Because you can’t google “Easy Paths for Fat Parents”

Sep 03, 2006

#Family Friendly Biking

Yesterday we bought LB a bike trailer.  This stems from our quest to find cheap things we can do that also get us off our ass. After the initial cost, we’re pretty much set up to go looking for trails to conqure with toddler in tow.

‘Cept there’s no google for “easy paths for fat parents.” So here’s a new category: Paths we’ve tested. Fatass approved.

Since we’ll be moving to Seattle in a month, we thought we better get going on the Portland area while we’re still around. Today we hit Champoeg. (pronounced Shampoo-Ey) It touts long paved paths, easy hills, and little traffic.

It is not so good on the ego, however.

LB seemed to enjoy herself in the trailer while Daddy and I biked for the first time in almost three years.  The trail is easy as promised with tons of kids and old people on bikes. We were hoping to find something easy for the test run, both for LB and ourselves. Champoeg is perfect for that. If you’re looking for someplace to take your grandpa out on a sixty year old bike, this is just the place. There are some hills toward the end of the trail just outside the actual park that you might breathe a little hard on (or need to walk) but the two of us flew right up without any trouble. Well, I’m lying a touch. We were breathing hard and we can’t seem to get off the couch this afternoon. But at the time, we thought we rocked that hill.

Of course, it did help that I passed some four year old with training wheels. Talk about something to be proud of…




  1. Very cool!  Some great trails (paved!) near your new place to tell you about…

    By AmyM on 2006 09 03

  2. YEY! Can’t wait to hear!!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 09 03

  3. That looks just like the trail near hubby’s parents’ house. We like it… though we never get very far because we do not have a cool toddler towing thingy. wink

    By Erin on 2006 09 03

  4. Looks like fun! I am jealous, no real hiking or bike paths in southern Louisiana (I tell myself I would get out and use them aaalll the time if they were there, but I know I wouldn’t).

    Glad to hear you got to have some fun!

    By Sara on 2006 09 03

  5. That is a sweet looking trailer!

    By Laura on 2006 09 03

  6. Where in the hell were those trails?  I recognize the common parts, but hills?  Do tell, oh do tell.  We have got to get over there.  Glad LB dug the trailer.  Now lets put both of the girls in there and see how they would do.  Although you would have to do all the peddling while I sit back and drink my “water.”  Don’t know about a 9 3/4 pregnant lady on a bike.  Scary sight!  Hey…where are the flashers on your peddles?

    By traci on 2006 09 03

  7. First, I wish you’d told us (well, me) you were really looking at bike trailers.  I *love* ours - we got the Cougar 2.  The harness dealie is really handy.  We use it as a stroller and bike trailer, and the toddler begs to go for walks and bike rides in (to where he’ll go out to the garage by himself and sit in it for 20 minutes until I get me and the other kid ready to go).

    Second, hook the trailer up to *your* bike.  Works your ass and thighs like you wouldn’t believe.  I can only ride my bike with the trailer hooked up otherwise I’d know how easy a 1% grade really can be.  wink

    Third, if LB’s anything like my kiddo, she’ll adore going for bike rides.  You’ll get a ton of use out of it.

    By lanna on 2006 09 03

  8. we have a similar one to toss our girls in and they LOVE it. (and Shan pulls it for crissakes, not me.) Of course, to them it doesn’t matter if it is 110 degrees outside with 98% humidity…they just like to ride. Good for ya’ll!

    By texasbelle on 2006 09 04

  9. What fun!

    By Holly on 2006 09 04

  10. Oh fun, family bike rides.  I miss bike riding, our bikes have been in storage for about 3 years.  I can’t wait until we can dig them out.  And that 4 year old is silly, if someone is willing to ride me around in a cart vs making me do all the work, I’m all for it. LB is smart wink

    By Mama C-ta on 2006 09 04

  11. We plan on biking the burk-gilman trail in the rain. I mean, if you don’t go in the rain, you’ll never go. grin

    We LOVE our trailer. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    OMG. LOVE. (And mama-C-ta, next trip, *I* am riding with lb. heh)

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 09 04

  12. Sexy bike helmet!

    We have had one since A was born - used it about 10 times total. But Ry LOVES it and now that both boys are very comptent on a bike - wwe will be using it more. Not to mention that there is a trail RIGHT behind our house. I just hope that my ass likes it!

    By Nicole on 2006 09 04

  13. Ooooh, Champoeg!  Very jealous here.  I have a lot of good memories of that place, we camped there a lot when I was a kid.

    What a lovely bike trailer.  Very stylin’.  I’m glad you had so much fun.

    By S. on 2006 09 04

  14. Beautiful!!! The Pacific NW sure is gorgeous!

    By Marie on 2006 09 05

  15. Looks fun smile

    By Kerry on 2006 09 06

  16. Nice Chariot (go Canadian companies!!)... I have yet to purchase the conversion kit to make ours a trailer, but it’s SO on my list.

    By mike on 2006 09 07