50 Shades of Seattle

Aug 29, 2012


“Oh, you’re from Seattle? You’re so lucky!”

This is coming from the Delta ticketing agent in Detroit. It’s been raining for weeks and it’s the end of June.

“Yes, I suppose, why?”

“Have you ever read fifty shades of Gray? Christian is from Seattle!”

I roll my eyes and try to be patient when I explain, in very slow words, “He.  Is.  Not.  Real.”

Someone asked me once if I’d ever been to Forks. You know, where the Vampires live?

I usually reply with something not-at-all snarky like, “no, generally I hang with werewolves.”


  1. Gah. It’s a good thing she is not responsible for anything more serious than air travel (though I am really not sure I’d want her handling even that for me).

    By Annika Barranti on 2012 08 29

  2. my nephew went to Portland/Seattle earlier this summer and all these girls kept asking if he was going to Forks. I finally had to ask what the heck Forks is and why are they asking you! LOL

    By Brenda on 2012 08 29