A weekend to remember

Dec 05, 2007

#Life#Getting to know me

Have I mentioned it only a few thousand

times? The 24 hours of bliss? The new podcast site we created? The wine tasting party? Are you sick of it yet? Luckily it’s my blawg and the joy of The Blawg is that One can Blawg whatever they want. Even if the readers are all, “Stop with the freaking new site already! We GET IT. You like to hear yourself talk on top of reading yourself. Gawd.”

Luckily, I’m like a five year old holding her hands up to her ears, “I can’t heearrr youuuuuuuu.”

But honestly, y’all. This wasn’t just an excuse to promote our new site. It wasn’t just a reason to get out and hear ourselves talk. It was a revolution, in a way. It was a bonding of women. As cheesy as it sounds, it was a celebration of being who we are. Women. With Families.

We held a private wine tasting in a small two bedroom suit for a tiny group of invited bloggers and/or business owners. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans and closed most roads in Seattle with a rare snow storm. Three women braved the storm and we enjoyed a small cozy chat with Andrea and Jihan and AmyK. Literally, we laughed, we cried, we farted, we hurled, we talked blog, periods and husbands. We spoke of traveling. Of finances. Of marriage. Of kids.

I only wished everyone could’ve made the trek but I know we’ll all gather again together soon. The wonderful thing about The Internet? It doesn’t have to be this far away thing. Sometimes the Internet can bring you closer to people in your own city.

God, did I just start crying again? Darnit! It’s hormones. That and The Red Tent. But that’s all on the podcast.



  1. I’m still bummed I missed this.

    Damn snow.

    By Isabel on 2007 12 05

  2. Gah. I haven’t been able to see photos all day.

    By Dawn S. on 2007 12 05

  3. You live in an awesome place.

    You hang with awesome people.

    You have an awesome blog and podcast.

    I’d hate your guts if you weren’t so freaking awesome. smile

    By Loralee on 2007 12 05

  4. I can’t wait for the next event. Thank you again for including me. It was so great to hang out with such an amazing and inspirational group of women and mothers. So sorry I missed out on any dancing and farting that may have taken place, next time I’ll have to stay until the bitter end…

    Thanks for bringing the whole bologosphere a little closer to home.

    You guys all rock! seriously.

    By andrea on 2007 12 05

  5. p.s. when is the first book club?

    By andrea on 2007 12 05