A new series on Mrs. Flinger: Boosting your Reader’s Traffic

Dec 09, 2007

#Work#Boost your reader's blog traffic

You know how I’ve been all I dunno if I want to keep blogging and all The Internet seems like a horrifically selfish place now and I just don’t have TIME, people? You know how it’s kind of like your friend in Jr. High who always says she’s fat and you always say, “No, no you’re not” and you know how annoying that is? Like shutthefuckupalreadyaboutthenotblogging. Because? I’m blogging about not blogging?

I even annoy myself sometimes. Trust me.

So I thought it might help to let you in on part of why I came to a head with my blog crisis:

A) Apparently I am a blog failure. According to several articles, I break at least ten very important blog rules. Namely, I don’t always answer comments (I’m so so sorry, Internet. I love y’all. I love your feedback. But damn if I don’t have some sort of shit to clean up ... I mean this literally… every time I want to reply. It’s not you, it’s me. It’s always me.). I don’t participating in social networks. (Facebook? BUHAHAHA. Haven’t logged in for about two months. Cre8buzz? Mia’sMom? Cafemom? All of them? It’s just. TOO. Damn. Much.) I don’t have good content (Farts? Girdles? Cussing?) and I do not update frequently (Per the two tiny spawn of mine who, in the end, I feel deserve more of my attention than faceless people on The Internet, however much I enjoy said faceless people).

B) While launching our Mamaspod.com website, I started doing some research on SEO because frankly, I’ve never done much with it and the goal of our new site is to be a resource some day, as opposed to my personal blog which is, well, personal. I’ve never researches ways to increase traffic. I’ve never really looked in to how to become google’s top bitch. I’ve never considered writing certain things. And that’s when it hit me: Every other single blogger is looking for traffic. I mean, sure, we all want exposure and that I’ve always been thankful for. I’ve enjoyed being linked to. I’ve enjoyed when people say really kind things about me. I giggle like a school girl because writers I respect and admire link and say nice things. But the self seeking traffic is only now becoming a focus for me, for the new website and it’s stressing me the fuck out. If I can be honest.

That’s when it hit me: You people? YOU people? The people who come over, stop in, say hi, read, give me a virtual chuckle here and then or slap my virtual ass? You are the people who deserve the traffic. The love. The attention. Because honestly? Without you? I’d be writing in my locked journal like the sixth grade pimply faced drama queen pondering hormones and boys and makeup. Instead, I do it here, with you, and we can have a good chuckle about my eyebrows together.

Everything is better when it’s shared.

So I’m starting a series on how to get your reader’s traffic. How to help the people who read YOU to have a higher technorati rank. How to be selfless with linking, how to be the one who isn’t afraid to say look! Look over here! I like her/him/them! Because I have a feeling some of the methods you might be using now aren’t as effective as you want them to be. Let’s change that together, shall we?

Next up in the series: Why blogrolling is out and how to help your reader’s technorati rank.

Questions you want addressed? Input you want posted? Got something to say? Let me know.

Also, for fun I added a “call me” button on mamaspod. You can call in and give us some input if you’d like. It goes straight to voice mail that I can use on the air but I did this on Jumping Monkeys and got all giddy when Leo answered my question and Megan remembered me. It was so fun, as if they were talking with me, that we decided to do it, too. So call in, yo. And don’t worry if your baby starts to scream half way through your message. It’s not like that ever happened to ME or anything… cough ... .


  1. Yeah I got a question.  Hi, remember me?  I freaked out in October, and stopped blogging and now that I’m back, the one amazing person I talked to only a few nights ago doesn’t even link to my new site?  Ahem.
    I’m teasing lady.  xoxo I look forward to the advice since I’m starting over.  smile

    By Karen Rani on 2007 12 09

  2. I?

    Am intrigued.

    By Angella on 2007 12 09

  3. LOL! Karen, did I copy the old one? Fuckme. I keep wanting to post a “I’m moving to Ontario and marrying Karen, HAHA you bitches!” but somehow that seems funnier to me than I think the internet would think it is.

    oh well, we’d have a good laugh.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2007 12 09

  4. This is a hot topic lately and I am glad. I got rid of my blogroll back in the ancient days of being on blogger because I tinkered with the HTML and caused a power outage for the majority of the western coast.  When I tried to fix it, I somehow managed to perpetually flush Dick Cheney’s toilet, so I figured I would just leave well enough alone and not have one.

    But I want to show my readers LOVE! KINDNESS!! AFFECTION!!!


    I’ve been pondering what to do for a LONG time and have several options I’m considering. I am doing a rehaul of everything after the holidays so this is good timing.

    By Loralee on 2007 12 09

  5. You are right: everything is better when it is shared.

    By hilary on 2007 12 10

  6. Loralee is cracking my ass up.

    I’m such a nerd I accidentally effed up my Blogroll and then felt great relief.

    I just started using a cool comment “luv” plugin in WordPress that gives a mini shout-out/link to the commenter’s last post. It’s pretty cool.

    For some reason I hate the MyBlogLog photo widget thingys and I HAVE a MyBlogLog account.

    Honestly I suck at traffic and I do so many of the things I am “supposed to do.” So I just keep on writin’!

    By Jamie on 2007 12 10

  7. I am very interested. Keep the info flowing… Jen R

    By Jen Rizzo on 2007 12 10

  8. don’t forget to start at the basics of wtf is technorati….. cuz I so don’t get it.

    By Dawn S. on 2007 12 10

  9. ps and you are familiar with my passive aggressive blogroll….

    By Dawn S. on 2007 12 10

  10. I’ll keep reading.  I don’t respond to every comment, I can’t keep my blogroll up, I can’t check in with the social networks.  I’m lucky to get a post up.

    By Amy on 2007 12 10

  11. Ah well. I never play by the “rules.” I’m a rebel like that. As I once blogged, I’ll never be voted Prom Queen, but that wasn’t my intention for my blog anyhow. It’s been fun to pick up a few readers and Internet friends anyway. I don’t have time for the rest. Just doesn’t rank in my priorities. I did enjoy a visit and a comment from you last night, though. Glad to know you still stop in at my place now and then even though I’m not as cool as you are with all your fancy stuff and bajillions of readers. I can’t make time to participate or even check out all the fun stuff you do on this site and link from this site, but thanks for not snubbing me for it!

    By MGM on 2007 12 10

  12. I hope you’re planning to post a LITTLE more frequently because I MUST KNOW ABOUT THE BLOGROLL THING. Me=not patient.

    By maggie on 2007 12 10

  13. Yes please.  Especially since it took me 7 months to get some recognition, and then I moved my site.

    Nothing like screwing yourself.

    By Ree on 2007 12 10

  14. “Next up in the series: Why blogrolling is out and how to help your reader?s technorati rank.”  Can’t wait for this.  Why IS blogrolling out?????

    By Colleen on 2007 12 10

  15. Ditto Colleen….I’m so out of the loop. I finally got my blog roll cleaned up..

    By Kara on 2007 12 10

  16. I too want to know about the blogroll and how I can move on.  I feel too guilty to delete people I no longer read, so I don’t, because I dont want to offend people….(people who would probably never find out…geez im a weenie)

    By Skyzi on 2007 12 10

  17. Great idea!

    By Lotta on 2007 12 10

  18. Here is a question, what to do about varying traffic, or how to get people to stay?  Everyone once in a while I have a 200 hit day, and then I’m back down to 50, then up to 80, back down to 30, up to 500.  I love my regular 50 visitors, but how to get the people who hit once to stick around.

    By jodi on 2007 12 10

  19. Oh, this is wonderful feedback, y’all. I’ll try to include most of it in my next post in the series. Hopefully we’ll all come up with a much better way of living. Blogging without guilt.

    And, especially to MGM, hellzno I will never ever snub anyone for not having time to keep up. Hi! I barely keep up with myself. And y’all know I still read you all, right? Like I stop in? I just never get to type. I want to! Don’t get me wrong. And I’m sad I don’t give out the comments as much as I enjoy reading yours. It’s the baby and the toddler. But I still read ya.


    By Mrs. Flinger on 2007 12 10

  20. Wait, blogrolling is out?

    You just mean the service, right? Not the blogroll?

    Sigh. I am always behind.

    By Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah on 2007 12 10