Body Image


A letter to me:

I am doing everything I can here. Lay off, wouldya? You’re entirely too condescending of me, critical in front of the mirror, embarrassed to post the photos. I just created life, remember? The son you cuddle and enjoy? *I* grew him. And only three weeks ago we underwent major surgery to have him safely brought in to the world. Let me heal before you start judging. Let me get more than two hours of sleep in a row. Let me enjoy this time home with my family before you begin punishing me on the scale.  And those three ounces of milk I’m making is something I’m proud of. I’m making food in addition to all the other things I’ve gone through so if you don’t mind, please don’t punish me for having a bit of a belly still and hanging on to those last 15 pregnancy pounds. After all, there are still three weeks left before we can be active again. Why not save your judgments for then?

Your body


Note: I'm working on getting comments set up again. If it's worth it. Tell me it's worth it? There's some styles that need to be done and some ajax work that makes me want to cut myslef and use vue.js insted but that's yak shaving and really, y'all, as much as I freaking LOVE hearing from you, and I do, believe me, I hated mining the comments from spammers to get to the good stuff. So let me know it's worth it and I'll dig deeper and shave every damn yak for this to work. Currently 60% of the way there. A little push push could make the difference.