An lo, and angel of the lord came down and said, “Thou do not need so much crap.”

Mar 24, 2006

I’m pretty sure it’s in the bible somewhere, “Store your treasures in heaven.” Last time I checked, our back closet was NOT heaven. At least all this moving and packing and purging is teaching me a very valuable lesson: “Go to Target and spend 154 dollars on NEW things!”

Damn the new Target just up the street with the Starbucks inside with all the pretty things.

We’ve just made the appointment to sign the papers. We’ve rented the uhaul. We have friends lined up to take LB. We’ve got boxes and boxes of stuff everywhere and we’re getting the keys to the new joint tonight.

And me? I will be without Internet for (you might want to sit for this) ONE WEEK. (Gasp.. faint.. spit.) I know I know. But, apparently, Verizon won’t ship the DSL router until five days AFTER your phone is turned on. *Sigh* I’ll write you pretty little posts in my head and when it comes and I am connected again, I’ll forget the whole lot of ‘em and stumble back online like a drunken sailor.

At least I hope so.



  1. Ouch ... five days. I get ugly in the morning when my cable connection is sporadic supposedly due to “sunspots”.

    By Bonnie on 2006 03 24

  2. Those days I was without internet sucked so badly; by far the worst part of moving.

    By Sarah on 2006 03 24

  3. Doesn’t Starbucks or wherever have wireless you can take advantage of?  wink

    By lanna on 2006 03 24

  4. Wow.  A week.  Drink coffee.  Lots of coffee.  And have fun unpacking.(With vodka)

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 03 24

  5. I was going to comment that you’d be missed - But then I remembered who I was talking to.  Mrs. Flinger will find a way!

    By Jan on 2006 03 24

  6. Good luck with move!  It IS truly a pain, but it will feel good when it’s over and done with. 

    BTW, Claire you crack me up with the goat testicle!  You couldn’t have said it better.

    By Carolyn on 2006 03 25

  7. Good Luck with the move!

    By brandi on 2006 03 25

  8. I will drink lots for you this weekend, because damn I do not want to do that.

    Have fun and sneak out to Starbucks a few times a day and update us!

    Moblog it hon!

    By Nicole on 2006 03 25

  9. I’m predicting you will find a way to blog somehow. smile Good luck with the move! I heart Target. Finally went to the new one by work and really thought I was going to hyperventilate from excitement.

    By Jamie on 2006 03 25

  10. I went two friggin weeks without internet, I feel your pain! But we’ll see ya when you get back!

    By candice on 2006 03 26

  11. Good luck Les!  Hey, I didn’t have to log in today. Is that new?

    By Marie on 2006 03 27

  12. Oh I have that to look forward to as well. We are moving in a few weeks. Good luck to you!

    By MommaK on 2006 03 28

  13. Good luck with the move! Hope you guys love the new place!

    By denise on 2006 03 28

  14. I am in the process of packing and all I keep doing is asking myself why did I keep buying stuff knowing I was going to be moving.  I have so much crap.  I have 2 sets of dishes.  I live alone and I have 2 sets of dishes with service of 12.  I live alone.

    By Libragirl on 2006 03 28

  15. Okay, I’m jealous of Libragirl… I have a solid/complete dish set for 7, plus a few random extra dishes my mom buys for us during open stock sales.  We have 3 in the house and extra visitors (that we feed) every few weeks.

    By lanna on 2006 03 28

  16. Okay, Six days later and you ARE missed.  Hope the move went/is going well.  Can’t wait to see you online again!

    By Jan on 2006 03 30

  17. WHAT?!?  You have a Target with a Starbucks inside?  In Daphne-speak, that is called Mecca.

    By Daph on 2006 04 01