Baby Noises

Sep 20, 2006

We ran in to a mom of an 8 week old last night at Borders. I became one of those, “OMG! You used to do that!” parents almost instantly. I can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten.

The 8 week old was making those baby noises. Remember those? LB used to grunt. Almost all the time. And gurgle. And coo. She didn’t used to just say “NO!” and “LB do it!” She used to coo. Of course, I love waking up and hearing her yell, “MOMMY! I AM AWAKE!” which was her first complete sentence she said. I am so proud.

She hit the 23 month mark and I wrote something lovely for her. ON paper. I’ll have to transcribe it so you can read it but really, it was one of those moments where I decided to use a pen and paper and do it all old fashioned like. Aren’t you proud?

We’re so busy with the move I can’t believe how fast life is going. Which is exactly what I kept telling that mom last night. “It goes so fast.. I can’t believe how fast its all gone, my god, has it been two years?”

I hear it doesn’t slow down any time soon. In fact, if you ask our parents? They’ll say, “My god, how did you get to be thirty?”


  1. I’m first!
    I do that with my older ones. Like ‘how did you get to be almost 11 years old? Where did those boobs come from?!’

    By Renee on 2006 09 20

  2. What’s paper?

    By Sitting Still on 2006 09 20

  3. I don’t ask B how did he get to be so old. These days it’s:
    “Where did you learn to do the Sprinkler?”  and
    “The roger rabbit? What the hell have you been watching?”

    Because that is what makes me feel old (and the fact that the kid does them in the middle of the driveway by himself or the side of the football field. Just for the record - he has his daddys moves.

    By Nicole on 2006 09 20

  4. I love baby noises. Gracie is coming up with new noises all the time.

    She is 8.5 months old and I feel like I just had her. I am ready for another.

    My favorite part in the morning is hearing her babble and coo when she first wakes up.

    By Amanda on 2006 09 20

  5. I don’t know where the time goes, but it does especially go fast when you move.  Don’t I know it!

    By Holly on 2006 09 20

  6. Paper who.  WTF is that?  I love those little baby coos smile

    By brandi on 2006 09 20

  7. Time gets shorter the more kids you have.  The past almost 6 years of my life have gone by faster than the other 31 even thought of. 
    Course that also means that each new day brings a cool new thing that the kid does.  Or sometimes a non cool new thing.  Like blowing snot bubbles.  (I hate that) Or coming home on the very first day of kindergarten and saying “Mrs F taught us how to read today, want me to show you?”

    By sue on 2006 09 20

  8. It slows down. I swear Eli’s been in the tantrumy 2 year stage for what feels like 10 years. Can he be 5 already and in kindergarten, please?!

    By Sarah on 2006 09 20

  9. My oldest is 19.  I swear he was 5 about two weeks ago. :(

    By Ficklechick on 2006 09 20

  10. My Emersyn was a grunter too, when she was nursing.
    I miss when they were newborns - a LOT.  The smell of their soft pink skin after a bath, the fuzzy hair, their little tiny toes.  If I could just have a bunch of newborns then give them to someone else when they are 9 months to, uh, 5 years old, that would be sort of cool.  The toddler years wear me out.  But, really, now that two of them are older and mouthy, I’m deciding the toddler years aren’t so bad either some days.
    And, yeah, it seems to be flying by….I know I’ll blink and they’ll all be gone.
    And, um, yes, what is this paper you speak of?

    By Sonia on 2006 09 20

  11. I remember when I was in high school and I was like, “gosh, life is just dragging and I want to grow up!” and my mom and dad and other relatives would be like, “don’t rush it, you have no idea how fast life goes!”  I never ever believed them!  I couldn’t understand that life could go faster for them than me at that moment in time. Now, I kinda of wish to go back just for day but I also look forward to the future.

    By Beckik on 2006 09 21

  12. It totally goes by too fast.

    By Piglet on 2006 09 21

  13. And then suddenly you hit 2 1/2, and everything slows W-A-Y down. I can’t believe I’ll be doing the newborn thing again soon - at the same time as the potty training/me-do-it/‘I can’t want to” stage!

    I remember those wonderful coos and gurgles…

    By AmyM on 2006 09 21

  14. Paper and Pen!!?!  Wow, that IS special

    By Kerry on 2006 09 21