The One Where I am In Holland

The One Where I am In Holland



I’m sitting at a table in the train station I should’ve have been in. Rerouted from Leiden - Munich through Utrech. If this sounds like Greek to you, it sounds like Dutch to me.

I do not know Dutch.

I’m a fevery, sore throat, flu-like mess. Navigating additional stops and go on the train to see Betty. Feeling a bit like a lame American who only speaks English and one word of Dutch. And while it’s a very useful word (“met” means “with”) it’s not helpful to walk around like Beaker going, “MET MET MET MET”

In twenty minutes I’m on a train and then another train and then another and finally a fourth train that will arrive in Munchen at 17:34. I have learned so much this trip so far, have bonded even more with some of the amazing people of ExpressionEngine’s top developers, and learned one very glaring truth: I am not as young as I used to be.


I hear them calling my train. I think. I have no idea. But I swear the guy just said “Chicken.” Hu.


  1. The one awesome thing I remember about the Dutch from my one visit there a hundred million years ago - they all speak English.

    May your flu pass soon with the benefit of potent, less regulated European drugs.

    By Mom101 on 2010 10 03

  2. Your sick again on this trip too? Maybe you need to get a flu shot at least 3 weeks before you go next year; assuming you go again next year at which case you can get the flu shot to help you stay healthy in the states….I ramble just a little.
    Yes, I also agree with Mom101, they speak English thank heavens but as the Brits would say; American. There is a difference between English and American for them; which we experienced and have many stories on this too….again I ramble just a little.
    I am however, so very happy you are having this European experience and hope the rest of your trip goes better; especially getting well really fast so you can enjoy it.

    By Omaflinger on 2010 10 03

  3. I want to also add that on October 6th, it is National German-American day established by President Reagan on October 6, 1983, not sure but it might be fun if you are still there on Wednesday? If nothing else, you could win the trivia question of the day.
    On that day in 1983, it was the 300th anniversary of the arrival of the first group of German speaking settlers to America. Settlers from Germany have made a huge impact on the culture of the United States, and their ancestors continue to make important contributions to the life of the U.S.

    By Omaflinger on 2010 10 03