Mrs. Flinger: Based on a True Story

A day in the life of being me 03/May/2009

#Family Life

Twenty-Four hours. In twenty-four hours a lot can change.

- You can think you’re going to Vegas in 48 hours and start packing your bags.
- You can nearly code an entire website that needs to launch before said Vegas trip.
- You can go to bed expecting to sleep all night.
- You can be woken up by a very sick boy, barking and choking on his own lung.
- You can sleep an entire 3 hours.
- You can wake up to walk for a child who was taken entirely too early from her family, and celebrate the lives of babies and mothers of others like her.
- You can get completely lost, back up in an intersection and watch your dear friend cringe for her own life and that of her son. While you laugh hysterically.
- You can meet a fellow Read more

Sexy Code: Bringin’ It 02/May/2009


Because women have a sense of humor, too, as well as brains and wit and the ability to multi-task.

To the men who 1) Have treated me like a moron because I have tits but can better explain a database query than anyone in their “committee” of men 2) Doubted said ability 3) Said I couldn’t learn to code 4) Ignored my experience and looked directly at my mail co-worker WHO I WAS TRAINING to ask a technical question (and didn’t know the answer) and 5) Need to see something about sex to get their attention.

if ($sexy==“Fri”)
  echo... Read more