Fluffy green tutus: Time truly is liquid

Fluffy green tutus: Time truly is liquid


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It’s a cliche, how history repeats itself.

It’s true, at least in our family, as life motors on I see glimpses of my past squished with my present or projected in my future.

Time truly is liquid.


My daughter started ballet a few months ago. She loves the pink outfit, the tights, the shoes. She prances around the house doing pirouettes now. “Watch this move!” she’ll yell gleefully as she swiftly glides by the family in our living room.


I vaguely remember doing that myself.

I marvel, wondering if it’s all little girls or only those in my family. If we all dream of tutus and ballet shoes and eating disorders and men in tights.

Or if it’s simply the art of attention. Of feeling pretty. Of being graceful.


And if we ever grow out of that.

I watch as her face fills with so much glee. So much pride.

Her once two left feet carrying her in circles, her arms raised. Her smile lit.

Feet landing softly.

Out of order.

On their own.

Hearing a different music.

Than the others.

I smile at my husband, as he beams at his daughter. We laugh and look at our son. How one day he, too, will be performing for us. Music, sports, art.

I can not remember when they grew. I do not remember when I did. In my heart I am still the little girl dancing.

Her feet to a music all alone.

A smile wide and bright.

I don’t remember the day I gave my ballet recital exactly, but I do remember the smile on my face.

Simply because I saw it again, on my daughter, just the other day.



  1. Dang it, now I want a fluffy green tutu.

    And the freedom to dance and not care that the world is watching.  Or rather, to dance and KNOW the world is watching, and be glad of it.

    By Jennifer on 2009 09 29

  2. I loved this. I really did. They do grow up so fast.

    By C @ Kid Things on 2009 09 29

  3. Beautiful pictures.

    Though, it must be the girls in your family. When I was a little girl I climbed trees and made mud forts. Being stuck in a pink tutu and forced to dance would have been torture. I hope my daughter takes after me. I’d never know what to do with a ballerina.

    By Summer on 2009 09 29

  4. Hmm I wish I had a daughter sometimes… I love those photos. The contrast of the green with the neurtal makes them so vibrant!

    By Chantal on 2009 09 30

  5. Wonderful photos.  You have a beautiful daughter.

    By Allison on 2009 09 30

  6. awww… Baby Girl Flinger is sooo cute! Has her mama’s elfin smile.

    I think we all love the tutus because we can play fairy for just a moment. It’s all magic and music and happy thoughts. I don’t think I ever want to give up my need for tutus… or tiaras.

    By Sugar Jones on 2009 09 30

  7. I am far from a girly girl, but I had ballet posters on my walls all throughout my childhood.  I dreamt of getting my hands on a pair of worn out pointe shoes.  Even as a child, I longed for the threadbare of the well-loved, hard-worked.

    We are weeks away from opening the door to tutus and ballet flats in our own family.  This post catches my breath and I thank you.

    Love you.

    By Megan {Velveteen Mind} on 2009 09 30

  8. OMG she is the cutest. And I love the picture of you as a little ballerina. How precious are you?

    I was the most hopelessly uncoordinated kid. I tried all of it - ballet, gymnastic, cheerleading - and I was awful at all of it. And I quit all of them sooner than I probably should have. Honestly, the idea of trying to help this little girl of mine through all of those activities scares me to death.

    This post, though, makes it a little less scary. xoxo

    By cindy w on 2009 09 30

  9. Ouch.  That was the sound of my ovaries being crushed under the weight of the love you have for your beautiful daughter.  Great post, lady.  And you? Adorable!

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2009 09 30

  10. Those tutus are magical.  And so are you. MAGICAL.

    By Miss Grace on 2009 09 30

  11. Every little girl should be given a green tutu upon her fourth birthday. Little boys, of course, will be given blue tutus.  Let’s start a fund.

    By Nancy M. on 2009 09 30

  12. My daughter just started ballet a few weeks ago - she loves it - and despite my misgivings at her lack of gracefulness, she is pretty dainty in there with her plies and her positions - such a shocker because I can assure you that this is NO repeat of history from this tomboy mom smile

    Pictures are darling.

    By Annie on 2009 09 30

  13. SO darling! Gah.  Your daughter is, of course, precious and lovely.
    And so are YOU!  The recognizable, joyful, goofy* grin on your face is pure Flinger. Love it!

    *Not that your grin is that goofy…but I feel like I see you in the young pic, or as you said, see the young you in the now-you, and that there is a sense of, “this is kind of silly but it’s FUN, too” about it.  Does that make sense?  ;p


    By Al_Pal on 2009 10 01

  14. I adore that third pic…love it. smile

    By Jamie on 2009 10 01

  15. I love those smiles. Those free, easy, loving every second smiles. They are contagious!

    By Kelly @ The Glass Dragonfly on 2009 10 02

  16. What great photos of you and your daughter! I have two girls of my own, and it seems they’ve tried everything. It warms my heart when I have pictures of them enjoying the same activities that I did at their age.

    Can we all have fluffy green tutus???

    Thanks for the great post!

    By Jennifer @ StrongMothers on 2009 10 07

  17. You should be proud in your daughter!!!

    By Wide Boots on 2009 10 12


    REally. Just awwww.  YOU were (ARE) adorable.
    SHE is so precious.
    The pics are fantastic.

    By Rachel - A Southern Fairytale on 2009 10 13