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Jun 12, 2007

#Getting to know me#Weght Loss and Body Image

A letter to me:

I am doing everything I can here. Lay off, wouldya? You’re entirely too condescending of me, critical in front of the mirror, embarrassed to post the photos. I just created life, remember? The son you cuddle and enjoy? *I* grew him. And only three weeks ago we underwent major surgery to have him safely brought in to the world. Let me heal before you start judging. Let me get more than two hours of sleep in a row. Let me enjoy this time home with my family before you begin punishing me on the scale.  And those three ounces of milk I’m making is something I’m proud of. I’m making food in addition to all the other things I’ve gone through so if you don’t mind, please don’t punish me for having a bit of a belly still and hanging on to those last 15 pregnancy pounds. After all, there are still three weeks left before we can be active again. Why not save your judgments for then?

Your body


  1. Um, Anya is two and I STILL have that last 15-20 pounds that won’t eff OFF already. 

    Listen to yourself. 

    Now listen to me: I love you. You are beautiful.  I’d totally make out with you. wink


    By Elaine on 2007 06 13

  2. it looks like there’s at least a tiny part of you that know this already, but you look great. seriously.
    and, more importantly?
    you look exceedingly happy.
    go on, girl.

    By tiffany on 2007 06 13

  3. Honestly I think you look great.  Of course, how YOU feel about yourself is the most important thing, but don’t be too hard.  You’ve done something amazing.  You made a whole person!  GO YOU!  Cuddle Baby O alot.  Once he gets a tiny bit older, and you finally get some rest, he will be supplying you with more than enough exercise, I promise!

    By heather on 2007 06 13

  4. You are beautiful, Leslie! Be gentle with yourself.

    By Marie on 2007 06 13

  5. I loved this!

    By Swistle on 2007 06 13

  6. Gorgeous photo. You’re glowing with happiness! smile We all need to give our bodies a break, whether we just gave birth or not. We do the best we can, you know? This is a great reminder.

    By el-e-e on 2007 06 13

  7. are you shitting me? I still have 15 pounds to go and its been 4 months! Come to Texas so I can smack some sense into you! sheeZUS!

    By texasbelle on 2007 06 13

  8. You look great!

    By Ali on 2007 06 13

  9. Love it!  Ok, now take your number, multiply by two and have baby that is eight months old.  So you are doing wonderful!!

    By Skyzi on 2007 06 13

  10. Um, that’s some good advice there—I hope you will listen to your body.  It seems to really know what its talking about.

    And by the way, you look great.  At least you don’t still look pregnant—which I did for months after each of my babies were born.

    By sleeping mommy on 2007 06 13

  11. You look GREAT so lay off! No beating yourself up!

    By Karly on 2007 06 13

  12. How are you in jeans 3 weeks after a c-section??  Please tell me they’re maternity with the elastic waistband!

    By the way, I’ve lost all the weight from pregnancy #3.  It’s the last 20 lbs from pregnancy #2 two years ago I’m working on…

    By The Mom on 2007 06 13

  13. I firmly believe (or flabbily believe…ha) in the 9 month rule. It took 9 months to cook your little dude, it will take a minimum of 9 months to take off the baby weight!

    I think you look beautiful Mrs. F!!!

    p.s. I have been trying to lose “those last 5 pounds” for two years

    By Jamie on 2007 06 13

  14. Seriously.  I hope you listen to your body and really try not to be so hard on yourself.  I know that’s easier said than done, and I’m glad your body wrote this little reminder for you. 

    I’m still trying to lose the combined 82 pounds I gained with both kids.  I’m over half way there, after eleven years. 

    Now that I’m thinking about it, could you have your body write my body a letter, too?

    By Leanne on 2007 06 13

  15. You are smiling.  You are outdoors soaking up a little sunshine. You have two beautiful children that were each perfectly formed in your womb.  Your body is healing itself. Your body is providing nutrients to your newborn baby.  Face it, you’re amazing! smile

    By AMyM on 2007 06 13

  16. You look just fabulous !!  (and I really mean it, otherwise I wouldn’t say it) I love your very happy smiles on the recent pictures !

    By Mimi in Houston on 2007 06 13

  17. You look great. And HAPPY!

    And, yeah: what your body said!

    Henry’s 15 months and I still have those last 35lbs to lose. So…

    By Lizzy on 2007 06 13

  18. So, don’t step on the scale for awhile, and don’t scrutinize yourself in the mirror too much…it helps! Yes, and listen to your body. It has been nine months for me and I still have like 12 “pregnancy” pounds to lose… plus some pounds that were pre-pregnancy. I hear you! Pray for sleep, and get past the “I finally feel normal again after major surgery” point first…whenever that occurs.
    You’ll do great.
    love you!

    By hilary on 2007 06 13

  19. Don’t even push it at this point. I did, post-partum, and ended up in the damn ER. Twice.

    Now go have a mocha and a chocolate chip cooky, wouldja?

    By Wacky Mommy on 2007 06 13

  20. You’re my hero and you look GREAT!

    By Colleen on 2007 06 13