Are those fake?

Dec 03, 2005

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We went Christmas Tree Hunting today. I’ve been growing older and more grumpy each Christmas, although I fully admit having a child makes me a little giddy with the possibilities and hope of the season. Yet, still, I hold a realization that I am the grown up and all those cookies we bake will stay on my hips and all the crap we put out will have to be dusted and get put away and *I* will most likely be the one to do it. So where’s the line? Where is the “low stress, low maintenance” Christmas meets Scrooge? ‘Cause there are days when I swear to you, if I see one more damn pine needle in thy child’s mouth, I will toss the tree and buy a fake one.

And you will like it, sayith the Mommy.


  1. The real tree smell in your house should be a bonus for would-be buyers.

    By Jan on 2005 12 04

  2. Thats so true, smells are big selling points!  I wouldn’t go overboard decorating since you could end up packing before the holidays are over.  Good Luck though!!!!

    Oh, those Swiffer dusters make dusting a breeze!  I even like dusting now!  OMG, did I just admit that!?!?!?  The horror…

    By JakesGirl on 2005 12 04

  3. I will never have a real tree. We used to have one when I was little every year and it was ME who had to water the sucker. No one else would fit. Therefore we go fake and now even have one that is prelit.

    Although secretly if it was warmer here and not so much work I would get a real one. I am just too lazy!

    By Nicole on 2005 12 04

  4. Just add “decorating for Christmas” amongst the other crap of being a woman. Maybe add it right under “discharge.”

    By ^starshine on 2005 12 04

  5. I don’t ever want to do fake. I don’t care how annoying those damn needles are to clean up lol I just can’t see myself and don’t want to do fake. That being said, there will be no tree this year because of the move- no tiem and energy. Unless I can bring myself to buy a fake mini for the kitchen table… If I did that, I’d use it next year too cause Anna will be Eli’s age and if she’s anything like him she’ll rip into a real one and make a freakin mess. We’ll see.

    By Sarah on 2005 12 04

  6. “All about curb appeal!” LMAO! I can’t do faketrees but I completely understand the temptation. Then again I have made the switch to vinyl table cloths, so Who knows???


    By Mygirlsma on 2005 12 05

  7. wait, you are supposed to dust the things before putting them away? DAMN! I had no idea.

    and good luck with the house-selling honey, it’ll happen for ya’ll. really, it will.

    (we stopped buying a real tree a few years back. i mentioned it in my bog today. we must be hormonally linked again.)

    By texasbelle on 2005 12 05

  8. I hear ya!  Personally, I love decorating for Christmas, and both Kevin and I have sworn to never get a fake tree (until we’re put in a home when we’re 80 and we’re not allowed to have real trees).  But I really thought that since this was our first Christmas being married, he would make the effort to help.  Yeah.  After the tree was set up and watered, he went in the other room to watch basketball.  And so it begins…

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 12 05

  9. I love the tree we got…. first we couldn’t get it up….  straight.  He screamed, “we will never have a real tree ever!”

    I kept my mouth shut and took a deep breath…. “ok, I got the tree.  why don’t you go watch your football game.”  while I let the tree tipped over cuz it’s too heavy.

    so, he stayed. and Yes, kc wins!  hee! hee! hee! Evil me!

    By Kerry on 2005 12 06

  10. ROFL laughing, Kerry. “Couldn’t get it up .. straight…”

    hehe (yes, I’m 14)

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 12 06

  11. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the smell (and mess) of a real tree!

    I know what you mean about children making the season brighter.  This is the first Christmas that my son (2 1/2)is starting to get excited and it does make all the stress much easier to take.  I was watching the Polar Express last night for the 50th time and I actually started tearing up!  What a sap I’ve become!

    By Stella on 2005 12 06

  12. I’m for real trees, pine needle mess and all.  Your house will feel warm and cozy with your tree and decorations!

    By Amy_M on 2005 12 06

  13. Real is good. I fear I’m becoming my mother, as fake would be just fine by me this year (due to the mess & the toddler in the house who will pull at all the branches & eat needles).  The battle hasn’t come to a close at our house. Jury’s still out.

    By Marie on 2005 12 08