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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

The MIX 10 site boasts powerful, clean visual design and the fantastic user experience you’ve come t Dec 10, 2009


We’re proud to see MIX 10 launch it’s new website. Blue Flavor and Microsoft teamed up to deliver this fantastic site for the upcoming Mix conference in Las Vegas, March 15-17 2010. The MIX 10 site boasts powerful, clean visual design and the fantastic user experience you’ve come to expect from Blue Flavor. Transparency, texture and tranquil colors with a dash of Ajax and jQuery create a pleasing site which guides the user to sessions, speakers, registration and technomania. It’s an honor to work on a site by, for, and in hope of a better web. As always, it’s a pleasure working with Microsoft. We celebrate the launch with you! Also posted at Blue Flavor. Read more

Have yourself a Racially Diverse Christmas Dec 09, 2009

#Family Life

It seems to me that Racism is gone. I mean, we have a black president. Can’t we all just get along and sing koombia and all that shit? Seriously, people. Do I care what you look like? No. Do I care if you’re an asshole? Very Much So. It would appear, though, that race is most certainly not something that we joke about being a thing of the past. “Ohyea, sorry ‘bout them segregation shit. That’s TO-TALLY our bad.”  (Which, for the record, I did not live back then and thus can only apologize for shit my ancestors did and let you know I think it’s bullshit, too. And hey! How ‘bout we grab a beer! Because deep down I’m totally Canadian. Peace Love Beer. Amen.) No, it appears race is being brought up over and over. I’m fairly... Read more

Clean Food is Dirty! Dec 09, 2009


A wonderful post by my friend Laura who inspired this whole mess to begin with. I have an egg dealer. I found her on CraigsList. Every week or two, I meet her at her downtown office in the middle of the workday for my goods. I slip her some cash - $2/dozen (the best price in town) - and she hands over a couple cartons of product. I’m totally addicted. If you’ve never tasted a fresh, local free-range egg, then you really have never enjoyed an egg before. My pastured eggs are gorgeous. Their vibrant orange yolks stand proudly above pillowy whites; there’s nothing yellow or watery about these beauties. They are flavorful. They are real… ...And they are dirty! Nine times out of ten, my eggs come out of their reused cartons caked with mud, straw, chicken feathers... Read more

Writing Challenge 1- Official Launch : Character Dec 06, 2009


This Monday, as part of the official kickoff of {W}rite-of-passage, I’m doing a story about “Character.” This challenge originally came from Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott and is the structure for which we’re working. This challenge comes after a small rant I made and decided to do something. Welcome to my something. I hope you join in. * Preface: A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Paris with a friend who lived in Paris and was able to give me a complete tour, on foot, in six hours. One day I’ll eventually share that story with you. For now, though, I am focusing on a character we met on our last leg of the trip waiting for the train back to Leiden. The extent of our meeting was the time it took to take this photo. I saw him from a distance.... Read more

Writing Challenge #0.5 Dec 01, 2009


I’m inspired by the number of people willing to open up about their Most Embarassing Story. I’m inspired by reading people who are willing to be critiqued and by the people who joined. Really, I’m thrilled that so many of you want to pursue more. Reach out. Reach deeper. Grasp. Write. If you know me, you know I have an entire portion of my website dedicated to my most embarrassing moments. There’s the time I showed my nipples to the movie theater. The time I flipped off my chair in front of a cute guy. The time my daughter yelled “POOOOOP” at the cute starbucks guy.  The time(s) I spazzed out at Blissdom, BlogHer08 and! BlogHer09. There’s the time I titled a post, “Maybe I should just start wearing lycra and get it over with”... Read more