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Fixing Mrs. Flinger Feb 20, 2015

I'm currently working on this website. I want to add back the links to blogs I love, some ways to find content easier, and put in archive, at last, some of the ancient articles. Come back to see updates.

I’m rubber, you’re glue Nov 16, 2010

#Life#Getting to know me

I never had headgear. I never had braces. I never had extreme acne. No, my Jr. High experience was flanked with sports and friends and the usual self consciousness. High school was a stable place with a boyfriend and good grades and more sports. *Me in 1986. I got medals for showing up. BOOYAH. God, I knew this would come back to bite me. I just didn’t know I’d be thirty-five. Call me brace face, four eyes, Darth Vader. (I linked to that just in case you didn’t know who Darth Vader was. Then I realized fuck you, you know? If you don’t know who Darth Vader is, google it. Also, seriously? Where were you in 1979? Oh, not born yet? LIKELY EXCUSE.) And you will because now? Now I get to sleep with fighter-pilot like gear on. Oh sweet sweet Maverick-esque... Read more

Because I swear to you, this is a disease, man Nov 15, 2010

#Life#Getting to know me

I’ve had a package, two actually, sitting in my living room for SIX MONTHS that I need to mail. It contains time sensitive materials. They are full of clothes for my sister’s daughter, I think you call that my niece, and my good friend’s daughter. It’s literally been six months and I doubt they will fit their children anymore. I’ve had a check sitting in my purse for three weeks. It’s not that we don’t need the money, ohgoodlord trust me, it’s that I can’t seem to actually DEPOSIT the check. And I’ve walked by the ATM. Twice. I really don’t know what this is about but I actually fail to be a grown up sometimes, but I’ve somehow managed to clean the dishes every night and catch up on Grey’s anatomy. I must... Read more

I’m so fucking tired of letting people down Nov 11, 2010

#Life#Working Mom

My son had a field trip the other day to a cabin in the woods. It’s a cabin from 1865, a simpler time, were the butter was only made because you made it yourself. The cabin was cold. (As you’d expect old cabins to be.) We pondered life in the old days and how different things are now. Maybe it’s a sign of the times, that a single person can let down entire groups of people multiple times a day. That with twitter and facebook and social media, you can have that many more connections, that many more commitments, that many more ways to upset people. There’s not just the farm, your family, and a neighbor or two; there are thousands of people watching you tweet, hundreds asking for a “one little favor” and a dozen people wanting just ONE thing, just if... Read more

On Love: AKA It’s our anniversary today Nov 10, 2010

#Life#Getting to know me#The Flinger Family

My young son sat on the log outside waiting for snack. The older kids poured out from the Kindergarten room and I see his eyes follow a little blonde girl. He stands up, runs to her and says, “I’m here, Piper!” The little girl, Piper, doesn’t hear him. She has another friend of ours talking to her and my young son is standing behind her. “Here, Piper, I’m here!” I hear Piper ask where he is and finally she hears him, the third time, and turns around. “Oh! There you are! I missed you!” She sits down and pats the seat next to her. My son sits beside her and wraps his arm around her waist and gives her a snuggle I know well. A moment flashes and I see a time I’m not my son’s only woman. It is only a moment, as he turns to me,... Read more

What you’re good at and what you enjoy might be two different things Nov 08, 2010


I recently had a conversation with my president about my future in the company, career aspirations, and plans. It was a two hour conversation, a good one, but ultimately one thing he said keeps repeating over in my mind, “What you’re good at and what you enjoy might be two different things.” The guy is deep, y’all. Deep, intelligent, and wise. And full of these little gems. As an 18 year old fresh in college, I had a plan. It was not one my parents thought would provide enough income or direction or job opportunities. In fact, they begged me to go in to Computer Science. “THAT, Leslie, THAT is the future!” My dad has a PhD in Educational Technology, the man can program, has years of troubleshooting experience and taught me BASIC when I was 12. When his... Read more

Can A Family Of Four Eat Whole Organic Food Without Going To The Grocery Store? Nov 08, 2010


That’s our goal. For the past three months we’ve primarily gone to Farmer’s Markets for our vegetables and fruits. This past weekend, I signed us up for fresh organic milk and dairy delivery. I’m also getting us ready for the CSA Box from Full Cirlcle Farms. With Bill the Butcher’s Organic Meat down the street, I’m nearly ready to say good-bye to traditional American grocery stores. This is a process that has been in the works for six months now. And we’re almost ready. I originally wanted to blog about our transition away from all packaged foods, processed cheeses/meats/snacks. But I noticed it was such a gradual change, it was difficult to document. One week I’d make our own granola bars to see if it was possible to get healthy snacks... Read more

I can totally pull this off Nov 04, 2010

#Life#Best Of#Social Clutz Loveable Spaz

I’ve been sleepy since I was 16 years old. The first doctor I saw, during cross country season my Junior Year of High School, dismissed my complaints. “Look,” he leaned forward, his hands resting on this thighs, smelling of soap, “You’re not tired. You can’t be tired. You run 5 miles a day and get straight A’s. You’re not tired.” But I *WAS* tired. I continued to be tired and get dismissed for the next 19 years. I slept through college. Literally. I fell asleep regularly on my books in the library, drooling between pages of my Physics book. I went to bed at 9PM every night and fell asleep during movies my roommates and I would rent. I took three hour naps regularly and barely made it through until evening. After having our daughter,... Read more

Why Google Is Not Taking Over The World Quite Yet Nov 04, 2010


But oh, this did make my day. Thank you, Sincerely, Hello, Yo Yo, Bites Finger. Read more

Maybe if I start today, you’ll get my holiday cards before Valentine’s day Nov 02, 2010

I’ve been pretty open about how I fail at the holiday “stuff.”  I regularly catch turkeys on fire, forget to thaw them at all, send out holiday cards in March. (I call it “HAPPY I’M JUST THAT ON TOP OF IT FOR NEXT YEAR” cards) Pretty much, though, I’m an epic fail with all things tradition except drinking eggnog, making yummy food and watching excellent commercialized christmas videos. That’s when Shutterfly steps in to help me be a non-spaz this year. A FIRST! Perhaps, perhaps, I can get my holiday cards out before Valentine’s day. Let’s make a bet, shall we? All I need to do is find one that’s just right for my family. I’ve been checking out their new holiday photo cards and found a few I have commentary for.... Read more

An unpopular opinion by a guest poster. Corporate Woman’s Opinion on Working Moms Nov 01, 2010

I wasn’t going to post this essay by my German Hostess. It’s not only an unpopular opinion, it goes against my own beliefs as a mother who strives daily to HAVE IT ALL. I have cake! I EAT IT TOO. Then I work off the cake in a wave of guilt and promise to not eat the cake again only to fail the following day. Are we still talking about cake? I forgot. This morning I rushed to get the entire family out of the house on time, which would have been a challenge on any day but today, especially, each of us having woken up an hour late with massive sugar hang-overs. I ran around, calling to various people, “Are you getting dressed? Are you going potty? GO POTTY BY GOD JUST GO. Yes, stop talking. Go poop. Ok.” I made lunches, coffee, breakfast. I got homework together... Read more