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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

Dissecting a PHP error: ExpressionEngine Twitter Timeline Aug 31, 2010


I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a bit about PHP errors. I often have clients tell me, “My site exploded!” My brain construes an image akin to Ghost Busters where we learn crossing the beams of your proton pack is a bad idea. *GOODBYE STAY PUFT* A php error, often obscure (think: parse error) can have a fair bit of helpful information in it. For example: This morning my site had an fugly php error at the header. After a quick look, I can find the following information. Reason for Fail, File, Directory, and Line. This tells me something happened with the contruct in line 290. Specifically, if I open the file found in the directory there /pi.twitter_timeline.php I can see it’s the function bringing in the timeline from twitter. What does... Read more

I’m not ready for this Aug 30, 2010

#Life#Those Little People

This year the leaves are not the only things changing this season. My oldest starts first grade, my youngest moves in to Montessori, I turn thiry-five. I am not ready in the same way my Mother used to tell me how Christmas came too early. As a child, that sentence, “Christmas can’t be here already?!” was as unfounded as it gets. Christmas too early? Mom’s gone crazy again. I am not ready. I drove away this morning, literally crying, as I left my son for his last day at his daycare. He waved, blew a kiss and signed “I love you” as our usual drop-off routine necessitates. But this time, I was crying, thinking of how much he’s grown and learned, remembering back to the first few times I left him there, scared, worried, watching him cry as I walked... Read more

Seattle and our proverbial blue-balls Aug 27, 2010


Mother Nature has been bit of a tease to Seattle this summer, leaning in at the bar just enough to show some cleavage before pulling back and slapping our hand. She buys us a drink, a day of sun, maybe three, and then pushes us away when we reach in to make-out with full on tongue. We purchase sunscreen and sunglasses. We plan camping trips. And then she pulls away, douses our hopes of getting to third base with a week of mist and drizzle at 56 degrees. In fucking August. So we walk around, with our proverbial blue-balls, just waiting for the cold shower of month after month of drizzly gray skies. We find ourselves conspicuously purchasing lotion: plane tickets to sunnier states in an attempt to tell Mother Nature, “it’s not you, really, it’s me..” lying the... Read more

What Twelve Thousand Dollars Of Chemistry Classes Will Buy You Aug 21, 2010

#Life#Getting to know me#The Flinger Family

We are making homemade ice cream today. It’s part of my clean eating movement. I involve the children so they feel empowered to create their own food. I feel proud and motherly. We mix the ingredients and begin to poor the solution in to the ice cream maker but I notice the sugar isn’t dissolving. “What’‘s dissolve mean, Mom?” my oldest asks. Something from 1996 and my chemistry minor comes bubbling to the surface. I’m suddenly a chemist! “Well, see, that’s a good question, honey. There are bonds in the sugar molecules so they remain solid in this liquid here, see?” I show them the grainy bits in the bottom of the bowl. They look disinterested at best. “What happens is,” I ignore their faces of disgust,... Read more

In fact, Hallmark DOES NOT have a card for everything Aug 19, 2010

#Life#Rants and Raves

Summers of my youth were filled with sunny, sticky hot days, swimming parties, bike rides, and friends. Houston weather, relentlessly suppressing, choked your lungs with moisture. Us kids would ride around, ignoring the heat, to each other’s houses like mormons on mission. We would bike everywhere, arriving sweaty, sticky, and breathless ready to play and repeat the entire process. This summer, as an adult, I’m able to re-live that experience. Or, at least in my own way, reminisce about it. One of my best friends lives 3.6 miles away. I’ve always been fortunate to have friends near, but this is especially helpful when shit goes down for a dear friend. It’s nice to be able to be close, to have the option of hopping on my bike on my lunch break and literally riding... Read more

Like Miss Spider’s New Car. Or, Why I Am Always Right Aug 16, 2010


We moved in to this house five months ago. Six? Five. No, Four and a half, wait… Like I said, we moved in to this house a few months ago. The oven? Does not work. I think it turned on once, sputtered, threw out some smoke and never turned on again. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when this happened. No, actually, I was a little tiny bit glad. We, thankfully, have a home warranty purchased by a fabulous real-estate gal here in town, so I knew at least we’d have some sort of compensation, chance at recovery. Did I mention that was six months ago? Or a year? Ten? I forget. Feels like a long time now. This weekend we went to finalize some Oven Shopping. There is nothing more “home-owner” than going OVEN SHOPPING. I don’t even care that much, people. I... Read more

It’s good to do uncomfortable things. It’s weight training for life. Aug 12, 2010


“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea”.  ~Isak Dinesen The first time I went in a boat, a canoe, I cried. The little boat would rock too much. I was too young. The water was too wet. I didn’t want to fall in. The second time I went in a boat, a sweep, I wept with pain. My teammates and I pulled and pushed and pulled and pushed as our coxswain yelled the tempo. It was an ugly love, but I found it there on Lake Samish in Bellingham. The third time I went in a boat, a kayak, I found joy. Pure solitude, soft gentle rocking, swaying of heart and soul. I may have been on something, but I swear dolphins swam with us and sea otters bobbed their heads to greet us. Birds sang specifically to us and little animated hearts floated out of my head... Read more

My Epic Love Story Aug 04, 2010


He wraps his arms around my neck, his cheek pressed against mine. I hear his soft breathing get longer, deeper, slower. I look at him, he is already asleep. Peaceful. Happy. Warm. When I try to pull away, he wraps his arms tighter. He pulls me closer. “I just wuff you,” he whispers as I finally leave his tiny bed. My son. He is both child and baby, already independent and willful. He leaves my side to play and discover and checks in, on his own, periodically. He helps me cook dinner, he is by my side when I do the laundry, always wanting to push the machine so I don’t have to. He is not perfect but he is perfectly three. And he is perfectly mine. Lately, as if he senses something is off, he comforts me in the way a sensitive small man can. “I love you the... Read more

Community, Love, and Internetz Aug 03, 2010


After I blogged about my inability to make it to BlogHer this year, an amazing thing happened. You people, you, all rose up and tried to get me on a flight. And you did! You nearly succeeded! You with your amazing heart and community and passion for gathering your type around to lock arms and hug and speak bloggy with. And ohmygod I love you for that. My girl, Jennui offered to send me 100 dollars of her own cash. (I’m not sure that was canadian or american dollars. I suspect had it been canadian, which means it might actually be worth more at this point.) She offered not once, but three times. Next, Lucretia sends out a tweet and a facebook update asking for a sponsor for me. A friend, David says he has one! Contact him! Let’s get me to NEW YORK. After passing out of... Read more

When technology is king, you judge the impending apocalypse by twitter Aug 02, 2010


Yesterday all across Western Washington people were coming out of their homes, looking up at the sky and saying things like, “Well, hu. Look-it that strange coloring the sun’s got.” And, “Weird sky today, aint it?” And, “Sure hope an atom bomb didn’t go off somewhere.” Because that’s the sort of smart-talking fast-thinking people we are. What’s worse? My reply: “Oh, no, I’m sure it’s not the apocalypse. I went on twitter today. Certainly someone would’ve tweeted about it.” Then I went on facebook and posted pictures of a vegetable platter. The world is truly coming to an end. Even if it’s not via atom bomb, our brains are certainly melting. **Good thing we were so concerned. Apparently... Read more