Before and After: a picture post


I have a series of before and after photos I thought I’d share. You may want to sit down and start drinking. It could get ugly.

First, I’ll start with the easy one. Here we have the previous “toy storage solution” since we moved in to the new condo and delegated the toy chest for shoes. (don’t ask) Yes, we delegated the storage bin formerly known as “toy box” to dirty ol’ shoes. It’s how we roll.



(and yes I am just anal enough I’ve considered labeling what bins go to what. I’m sorry, what’s that? Stick up my what?)



And then I have The Haircut. I spent more on a hair cut that I’ve ever spent in my life and you know what? All it means is that I have a very expensive shitty haircut. I walked in with a picture of what I wanted and I walked out looking like a lesbian. Or a soccer mom. (No offense to either group. I’m not hip enough to be a part of either.)

THIS is the picture I show her.


And THIS is what I end up with.




Obviously she has no sense of reality. In one picture I have a cute bob cut with a wedge in back and in the other I am wearing fleece out at a soccer game. Gawd.

And then, finally, the First Belly Shot (dun dun duunnnnnnnn).


I just happen to have a Belly Shot from week 11 pregnancy LB (2004).


And a “before” shot I thought would be my “Look at how fat before I start working out” photo. But instead it turns out it’s now my “Look at how skinny before I start gagging and eating fourteen times a day” photo.