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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

Fluffy green tutus: Time truly is liquid Sep 29, 2009

#Life#Best Of

It’s a cliche, how history repeats itself. It’s true, at least in our family, as life motors on I see glimpses of my past squished with my present or projected in my future. Time truly is liquid. My daughter started ballet a few months ago. She loves the pink outfit, the tights, the shoes. She prances around the house doing pirouettes now. “Watch this move!” she’ll yell gleefully as she swiftly glides by the family in our living room. I vaguely remember doing that myself. I marvel, wondering if it’s all little girls or only those in my family. If we all dream of tutus and ballet shoes and eating disorders and men in tights. Or if it’s simply the art of attention. Of feeling pretty. Of being graceful. And if we ever grow out of that. I... Read more

Change- A Type A Mom Con Story Sep 28, 2009


I stepped off the plane in Seattle to a cold wind and sun. When I left, only four days earlier, summer was still raging and children played in sprinklers. However, fall noticeably bustled in during my absece, taking over the breezes and leaves, making the air chilly and my unused jacket necessary. I felt just as different as the weather. Four days ago I stepped on a flight to Ashville, NC. The 48 hours I spent at Type-A-Mom was a transcendent experience. I met some fantastic women. I found some wonderful opportunities to grow and expand, both in my career and in my personal relationships. I held deep and wonderful conversations with some of my most favorite bloggers. These women, plus some new favorites, and old friends, friendly faces, and encouraging smiles, gave me the courage to... Read more

(In Theory) I’m heading to Type-A Mom Con Sep 24, 2009

#The Early Years

I went to a private school for first grade. My mother and father had decided I learned enough in preschool to advance in to First Grade and combine my Kindergarten-First grade year together. I was an October baby and it was the best way around the school’s August 31st Cutoff. I envied the children getting on the school bus each morning. I waited and watched and each child waved good-bye to their mother, got on the bus, and laughed joyfully, right in my little 6 year old face. There was a party on that school bus. Every morning I saw the children have a parent-free party while I had to be carted across town to the Catholic Elementary School I was attending. The nuns did not allow a school but in the parking lot. Or at least that’s what I assumed. Most everything bad in my 6... Read more

FAVICON- A short tutorial Sep 24, 2009

#She's Gone Geek Again

As part of establishing your “brand” as a blogger (or marketer, business or commercial website) you need to pay special attention to the consistency in which you present your image. This includes what people see in the tab of their browser when they are on your site. The “FAVICON” or Fave Icon if you’re a human, helps identify your site in the URL and in a tab. Originally Favicons appeared on the bookmark menu when you “favorited” a site. (Thus the name) To make a favicon there are several methods and tutorials you can use. If you already have an image or logo that would look ok at 16x16 pixels: (Example) Use these online tools to create your favicon out of an image http://www.html-kit.com/favicon/ *note, this tool also uses your... Read more

Sometimes, every so often, maybe, I quietly want another baby Sep 21, 2009

#Family Life

The children played together all weekend. They are growing so quickly. My daughter barely fits, all knees and legs, on my lap when I snuggle her. My son has full sentences. I feel like a person most days. A person with a job, a life, and a family. It felt so far away at the time, when we started this, nearly five years ago. Now I can hardly remember my daughter’s reflux. My son’s premature birth. My daughter’s inability to sleep more than 2 hours. Ever. My son’s long battle with ear infections. Now all I can think of is the family that sits at the dinner table, each in a chair. The children that wrestle. The people in the backseat who sing Old McDonald. People I grew. Little people, still, but people. Opinionated, Joyful, Sorrowful, Reading,... Read more

Your Sunday Morning of Zen Sep 20, 2009


James Lipton: “What is your favorite sound?” Mrs. Flinger: “The sound of my children playing.” James Lipton: “What is your least favorite sound?” Mrs. Flinger: “The sound of my children fighting.” Read more

Taking after her mother Sep 19, 2009


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Family Expectations And The Grass That Is Truly Greener Sep 18, 2009

#The Early Years

I grew up in a suburb of Houston in a neighborhood with sidewalks and manicured lawns. I have fond memories of children riding our hot-wheels on the sidewalk, zipping up each driveway to someone’s house we all knew. Denise, Paul, Mercy, Carol. Kids spanning from 2nd grade to 6th, all mingling in the street playing basketball, riding bikes, coloring with chalk. The caste system of maturity as the older kids teased the younger and the younger kids gathering around toys. This is my childhood and I love the memories. I can almost smell the air of a humid Saturday morning in October when the children begin to take to the sidewalk playing, knocking on doors, asking if so-and-so can come out to play. My husband has a different memory. My husband grew up on acreage in a tiny town in... Read more

A New Week, A New Start Sep 14, 2009

#Family Life

I was recently reminded of a promise I made to myself to get in shape. oooOOOOHhhh, sighs the Internet. THAT again. Well, yes, that. THAT. However, instead of making lofty goals, promises, and pubic announcements, I’m just going to share with you one or two things I’m going to try this week. Will I do this again next week? I can not say. Mainly because one of the things I’m trying to cut back on, aside from booze (god, the excess sugar!) and processed meats, I’m also giving up making promises I know I can’t keep. So? Here are two things I’m doing this particular week. 1. Doing this DVD twice this week. It’s a ballet conditioning workout and in some ways? It is harder than The Shred. Dearlawd my abs! MY ABS. 2. Making this hearty... Read more

Learn to programm iApps from Stanford thanks to iTunesU. Free. Sep 13, 2009

#She's Gone Geek Again

I purchased a book about a year ago for programming iPhone Apps. That book? The spine still isn’t broken; which is a sure sign that I’m either a) complete slacker or b) too anal to break the spines on my books. Clearly it’s not B. I tend to learn better through interaction so when I found out I could participate in a class at STANFORD for FREE? I felt a little giddy. So I’ll be participating in the Stanford iTunes U iApp Building. There is a series of podcast downloads with associated PDF slides of the lectures. I’ll be downloading these files as quickly as possible before word gets out that I can get smart FOR FREE from STANFORD. Maybe someone was completely baked when they thought this was a great idea, because it was. It is. And it feels a touch... Read more