33 flavors and then some

33 flavors and then some


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Today I turn thirty-three. Thirty. Three. I’m boggled. I’m blinded.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.


Most average days I just get by. I email, I make lunches, I make dinner, I do the dishes, I tuck covers in over tiny people. I try to remember a life before this and I can’t.


Maybe that’s ok.

So today I’m reflecting on 33 things. Thirty-three. A number that means nothing and so much at the same time.

1. I’m more like my mom than I ever thought I would become.
2. That’s not all that bad.
3. My daughter is more like me than I ever thought possible.
4. My son is the snuggler.
5. My husband is my best friend and that’s all I ever asked for in a marriage.
6. Even if we don’t always agree.
7. Or communicate well.
8. Birthdays are more than cakes and parties.
9. Birthdays are about reflecting and remembering.
10. About appreciating.
11. I don’t do that nearly enough.
12. I have wonderful friends.
13. An amazing family.
14. A great job.
15. Opportunity.
16. A future.
17. A past specked with friends and stories I’ll repeat to my daughter and son
18. I’m happy where I’m at now.
19. I would change very few things in the past 33 years.
20. And those things I’d change, I will start doing so now.
21. Simplify.
22. Appreciate.
23. Love openly.
24. Laugh.
25. Slow down.
26. Remember that kids are kids. Not tiny adults.
27. And maybe it’s ok to be more like them.
28. Eat well, live well, breathe.
29. Call my mother more often.
30. Kiss the kids with lipstick on.
31. Paint, Puzzle, Dance with them.
32. Have sex more often.
33. And don’t blog about it.

Thank you for everyone that makes my each year so special. To my mom who endured days (DAYS) of labor to birth me. To my daughter who reminds me I’m human. To my husband who loves me anyway. To my son who taught me the meaning of snuggle. To my sister who reminds me to be sane. To my friends here who help me get there. And to all of you who listen year after year.

I love you all. Here’s to 33. And then some.



  1. It’s been quite some time since a blog post made me tear up and sniffle, but yours was definitely touching.

    And it’s your birthday not mine!  I shouldn’t be so sentimental.

    Seriously, lady, happy birthday!

    By Janae on 2008 10 29

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Les!  I hope this is an amazing day for you!!!  Take some time to do the things that you enjoy!

    By marjorie Poff on 2008 10 29

  3. Happy 33!  Loved your list, enjoy your day!

    By AmyM on 2008 10 29

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Your post is a nice reminder for all of us out here….

    By Michelle on 2008 10 29

  5. LOVE the pictures from the past! Happy Birthday!

    By Christine on 2008 10 29

  6. Aww What a great list!  Happy Birthday!!

    By kd @ A Bit Squirrelly on 2008 10 29

  7. Happy B-Day!  33 is an awesome number smile

    By rimarama on 2008 10 29

  8. Happy Birthday!!!  A few more and you’ll catch up with me.  Ha!

    By Chris on 2008 10 29

  9. Happy birthday!  :D

    By chibi on 2008 10 29

  10. Lovely post!



    By Aimee Greeblemonkey on 2008 10 29

  11. Dood, I love you so much, you are so rad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETIE!!!!!

    By syd on 2008 10 29

  12. Happy Birthday!!

    By pgoodness on 2008 10 29

  13. Happy birthday, bay-bee…have a wonderful day!

    By Colleen - Mommy Always Wins on 2008 10 29

  14. Happy Birthday Lady!

    By DoubleAgentGirl on 2008 10 29

  15. Happy, happy birthday!

    33 isn’t bad! I’ve been 33 since January and I haven’t kicked it yet wink

    By Angella on 2008 10 29

  16. Happy Birthday!

    By Paige on 2008 10 29

  17. Happy Birthday Lester. I love, love, LOVE you! I wish you nothing but the best! Always!

    By sam {temptingmama} on 2008 10 29

  18. Happy Birthday Les!!!! Love your childhood photos. Too cute. Here’s to 33 more kick ass years. smile

    By Jamie on 2008 10 29

  19. well happy birthday to you! what a great way to celebrate and reflect…mind if i borrow that idea come March and add maybe 14 more things?
    Here’s to a wonderful year for you!

    By laura on 2008 10 29

  20. Happy birthday, a day late. 

    I’m 33 right now and I must say that it’s not too bad.

    By Jennifer, playgroups are no place for children on 2008 10 30