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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

All my best stuff gets lost in a twitter stream Oct 30, 2009

#Working Mom

So this is what it looks like to be in your mid thirties. MY OMG MID-THIRTIES PEOPLE. Christhellonacracker when did that happen. Right, in tiny amounts of time known as DAYS that added up and BAM I hit thirty-four. So if you follow me on twitter, which you totally should, you’d know yesterday was my birthday. And that my house had the flu. And that I told Jamie from Erskine not to fuck goats. Which seems obvious to someone like me but those Brits are real animal lovers. Yesterday, for my birthday, I treated myself to a pair of skinny jeans. Which, if you follow me on twitter, you know it makes me a complete asshat. But DAMN if those French women don’t look fabulous in the skinny jean with the boot and long sweater and scarf. Six hours in Paris can really... Read more

Community and The Stuff We’re Made Of- Reflecting on EECI2009 and Mommy Bloggers Oct 27, 2009

I have so many wonderful photos and stories to share about being at the EECI2009 conference. Community. The Spirit of Lifting Each Other Up. Truly inspirational. I’ve been to a lot of conferences as of late. Blog Conferences, Development Conferences. Twestivals. But the conferences surrounding the ExpressionEngine Community is by far my favorite experience to date. I wish you could all experience this. It’s a drastic change from the mommy blogger drama. I had meals with the “stars” of the EE community. The Geeks that create modules, plugins, extensions. The people who extend the fabulous code EE already offers. It was like sitting with people whose brains should be too big for their heads. But more importantly, they are people. Not overly geeky, not overly... Read more

Sunrise over Amsterdam Oct 21, 2009

#Travel#Life#Best Of

Did you know that if you look on a map, “Holland” isn’t there? NO. What’s this bullshit about me going to “Holland” then? Well, apparently I’m in The Netherlands which is just sort of in the middle of all the peace-keeping, fence-sitting, pot-smoking countries. And BYGOD I love it here. I’m here on business which means I’m here representing Engine Hosting who, along with my new friend WHOOOOOZE, sponsored my trip here so that I could speak at the EECI2009 Conference.  I will not only buy them a beer but also possibly shout out their company names in the streets of Holland, I mean, The Netherlands whilst smoking pot and holding the hands of gay and lesbians. Bygod I love it here. And what’s this buillshit about everyone... Read more

This is the way to Grandma’s house Oct 18, 2009

It’s quiet. It’s too quiet. I never realized you can hear the upstairs clock from the living room. In fact, I never realized you can hear each clock’s second hand tick in an off-beat pattern together. Three clocks in all ticking loudly. You can hear the refrigerator hum, too. And a plane from outside. And the DVR always crunching its hard drive. The house is missing the children. I am missing the children. They left about three hours ago in a car with their Grandparents. They’ll be staying with my In-Laws this week so that I may take a trip to The Netherlands for business and Mr. Flinger can take his structural engineering test. It’s so nice of them to offer. But god it’s so fucking quiet. The children add life to this place that I never... Read more

Because this day is EPIC. EPIC I tell you. Oct 16, 2009

I realize Nobody cares what I had for lunch but you WILL ALL CARE about my day. I speak with authority because I have that kind of power today. The kind of power that gets shit done AND has a beer at 3:00pm. I am one of the most influential women. In my head. Here is, in a boring amazingly horrid long list with time-stamps, my day. 6AM - 8AM Stuff happens at home. 8AM- Toddler counts to sixty by himself with minimal help. I plot his future which includes supporting Mr. Flinger and I in our old age. Possibly from some sort of computer forensics. Or pot dealing. 8:45AM - Purchase high fructose corn syrup cookies for LB’s snack at school celebrating her 5th birthday. Also, be mother of the year because I buy a balloon. And gummi bears. There is no end to my diabetes-inducing... Read more

Looking back and the archives I’m thankful for Oct 13, 2009

#Family Life

If ever you think you want top blogging, or wonder why you do it, and I know you will, I have something for you: You used to write well back when you started and then you got busy and forgot and now you write shit. So keep those archives handy, ok? Also, because one day you just might be glad you blogged through your entire miscarriage experience so you can sit with a friend and empathize in a way you might not remember three years later. I was doing just this very thing, fishing around my miscarriage archives, when I looked up, teary, at my husband. “Didn’t we get baby O out of the deal later?” he asks. “Yes, he was the baby after the one we lost,” I reply remembering back to the cycle I missed after the miscarriage. It was my pregnancy with my second... Read more

OHMYGOD I Am One Of THEM. AKA: I’m clearly medicated Oct 12, 2009

#Family Life

Did I just totally gush out on you? Dearchrist. I just re-read my post and… I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth. When I started blogging, I was in grad school. I was plowing through programming which at the time, was akin to having my toenails shaved by the lovely asian gals until my toes were nubbins of bone. I used to envision this as I was studying the Java Sun Packages. I’d think, “SCRRAAAPEEE” toe one. “Scrraapppe” This is probably one of the reasons I never liked Java. I like my toes too much. But then I got pregnant, finished up my thesis, had a baby and dipped in to PPD. I remember reading people’s blogs who were so thrilled to be mothers. I wanted to kick their asses. Or drink a lot of gin straight from the bottle. I used to... Read more

Inspiring Oct 12, 2009

#Family Life#Working Mom

I know we’re all busy and yet we somehow manage to maintain this space on the Interweb. We drive to it most nights grasping for some bit of ourselves. It’s our haven. So know that when I say I’m drowning, I’m not asking for you to save me, but maybe just to toss in some floaties. And a beer. Or three. I could post my todo list for you here. We could marvel at its length. We could giggle, “Wow, what a large todo list you have, Mrs. Flinger” and make 12 year old remarks. Or we could look at some pictures of my kids at the harvest festival from this weekend. I always say pictures of kids trump a todo list. And maybe I’ll toss in a quote that is especially moving to me today. After looking at these photos, experiencing the weekend... Read more

Healthy Pancakes Oct 11, 2009

#Family Life

My son is a pancake freak. Periodically at night he’ll ask, “MORE PANCAKES.” And by periodically, I mean every so often at 2Am. It’s like he’s having a sloppy pancake dream. PANCAKES! I use a recipe from my favorite cookbook, “Eating For Life” by Bill Phillips. I literally have this book tagged in fifty pages of recipes we use often. Here’s our pancake breakfast that keeps me from feeling too bad about indulging his passion. Ingredients 1 cup Uncooked Whole-grain Oats (non-instant) 6 Egg Whites (We use egg substitute which comes out to 3/4 cup) 1 cup fat free Cottage Cheese* 1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract 1/4 tsp ground Cinnamon 2 packets sugar substitute 1/2 cup sugar-free syrup Create 1. Coat griddle in non-stick spray and turn on to medium... Read more

The Working Mom: Improv #239 Oct 09, 2009

#Working Mom

It took a long time for my brain to switch to work mode. I was so used to carrying around diapers and fourteen days worth of crackers that I often walked in to client meetings and sighed as I shoved aside four diapers, wipes, three fruit leathers and a nondescript item from what appears to be of a “gummy” family. Or once was. I can’t tell you when it happened that I actually stopped carting around my child’s extra pair of panties in my purse, but I did. I started feeling like a woman again, not just the mom of two young children. At some point, I started leaving for work with just my laptop and a yogurt. I mean, how sensible is that? Apparently, it’s just SO sensible that I forgot my child still craps himself. Frequently. Talk about sensible. So what... Read more