Mrs. Flinger: Based on a True Story

Body, Meet Image 31/Dec/2009

#Fitness#Weght Loss and Body Image

I started this post a while back, before Christmas, when I was beginning to analyze the correlation to my heavier times and having the “winter blues”. I wanted to have a nice sit-down with myself and really talk about how and why my body isn’t changing and why I’m unable to do the things I used to or look the way I think I do. All of this occurred before these ladies started discussing things like being plus-size vs working hard at fitness.  It’s ironic, in a very real ten-thousand-spoons sort of way, a touch serendipitous, and more than a bit refreshing to realize while I was here having a smack-down, drag-out... Read more

Winter Blues, Crystal Night 30/Dec/2009


My daughter shines

I wish I had something to say. Profound. Light.
A sparkle of words to twinkle in the windows of our crowded condo community.

But I don’t.

Instead I have shadows and early sunsets and evenings of lists not completed.
I have children to attend to. A house to keep.
Clients to say good-bye to. Friends to see.
A body I don’t recognize. A passion for movement, inside and out.

The holiday lights come down when winter puts up it’s first fight.
The days are short, so long is... Read more

The Birth Of A Great Idea- Mom Bloggers Run in SF in May 2010 28/Dec/2009

Twitter is known for being the place of ideas. And if it’s not then it should be. The Following is a run down of how I committed, and drug a few other mom bloggers in with me, to run a 5K in San Francisco in May.



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The Poem 27/Dec/2009

#Family Life

It was the perfect temp
not a cloud in the sky
The mister took the kids
so maybe perhaps that I

could get in a run
for my new resolution
it wasn’t too cold
it was a perfect solution

I started out great
the wind in my hair
my feet on the gravel
a glorious affair

Then came a rumble
which turned in to fear
My mind raced
“Is there a toilet near?”

I stared in to miles
without any hope
There was no way to stop
I’d just have to cope

So off I did run
while clenching it tight
I hope nobody could tell
it was an awful sight

I started to sweat
not from heat, I believe
more of an internal struggle
to seek... Read more

The GIANT! UPDATE! OF DOOM! 27/Dec/2009

#Family Life

This is how my vacation has gone thus far:

Things I plan to do today
- Some work for Catapult’s end days.
- Bake some bread
- Organize the copious amounts of shit in our house for the impending move.
- Workout
- Do some laundry
- Clean the bathrooms
- organize the office stuff before the start of the new year

Things I actually do in a day
- Play Mario Kart
- Take a nap

I impress with my skills.

We’ve had a rough go trying to kick a virus’s ass. The boy? Has been taken over by a large! motherfucking! virus! of doom!

Or some alien.

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{W}  -  In an attempt to not be too Amy Grant, My Best Christmas Gift 22/Dec/2009

I’ve struggled with this week’s challenge, which is ironic since I came up with it. Challenge it is, though, as whatever I had in my mind at the time of creating it is long since slipped.  “My Most Memorable Christmas Gift.” It seems silly to think back, even sillier to remember what hit my top list in years past. So excuse the christian-singer-turned-secular-after-a-divorce-cheesy-christmas-list-song-ish of this post, but it’s all I can think of.

And it’s everything.

This is the year I’m most thankful. This year. This is my most memorable Christmas. I have two healthy children. I have a fantastic marriage, a... Read more

An update: Clean Eating Flinger Style 21/Dec/2009


As it turns out, one can gain weight if one cooks all natural, whole, delicious home-cooked meals all the time.



Mylands but it’s so good.

I found an article I wanted to share with you. Clean Eating: Why Eating Clean Is The Unfad Diet That Works. I thought it has a pretty good run-down on the principles behind clean eating.

I’ve also decided I may need to take up another sport. Comon, folks, I’m lying to myself here. Do you really gain five pounds eating healthy? OR is it that you don’t workout as heartily as you once did and thus your calorie needs have dropped while your yummy food factor went up? I have a... Read more

{W}: Lunch Box 15/Dec/2009


It’s that time of week again when I get all excited and horny seeing all the people that participate in the {W}rite-of-Passage challenge.

Except this week I’m going to pass myself because SOME PEOPLE totally wore me out and by wore me out I mean whore me out in Vegas.

Me n V

56 degrees poolside.

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Flinger’s Creed 13/Dec/2009



I grew up reciting the Apostles Creed every Sunday. I can still turn my mind off and repeat the prayer verbatim. Ironically, as I’m sitting in Sin City with a group of people I met online, I find myself creating a new creed.

A “Flinger... Read more

VEGAS BABY! (I hope oh I hope) 10/Dec/2009

#Family Life

I’m whispering this post. Please do not wake Karma

I think we’re going to Vegas tomorrow. :: looks around for Murphy ::

Remember the last time?

(Written the day we cancelled our trip to Vegas, May 3rd, 2009)
- You can realize you are no longer going to Vegas, the trip you need both for work and mental health.
- You can cry about that fact.
- Three times.
- You can get really sort of pissed off about it but realize there’s nothing you can do as you watch your son teeter around in his diaper bark-coughing his runny nose all over the house and he hoarsely... Read more