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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

Themes: Tomorrow I turn thirty-five and I still don’t know what the hell I wanna be when I grow up Oct 28, 2010

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Have you ever noticed how sometimes a certain theme will pop up in your life at one time? Like when you ask a friend for a DVD she borrowed and she mentions that perhaps you let another friend borrow it and that friend, without prompting what-so-ever mentions that DVD and brings it back? It’s like just by saying the DVD title out loud, all of the universe collectively worked with some weird underground energy current and subconsciously effected the mind of your friend? Or is that just way too new age bullshit? It’s happened a lot to me. Ok, maybe not “A LOT” but it happens. I’ll mention something to a friend and suddenly that same thing will pop up again in other places. Sort of like when you buy a new car and all of a sudden EVERYONE has that same new car.... Read more

The B.S. Meter Oct 25, 2010

#Life#The Flinger Family

It’s in their genes. The minute a baby cry is heard and a man becomes a Dad, the gene “give your child a ton of shit” is activated. It’s fact, Dads all over the world will suddenly say lines like, “If you eat toothpaste, your butt will fall off.” And, “That makes hair grow on your chest.” And, “Stop it goddammit! You’ll fall through the floor!” You might think shit my dad says is a hilarious exaggeration, but I can assure you, it’s shit every dad says. Well, my dad, my father-in-law and my husband at least. I don’t know about your Dad. Maybe he wasn’t an asshole. Or maybe he just didn’t train your B.S. Meter appropriately. Once, after our daughter asked why the grass was the only area with fog in... Read more

Six. My daughter turned six on Sunday Oct 18, 2010

#Life#The Flinger Family

My daughter was born after 24 hours of labor, both of us struggling to bring her in to this world. I posted photos via moblog in 2004 to update a small and friendly community waiting her birth. They read the day I went back to the hospital sick with infection and read my struggles of post partum depression. A million years ago, it seems. Or, exactly, six. She’s grown up like this site, in conjunction, both of us changing, growing, learning. She’s the fun one at school. The welcoming one. The one without a clue anyone would think badly about her. She’s moody and sometimes aloof. She’s independent and sole-full. She is kind to her brother, taking care of him in ways he flourishes under. She competes with us telling us she loves us more than. More than the... Read more

It’s a coupon, don’t kill me, but I do like coffee Oct 15, 2010

I don’t normally post coupons and things like that but this deal was a good one. I’m probably going to do this myself. Here is what came to me: Try 2 half pound Boxes of Gevalia Kaffe and get a stainless steel coffeemaker, stainless steel Coffee Carafe and stainless steel tumbler FREE. $168 value, Delivered to your home for $22.95! All Yours to Keep with no further obligation, just for beginning a Gevalia Membership. And y’all? I have to tell you, I’m ALMOST OUT OF COFFEE. And yes, it’s an affiliate link and while I do appreciate that, I’m not only a pusher of caffeinated beverages, I’m also a consumer*. *Just hair club for men? Anyone? Read more

It’s a three step process: Step 1: Fix. Step 2: It. Step 3: FIXIT. Oct 14, 2010

#Life#Working Mom

I remember when email was new. I remember writing to a friend the summer before my senior year of college, using PINE. When we met again on campus, I blurted out, “OMG! You’re not just ASCII!” (I’ve been a geek for a very long time.) Over the years of blogging and communicating via “social media” and other online forums, it becomes apparent we sometimes forget we’re not just talking to computers. I know early on, I personally made that mistake with a snarky comment not stopping to remember there’s an actual human on the other side of the screen. Teaching online classes at a university taught me how open students will be, for better or worse, when you’re not sitting across from them face to face. We see this over and over again, and... Read more

Because this is a blog and I’m hungry Oct 12, 2010

#Fitness#Weght Loss and Body Image

I’ve started a Liver Cleanse using this PaleoCleanse powder. Instructed by my Natural Path (I’m as hip as someone in California with a shrink and a personal yoga teacher ten years ago) I’m only eating veggies and having two of these here smoothies a day. Smoothie is a stretch, actually. Thick, pasty goo with a hint of grainy sand is more like it. MmMMMM Sand. I sat there, in my doctor’s office, after a week of drinking and carousing with men who can hold their liquor sixteen times better than I can, nodding in agreement when she suggested this liver cleanse. “Your cholesterol is a concern” she reminded me. I nodded again. “It will be intense but it’s really good for your body.” I nodded again. “If you get stuck you can email... Read more

Lessons I learned while traversing the world {Part 1: Holland} Oct 10, 2010

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Look, I get it. I was gone an entire 7 days. I’ve done Europe a total of three weeks in my life and I’ve only been in places where the water is drinkable and people mainly know English, even if they refuse to let on to that fact. So when I say “World” here, I mean my very tiny portion of exploration. “World” is relative. Traditionally I’ve enjoyed often moving locations, lands, homes. The year I spent back in Houston as an adult, taught me the value of community. My lesson that year showed me however much I hated living in the flat, humid land, I still met enough people to miss. I felt nearly grateful for this fact: A place is made up primarily of the people who occupy it. It is in this vein I travel and recount my stories... Read more

Eating Europe Oct 08, 2010


In the past few months, I’ve painstakingly removed most processed food from our home and slowly moved my food purchases to the Farmer’s Markets and local butchers. Costco is no longer our grocery store, as I refuse to purchase anything with a shelf life longer than a week. This is incovienent, true. But as we’ve discussed, good clean whole food is not only dirty, it is work. Our ancestors lived this truth. Why should we ignore it? Each time I travel to Europe, I lose weight while eating an abundance of wonderful food.  I’ve recently spent a week eating like a princess. The food, the markets, the coffee, the beer. BY GOD Europe is a lush place for a woman who is a food hippie. The chicken is all range free. The milk is all hormone free. The eggs, the bread,... Read more

The One Where I AM In Germany Oct 05, 2010


I can’t begin to explain how much fun I’ve had here in Germany. There are no words. It’s a home away from home that I’ve known intimately, not in any small part to my hosts Betty and Christoph. It it without hesitation that I can confess this has been the best possible experience I could have hoped for. Germany, a home I am familiar with in ways I could not have touched until this very moment in my life. Today as Betty and I sat at the Hotel Schloss Berg, we practiced my German. I said, over and over and over, “I would like Mint Tea with Rum, Please.” “Ich Hata Gerne Ienen Tee Mit Rum.” I noticed a very handsome man two tables away laughing. “I think he’s laughing at me!” I confide. Indeed, a second later, he says,... Read more

The One Where I am In Holland Oct 03, 2010


I’m sitting at a table in the train station I should’ve have been in. Rerouted from Leiden - Munich through Utrech. If this sounds like Greek to you, it sounds like Dutch to me. I do not know Dutch. I’m a fevery, sore throat, flu-like mess. Navigating additional stops and go on the train to see Betty. Feeling a bit like a lame American who only speaks English and one word of Dutch. And while it’s a very useful word (“met” means “with”) it’s not helpful to walk around like Beaker going, “MET MET MET MET” In twenty minutes I’m on a train and then another train and then another and finally a fourth train that will arrive in Munchen at 17:34. I have learned so much this trip so far, have bonded even more with some of... Read more