Brutally Honest Monday #1

Apr 06, 2008

#Life#Brutally Honest Mondays

Have you ever wanted to know from your closest, say, 200 friends if you should keep something in your closet or if the rest of the world scoffs at you when you walk out in public? Like, wouldn’t it be nice if we as a community, the blogging community, could band together and say, “OMG! You, like, TOTALLY have a booger!” and save each other the pending embaressment of said boogie? And, like, wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell me with brutal honesty how you’d really like me to stop saying LIKE already because, like, OMG, you’re, like THIRTY.

Or thirty-two. I forget.

Anyway, with that in mind, here is my first Brutally Honest Monday Photo for your review:


What do you think, too much toe-cleavage? Feet too white? Too much leg-foot-feg? I’m torn. Mr. Flinger thinks these are just hideious. I’m giddy because they were six whole dollars and pretty fun for summer. I can picture myself walking on the beaches with my kids in tow feeling like one badass MILF. Oh, that’s right. One thirty-two year old MILF with hot sexy fegs. Raur.

So, Internet, do I keep? Or not?

I can feel my feet sweating in them already. Yum.

Do you have something you’d like to ask us about? Do you have a skirt you’ve been wondering if it’s out of style now for some time? Do you think, maybe, you’d like to ask an opinion of peoples whoa re not agraid of being honest because your husband has years of “yes dear” under his belt?

Why not ask?

Let me know if you’d like to play along. Put your link in the comments here. ‘k? And honesty, no, seriously, as much you might want them to be back in style, stirrups? They just aren’t. Sorry.

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  1. OK, I’m torn.  You’d have to wear them with the right outfit I think.  A jean skirt and a tank top? Or what about white cargo capris (you know I am crazy about the white capris) with a hot pink tee?  I think they’re cute and I am all about having a millions pairs of cheap shoes in the closet and NO expensive ones.  Even if you only wear them a few times, they are worth the $6 in my opinion.  Nice toes too btw!

    By Michelle on 2008 04 06

  2. I like them.  Your toes look oddly similar to mine. Well, the visible ones anyways.  Also, this Brutally honest Monday thing is genius.  Oh, oh, and I Express trying to sell the stirrups last time I was in there. I wanted to puke.

    By Amanda (Shamelessly Sassy) on 2008 04 06

  3. I think they’re cute!
    Definitely have to be careful about which pedicure color you choose… but adorable!

    Oh, and brutally honest Monday? That might be a meme I need to play into! smile

    By GeekMommy on 2008 04 06

  4. Michelle, I don’t own a pair of white capris. I have an infant who likes to grab dirt and then hang on me. Hrm. Maybe tan capris and a tank? Black sweater over it? That cute little one from target?

    And Amanda, so sorry you have my toes! LOL. This is a fly-by pedicure. As in, “trying to paint toes in bathroom while kid crawl on toilet.” Sexay.

    GeekMommy, let me know if you play so I can come along!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2008 04 07

  5. Personally? I love em! And you can wear those with ANYTHING during the summer. I mean, jeez…most of the time it’s shorts of one color and tank tops of another, right? So those would TOTALLY match! Yeah, I’m THAT friend…“you have to buy those! They are on SALE!”

    By TSM on 2008 04 07

  6. Absolutely.

    I’d say black capris, white cotton sleeveless but collared shirt, touch of red on belt to match shoes… big white floppy sun hat w/ sunglasses and you are good to go.
    like this one:

    By GeekMommy on 2008 04 07

  7. I think they are cute and fun and you should keep them for sure!

    By Friglet on 2008 04 07

  8. I say keep them, I think they’re cute and fun. Hmmm, I would rethink the toe color, though. I think I need to get on this band wagon, let me see what I can find in the closet.

    By Bri on 2008 04 07

  9. Those are great!  Perfect for jeans or a denim skirt - I would absolutely keep (and wear) them.  You might consider the advice of others, though, as my children have lately been gently letting me know that my fashion sense is not tuned to current cool…

    By karen on 2008 04 07

  10. I LOVE the shoes. Not a red nail polish person (but this is someone who wears orange toe color with anything, so don’t ask me!).
    Yeah…you do need some sun; but come visit me and we could take care of that! Oh, and bring those cute shoes with you.

    By hilary on 2008 04 07

  11. i think that if you love them, wear them! for me, personally, i would side with your hubby! haha smile

    By shaz on 2008 04 07

  12. Keep them! They are very cute and the red toes look hot smile

    By JacquelineCarly on 2008 04 07

  13. I think these are cute!  And for 6 bucks you can’t go wrong.  Even if you only wore them a few times you would have gotten your moneys worth!

    By Beth_C on 2008 04 07

  14. They rock!  Keep them for sure.  Oh, and life’s too short to wear non-cute shoes!  That’s all.

    By Missybw on 2008 04 07

  15. You CRACK ME UP. 

    I’m torn too.  I kinda feel like you’d have to wear them with calf length black leggings, a super long, flowy t-shirt and teased hair, ala the 80’s.

    But, if you put them with the RIGHT outfit (not the one mentioned above) they’d totally work.  It could be awesome or really bad. 

    For $6.00 keep em and make sure to wear them everytime you’re out with Mr. F just to bug him.  That would make it totally worth it, for me!

    By AMomTwoBoys on 2008 04 07

  16. I say keep them and then tell me where you got them from because they are absolutely adorable.

    By Beanery on 2008 04 07


    By Katie Kat on 2008 04 07

  18. UMMM that’s a hard one. your feel look ok. although you do TOTALLY need to get some sun on them.
    it’s all going to matter what outfit you wear with them. the clothes can make or break the shoes and Vise versa

    By sister flinger on 2008 04 07

  19. Keep them!! I think they’re adorable!!

    I NEVER EVER have once gotten a positive review on new shoes from my husband. Never. I don’t even bother asking anymore. LOL

    By sam on 2008 04 07

  20. I think the shoes are cute.  I’d keep them.

    But if we’re brutally honest, I’d also go get myself some of that Jergen’s Shimmer lotion to put on my legs and start a fake tan to jump start summer.  Which I actually need to do.

    By Queen Shake Shake on 2008 04 07