Because there are huge images on this blog

Wow. Apparently I think you’re all blind. Or slightly blind. Or have the terrible eyesight I have.

500 pixel mix tapes. HELLO!

Really, I just wanted to push that huge tape down a post. I have posts. In my head. And all you get is some hopped-up-on-pain-killers dribble about the Olympics.

That’s right. PAINKILLERS.


But legal.

I have a failed root canal that got an infection and turned me in to a 34 year old woman in the fetal position on the couch moaning, “MYTEEFMYTEEF.” It was so attractive.

I begged three dentists to DO SOMETHING OMG and one did. Anti-biotics and Vicodin. And a new! root! canal! to look forward to. I win.

I bet those skaters are hopped up on something. Something with sparkles. I bet they snort glitter pre-skate.

I would.

So in short, as a review, lessons learned are: 1. Brush and floss daily 2. Take Vicodin and do not blog 3. snort glitter pre-competition.

Just say no to drugs.

Mrs. Flinger