makes locals here in Seattle run around screaming, “MY EYES! MY EYES!” If you’re walking downtown about this time on the first day of sun in nearly four months, you can see businessmen in suits twitching on the ground from the sheer excitement of warmth. I shit you not. People suddenly “get sick” with all kinds of ailments. “CoughHikingCough” “KayakFlu” “EscapeToPark-itis” “GreenLake-Virus” And of course, the aforementioned twitching. Today is that day. The day people drop like flies from their cubical and plug up the rivers and the Puget Sound and the trails. Except me. Good ol’ Mrs. Flinger sees some sun and shrieks,... Read more