And then there was a thud (part one)

May 03, 2006

She climbs out of her crib now. No, scratch that, she climbs over the rail and falls to her death on the carpet now (as Anne said, “At least it’s carpet, eh?”) So, naturally, being the first time parents that we are, Mr. Flinger runs to the storage unit to pick up the toddler bed I bought for ten bucks last summer.  I clean off the cobwebs, promise myself I’ll sand and paint it next weekend, and set it out to dry. While I’m waiting, I google “When to transition to toddler bed” and find this article at babycenter. Apparently, someone has been sitting in the extra bathroom upstairs taking notes on us because I swear, they were writing to us. “Don’t run out and buy a toddler bed.” Well, technically we did NOT just run out and buy a toddler bed. No no, we HAD a toddler bed. We just ran out and got it. “He may not be ready to move to a bed, and it may not be safe for him to be up and about during the night when everyone else is asleep.” Mr. Flinger nods and says, “yes yes,” when I read him this part of the site. We agree our lil’ LB is not actually ready for a toddler bed since she recently mastered opening doors and climbing over the gate for the stairs.

So I bite the bullet and buy the Crib Tent. In addition, I bought another gate for the stairs and a new monitor. Ok, now listen, I know I might be going overboard. In fact, I know I am because I just spent ten minutes agonizing over what freakin’ BINKI to buy. (My pre-baby self is pointing and mocking and having a lovely time imitating this.)  But look, the third time you walk in on your child perched on the side of the crib swinging you think to yourself, “Which is cheaper? Hair color or a crib tent?” And then you remember the upkeep of coloring those gray hairs she’s causing you and you go buy the damn crib tent.

Because Mommy said so.


  1. you gots a bikini? DAMN…I have a top but then spackle my lower half so that no one will be forced to view varicose veins and the ever popular cellulitis. I kinda believe my tiny boobies are painful enough for the general public at large.

    Crib tent? yanno, you could always make a pallet on the floor and stick a baby gate on the door to her room…Im just sayin’. bahahaaaa…

    Crib tent? holy mc-moly. you still rule.

    By texasbelle on 2006 05 03

  2. Ya, I know. TRUST ME.

    And who said Bikini? Did I? I mean BINKI! LOL! Ohhh, lordy. Is it five yet? Never too early to drink right?

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 05 03

  3. I say you got to do what you got to do.  My prebaby self is laughing at the fact that I take the baby monitor into the bathroom when I show and the bathroom is right across the effing hall.  Duh!!  But it makes me feel better.

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 05 03

  4. Try the toddler bed for naps, crib for nighttime.
    LB’ll soon probably want the freedom of the bed and not the crib.  It took 3 days of naps and 1 night for ds1 to be officially in his twin bed from the crib (around 18mo if I remember right).  Granted, it’s still got that neato bed-rail thing going on over a year later, but he loves the extra space.

    By lanna on 2006 05 03

  5. We had a few thuds too and recently converted my daughter’s crib to the toddler bed.  So three sides are the same and one side low, but the bed rail thingy doesn’t work with it(saved $30!) No falling out!  Of course she climbs in and out during naptime and loads books and stuffed animals on the bed.  Our saving grace is the blackout roller shade that makes her room dark (except she’s hard-wired to wake up at 7am no matter what).
    That crib tent is cool - keeps mosquitos out too! smile

    By Amy on 2006 05 03

  6. I read the post three times before I realized that BINKI was not BIKINI.  Was happy to open the comments and find out that I wasn’t the only one.

    By Jan on 2006 05 03

  7. Amy, because we have so many mosquitos upstairs. tongue laugh

    And Jan.. heh.. when I went back after Anne’s post I had to read it myself a few times to be sure it actually DID say Binki. grin NO WAY is there a bikini in this house. Er, well, not for people over 29.

    By Mrs. FLinger on 2006 05 03

  8. We put Eli in his toddler bed at 15 months (Anna was being moved to the crib) and just closed his door so he couldn’t get out. Once he learned to open doors (a month or two ago) we put those door knob thingys over and all is well smile You gotta go with yuor gut, you move her when you’re ready to move her smile We have no idea when Anna will get the toddler bed, since there’s no baby that needs the crib this time around she’ll be in it till she climbs out lol
    Sometimes I worry I’m the least paranoid parent I know. I ditched the baby monitor when Anna was 9 months old, shortly after moving to this house lol

    By Sarah on 2006 05 03

  9. Sarah, we ditched it too in our old house when she was about three weeks old. Hearing her snort over the monitor every few minutes did NOTHING to help us sleep. Plus, her room was so close we could hear her fart through the wall.

    Now, though, when she’s upstairs (new place) I have NO CLUE what she’s doing. That is until I hear the THUD! So.. uh.. ya. But no worries. Not being paranoid is a GOOD thing. grin

    By Mrs. FLinger on 2006 05 03

  10. Wow, what an adventurous LB.  Crib tent?  Let us know how it works.  We are ready to jump to the bed too, although JB isn’t climbing out yet.  I could not handle not having a monitor while in a two story house.  (double negative?)  I say invest in some really good gates for her bedroom and for the stairs going downstairs.  Good luck my dear.

    By traci on 2006 05 03

  11. THUD!!! Ha Ha Made you look.

    By Trisha on 2006 05 04

  12. Abby’s been trying to climb out of her crib too.  We converted it to a toddler bed, but it was a nightmare, so we just flipped it around.  It’s a sleigh crib, so the back was higher than the front.  We talked about buying one of those tents too. 

    And I read bikini too the first time around!

    By BrandiB on 2006 05 04

  13. J never tired to climb out of her crib.  But when we did move her to a “big girl bed” in November of last year she was almost 3 (turning 3 in April) and she did very well.  She still to this day doesn’t get out of bed in the morning alone.  She will lay in there and call for me until I come and get her.  Same thing at night.  If she wakes up and has to go potty she will call me and won’t leave her bed until I tell her too.


    You bought a bikini!  I want one damnit…...although I would look TERRIBLE right now :(

    By brandi on 2006 05 04

  14. Good luck with your little crib climber. Caitlin never did that and we transitioned her to a twin bed (against the wall and with an Elmo rail) when she was 2 when she started taking a big hatin’ toward her crib! I have a feeling that Amelia may be a climber though so I will start drinking now…

    By Jamie on 2006 05 04

  15. Hopefully- she will learn from her first fall and not do it again…but you never know.  My son only did it once or twice, and never again…so who knows?  Every kid is different, that’s for sure- I’m sure my second kid will be scaling the crib walls sooner than I realize, and I may be gettin’ a crib tent myself…

    By sarahgrace on 2006 05 04

  16. Wow I suck I never knew about a crib tent. My first just got moved and we DID spend all night keeping him in his bed.
    My second child is lazy. Or stubby. Or both. Because at 2 years old he still has no concept that climbing out exists.

    Good for us, eh?

    By candice on 2006 05 04

  17. J hasn’t gotten out of his crib yet. Should I be worried? Everyone seems to be moving their kids out of their cribs. Maybe I should start thinking about it.

    By denise on 2006 05 04

  18. Nah, Denise. Seems like they’ll let you know. Apparently. grin

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 05 04

  19. We didn’t move Matt out of his crib for-EVER and a day.  And he—up until around the start of Kindergarten—never got out of bed on his own.  He’d sit in the middle of the bed and call for us.


    We *did* rush out and buy a toddler bed for Maddie about a month ago.  She does get out of it and knocks on the door for us, in addition to loading up her bed with books.  We’ve carefully baby-proofed her room.  I sometimes question if we moved her too soon, but I don’t really worry about it.

    It’ll be fine.  The crib tent sounds like a good plan.

    By Mari on 2006 05 04

  20. And I *TOTALLY* read that as bikini!

    By Mari on 2006 05 04